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Be prepared for a lot of smut this chapter. That's all I really want to say for now, so sit back and enjoy the chapter! This is a Non-Profit fanfiction made out of love for the franchise. Please support Dragon ball chi chi and goku love Official Release! Rated M for mild sexual content in some chapters and some minor lewd content throughout all the chapters. Goku held his throbbing cock as pre-cum leaked out purely due to the thought of having sex with Chi-Chi again. Please stay in!

You only come out when I'm with Chi-Chi! Goku called, bursting into the bedroom with his girthy cock on full display to his awaiting wife. Goku immediately laid his eyes on Chi-Chi who was on her knees on their bed wearing the sexiest piece of clothing Goku had ever seen in his life. Chi-Chi had bought this lingerie set the day before when she went into town and she knew that this little number would really satisfy Goku.

She was wearing a bright pink bra with a bow on both straps, about half-way up. She was also wearing a matching pink thong which covered her pussy which had a same bow on the waistband above her pussy as the one that were on her bra straps. It also had two straps Dragon ball chi chi and goku love connected to the back. To top it off, she was wearing a pink garter belt that held up her stockings which also had the outlines of hearts on both sides of the belt.

Chi-Chi was on her knees, pushing her chest out with both her hands behind her head, making sure that Goku had a good look at her breasts. Goku was gobsmacked. He had never been so aroused in his life. He wanted to just drop the foreplay and fuck Chi-Chi's brains out as soon as possible, but he resisted as he knew Chi-Chi would probably have something Ebony fitness model bondage store for him if he waited.

Chi-Chi got off the bed and strutted towards Goku, swaying her hips from side to side as she pulled her hair-tie out, letting her flowing black locks fall down past her shoulders and to the middle of her back, shacking her head slightly as she approached the horny Saiyan. This did nothing to fix the pre-cum leaking out of Goku's tip, causing the Saiyan to squirm uncomfortably and moan as his mistress started to pleasure him. She then used her left hand to fondle Goku's scrotum, feeling it tighten up once it made contact.

As Chi-Chi continued to play with his goods, Goku looked down at his wife, a soft smile spreading across his face. Reading about how to get stronger, being Dragon ball chi chi and goku love enthusiastic about this sort of thing and even buying all these sexy outfits to get me going. Damn she really looks good in pink! Despite Goku not verbally signalling that he was going to cum, Chi-Chi knew from the way he loosened up that he was going to bust at any moment, since she knew Goku's body language extremely well at this point in their marriage.

Chi-Chi slowed her right hand down and released Goku's balls from her left, looking up at the Saiyan, positioning her lustful face right next to Goku's swollen bellend. After a few more seconds, Goku's dick erupted with several strings of pure white cum shooting out of Goku's tip and onto Chi-Chi's face and hair, covering her in the pearly white substance.

As Chi-Chi felt the hot seed bursting onto her face, she let out several load moans, making her pleasure known to her lover. She closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out as she waved Goku's dick around in her hand, getting the last remnants of cum out of Goku's throbbing cock. After Goku had finished ejaculating, Chi-Chi got up and sat on their bed and started to wipe the seed off of Dragon ball chi chi and goku love face using her fingers and sucking the cum off of them slowly and sensually, moaning softly.

As she began doing this, Goku waddled over to their bed and began helping to wipe his cum off of his wife's face, which she sucked in the similar fashion. After Chi-Chi's face was all cleared, the main event had begun. Goku reached around Chi-Chi's back and unclipped her pink bra, pulling it off and throwing it in the corner swiftly. Her tits were now on full display, which made Chi-Chi blush a little as she wasn't used to having them on display yet.

As she chuckled, she let her guard down allowing Goku to go straight for the tits. He twisted her nipples which made Chi-Chi initially squeal in pain, but soon enough she began to moan in pleasure, being very happy to see Goku's more aggressive side come out to play.

He pulled Chi-Chi's pink panties Dragon ball chi chi and goku love the side, not even bothering to take them off, which was followed by Dragon ball chi chi and goku love dick entering Chi-Chi's hot, sticky walls.

He moved his pelvis around slowly as some mild foreplay before plunging into Chi-Chi's pussy and starting to thrust at a brisk pace. He was going fast enough to knock Chi-Chi up and down on their bed, causing her Dragon ball chi chi and goku love to bounce with each thrust.

Chi-Chi Dragon ball chi chi and goku love loving it, feeling herself tighten up already. I can't finish this quickly! We just got started! Goku could feel her walls tightening and decided to capitalise on her weakness by speeding up at a rapid rate. Chi-Chi was being knocked all over the bed, causing her to moan loudly as she felt herself come to a climax.

After this, Goku got off of Chi-Chi, flopping down next to her as he began to pant loudly. Sex really Porno: la photo de soujana nue a number on his stamina. Goku turned to Chi-Chi and replied "It's ok. I still enjoyed every second of it. Also, that hand job that you gave me before hand was amazing!

So, I don't really see what you're so upset about". Chi-Chi turned around to face her husband and smiled at her husband, taking him into her embrace before the two of them fell asleep together peacefully, completely worn out from their intense sexual encounter. I won't be able to write anything much more for the next 2 weeks since I will be camping for a week from Saturday 27th July-Saturday 3rd August.

The day after Dragon ball chi chi and goku love I will be going on holiday for with my family for a week. I can't bring my computer along with me on either of these trips so I can't really write anything more. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Dragon ball chi chi and goku love Goku is revived by Old Kai after the battle with Kid Buu, Chi-Chi has noticed that Goku has become more affectionate to her and is paying more attention to their sons. What has caused this shift in Goku's personality? Rated M for mild sexual content in later chapters and some minor lewd content throughout all the chapters.

Chapter 5: Goku held his throbbing cock as pre-cum leaked out purely due to the thought of having sex with Chi-Chi again. Please leave a review! All feedback in appreciated! See you in the next chapter! Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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