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But, as a personal reference, i can say that i travel a lot and Black more black girl vaginas i have, pardon my french, investigated this subject personally. My references are nothern Europe Scandinavia and eastern africa Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya and Tanzania and my experience is that the east african women are a lot tighter than northern european women, by Black more black girl vaginas. But, i doubt that my too few subjects are enough for a conclusion, and there are guaranteed other false data Black more black girl vaginas it, as in most statistics.

To be honest, if someone actually made a scientific study, i doubt they would Black more black girl vaginas any difference at all. There are just too many "wrongs" in anyones statistics; Age differense between "local" girls and girls you sleep with abroad yes, you do have those extra years younger girls in reach All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission Black more black girl vaginas Multiply.

Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Is white woman's vagina smaller than black woman? As a man of science, i doubt there are studies funded about this subject. So, my answer is "Nah! It is no different at normal activities in temperature. Asked in Penguins What is a penguin's color? Most are black and white variations. Black more black girl vaginas in Human Anatomy and Physiology Do white boys scorn a black woman's vagina? Most don't feel that way these days.

Only the most racist would look down upon a Black woman's vagina. To most men, a vagina Brady bunch nude maureen mccormick fakes a vagina, and they want to use it. Asked in Health You have white stuff coming out your viginia? The white stuff is actually called 'discharge'. It is a womans natural way to lubricate the vagina to keep it moist.

It is totally normal and shows signs for a menstrual cycle starting soon. What color is your vagina suppose to be? The Black more black girl vaginas is the internal sheath tunnel of a woman's genitalia. In all women this is a pink color. The external portions are called the vulva and the color of this depends on the race of the woman. A black woman will have a mostly black vulva with a pink entrance to the vagina via the labia minora.

Asked in Astronomy What is larger a black dwarf or a planet? A black dwarf would be smaller than some planets but larger than others. A black dwarf is simply a cooled white dwarf. White dwarfs range from slightly smaller than Earth to about twice Earth's diameter. Asked in Dating What do black men find attractive in white women? Their boobs and their bum. Often their vagina and mouth too. Black men are still human, much the same as white men and often Asian men.

Asked in Translations What is a bukkak? It is when the penis gets the white out and sprays it on the womans face. Asked in Hamsters What hamsters would you cast as a dwarf hamster? Dwarf hamsters are different from teddy's because they are smaller, they are shorter, rounder, and most are gray or tan, whereas teddys are black, white, black and white, or tan and white.

Asked in Piano Black more black girl vaginas is the pattern of keys on a piano? White, black, white, black, white, white, black, white, black, white, black, white. Not necessarily. But the smaller, the more potent the venom. Asked in Care of Fish What does a clown fish look like? It is smaller and orange with white stripes that are outlined by thin black stripes.

Asked in Medical Terminology What is the medical term meaning white or yellowish discharge from the vagina? Leukorrhea is the medical term meaning white or yellowish discharge from the vagina. Why does white liquid come out of your vagina? That white liquid comes out of vagina because of masturbation. The discharge changes when you ovulate and can turn whiteish.

If it is a white wire with just a black end, the black is tape. This is done to show that it is a return hot wire to a fixture or switch. Smaller wires in appliances can use many different combinations of color. Do black women have more muscles in there vagina then white? I believe that they do coz women mess a black man around Black more black girl vaginas more, so that goes to say, they can twist it, lick it, do it more!

Asked in Zebras Whats balck and white black and white black and white and green? Black and white black and white black and white and green is a ragga son.

Why does white stuff come out of your vagina after sex? The white stuff that comes out of your vagina after sex is your mates sperm. It's normal. Don't Panick! How many ping-pong balls fit in a vagina? Pending on the race of the vagina, because as we all know the black vagina is the cavern of the deep, the number of balls varies.

They sow the vagina shut, see wikipedia Black: a lot of ping pong balls that you may never see again You're welcome. For the Xbox version of Morrowind: Refill health black white black black black Refill magicka black white white black white Refill fatigue black black white white black.

Black more black girl vaginas in Animal Behavior, Zebras Are zebras white on black or black on white? Asked in Symbolism and Symbolic Meanings What does a ying yang symbol look like? It looks like a circle that is black and white with two smaller cirles in it. Trending Questions.

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