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My girlies are gonna have a cousin : yay! I wanted a grainy look on this one but flickr sharpening isnt good to grain :P. Fuck pregnant in bikini 9am on May 23rd two days after my due date my water broke as I was leaving for work. After calling my midwife we determined that it probably wasn't my water breaking, but probably the loss of the mucous Fuck pregnant in bikini or something similar.

So I went to work and leaked a lot of fluid throughout the day, not knowing that it was pretty much baby-time. After I worked for most of the day, my parents, Casey and I finally went to the birth center at 8pm to meet up with my midwife to see if I was in actual labor.

She did two tests on the fluids to see if it was amniotic. One said it was, one said it wasn't. I was in no pain at this point and thought it'd be a false alarm. In this photo, taken 24 hours before Avery Lee McCoy was born, the first pink strap is measuring the size of my contractions and the second blue strap monitors the baby's heartbeat. The last thing I planned for giving birth was to be in the hospital with an epidural and pitocin. I hated the idea, but after laboring for so long, my uterus just didn't have it in.

Anyway, after an epidural and pitocin I continued to push. Casey and Shannon helped me at the birth center Fuck pregnant in bikini were helping me still at the hospital. The midwife would feel Avery's head but could not see it, and contractions were getting weaker and weaker. The doctors and midwife said I would need a C-section This was shot with my new Tokina mm, in fact this was my first shoot with it!

I think it came out Fuck pregnant in bikini nice. I used a Canon EX Speedlight diffused. Shot with my new Tokina mm. In fact, this was my first shoot with it. I think it came out well! This picture was Fuck pregnant in bikini accident! Look at her face, then look closely at her chest. There's a spider!! This is cute. We were going to pick strawberries, but the season was nearing the end and the pickings were slim. Raspberries are also a lot easier on my back with the big ol' preggo belly.

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I'll kinda miss pregnant Natalie. Obtaining our summer bods isn't going too well My Fuck pregnant in bikini Belly by Trey Matula. Too Much Bubbly! I was requested to do a picture of my inworld sister n law while she is preggo. Preggo by Miss Eckerdt. Contestant Number 3 by Mark. Sasha, Pregnant. Sweaty Dancing Preggo by Lauryl Sulfate. Daddy see what u did!! Fauxtobooth by Jenn. It's me with a pregnant face Rum Soaked Shreddie Took these.

Hanging out in the field after photos were over. Tabs, Preggo and that one guy. Notophthalmus viridescens by Jake M Hutton.

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