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  1. Wifey's got game. Love that she takes as well as gives. Usually I like big tits, but sometimes a skinny, flat chested, horny vixen plumps up my thick boner. I want this woman . . . name?

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Anyone Diaper girls having sex sex while wearing a loaded diaper? I have enjoyed having a full diaper while with my wife many times. For me, the turn on is all about the legs. I'm very particular about the type of legs, they have to be filled in, not too skinny or bony.

The girl has to be wearing cute shorts and preferably gym shoes, or boots. I don't know what you consider sex, but I had a cute Asian girl who let me sit on her legs while she tickled the sides of my stomach. My diaper was not Diaper girls having sex, but I was holding in a really big load because I love the feeling of having to go. She actually grabbed the back on my diaper to look in it as though she was checking if I pooped, but I was not that crazy.

Unfortunately, I could not get myself excited while she was tickling me. It's crazy, Diaper girls having sex I fantasize about this stuff it's the most amazing thing, but when Diaper girls having sex actually get to try it out, it's not always like you thought it would be. That's a Diaper girls having sex for my wife. Whoever she doesn't mind wet diapers.

I prefer to be diapered right after sex with my husband and preferably by him so that all the "wet stuff" gets to stay in a nice fresh diaper and I get to stay in it a whole lot longer. I would think the smell of a messy diaper would be too distracting any way.

The base ingredient in mud baths and facials in a powder form. Add water and mix to the perfect consistently and spoon it into a specially modified diaper with an access hole cut Naked russian teen rubbing tumblr taped in the front. Some people cut holes in them.

The feeling is fantastic, just make sure you have something under you in case of a leak or whatever. Diaper Sex is one of my earliest diaper fantasies even though, at the beginning, I Diaper girls having sex know anything about sex.

She taught me how to fold and pin cloth diapers on again Diaper girls having sex was no big deal for my mom she changed my diapers Diaper girls having sex I was nearly 12 years old but I had never pinned my own on and it took me a while to get the new fold right and a bunch tries plus a few demonstrations before I could do it on my own that was a truly Embarrassing two week ordeal. Fast forward to I was looking for a campground just before dusk after the freeway had Beat my Kidneys to death and my back hurt Like Hell because of it when I spotted and stopped for a group of Bikers on the side of the road.

They needed a new engine or a tow. I had a tow rope. And that's how the ensuing journey, through winding unlit two lane mountain roads to a small town that had No Stop Lights and only two street lights My wife and I have had sex many times with me in a messy diaper, have been on the bottom and on top.

I enjoy being on top as my diaper bounces and slaps the mess against my bottom. I said it felt great, she just said next time make sure I was diapered if I was going to go shit the next time we fucked. We both certainly plan a day or 2 in advance of our "messy diaper play date" so that we are able to enjoy our messy play to the fullest with more than just one poopie happening in our diapers.

Don't do messy sex. I have found it to be so very intimate and exciting to share messy sex with a trusted boi partner. You can post now and register later.

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Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Diaper girls having sex. Posted November 13, Share this post Link to post. That would be great For me, the turn on is all about the legs. Posted November 15, She also likes the crinkle sound. Posted November 17, How do you even have sex while in a diaper?

Posted November 18, I use simulated poop made of sodium bentonite clay. Posted November 22, Posted November 25, I just pull the front down a little bit and have fun like normal, best when she is on top riding me. Posted November 28, I'm very open to the idea of trying it with another girl - should I ever decide I don't want to be single anymore. Posted June 4, Back Ground Diaper Sex is one of my earliest diaper fantasies even though, at the beginning, I didn't know anything about sex.

Posted June 18, Ohhhh, most certainly. Big tits curvy buts is something so. Posted June 29, Its been a while. Posted July 9, Love to masturbate in my diaper. Posted July 15, Would love to try with another guy, very open to messy sex. I think I'd be willing Diaper girls having sex try it at least once, even wet diaper sex.

Posted July 16, I hope you do get to try it Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL.

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