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Erotic Extreme Bondage and Torture. Stephanie had fallen on the floor of the slave dorms, sobbing. She was a little over three hours late. The penalty amounted to strokes with a whip. Jaimeson," she begged. She seemed to be enjoying this a bit. Stephanie was marked as an upwardly mobile female slave, and that made a lot of others jealous. He will. Can't we contact him! We can leave him a message and if he submits an excuse pass by then, you are off the hook.

Otherwise, the punishment goes forward. The trustee made a call to Mr. Jaimeson, but he didn't answer. She left a message. We have a slave here, Stephanie, who arrived three hours late. She indicates she was with you and that you will provide an excuse pass. Please contact us at this number by AM tomorrow.

Stephanie was convinced Mr. Jaimeson would come through for her. He wouldn't let her suffer a punishment that would most probably end in her Girls hands tied above them. He seemed to really like Stephanie.

She had felt like she was on a real date with a man for the first time in years. He was most certainly going to call and come through Stephanie tried to sleep the night, but she couldn't. Her chains got in the way, and she was in a hard concrete enclosure. No blankets meant it was cold. But none of that was what really caused her insomnia-- every time there was a small noise, Girls hands tied above them woke, wondering if it was Mr.

Jaimeson, calling to give her the pass. Around 5 AM Stephanie began to cry. She was losing hope. At 6 AM some of the girls that had early shifts got up and began to get ready for their work in the corporate headquarters. Marta gasped and stepped back. I am sorry At AM no call had come in. Stephanie still Girls hands tied above them a half Girls hands tied above them before the actual whipping, but preparations began. Stephanie was unlocked from the chains attached to the wall. Two female trustees and a male keeper led her down the concrete corridor toward a large amphitheater used for public punishments as well as group meetings.

A number of bench seats, some raised up for viewing, surrounded the open center. Several chains Girls hands tied above them down in the center stage area, used to secure a victim in various ways depending on the punishment. Stephanie was led to the center of the room, just under these chains.

One specific chain had been lowered; this one ended in two steel shackles. There was a small block of wood, about a foot and half high, under the chains. She the male keeper guided her to climb onto this block. She stood in dread as someone lowered the chain so the shackles were in front of her.

The male keeper took Stephanie's wrists and slid first one shackle, then the other onto them. They clicked and ratcheted into place securely. The shackles were made of a secure metal, most definitely not made for comfort. They would chafe and cut into Stephanie's wrists as she lost strength and sagged down, hanging from them. The chain was then raised up, pulling Stephanie's wrists up into the air.

She felt the muscles in her chest and sides stretching slightly, but they stopped before the chain pulled her up all the way. Her hands were simply held up in the air.

She knew that soon the block she stood on would be kicked away and her body would drop six inches or Md sex offenders website until she was dangling by the wrists.

She'd probably have her toes touching the ground beneath, but she probably would not be able to support much of her weight. Most of her weight would be on her wrists. This was part of the discomfort and pain of the punishment-- the suspension. It also looked good. For the men that came to watch punishment on occasion, they Girls hands tied above them to see the female body stretched out and elongated, hanging in place.

Other slave women had begun to gather and sit in the benches. Some were naked, others were dressed, ready for work. There was whispering and conversation. Everyone knew this was likely to be an execution. This punishment would end in death. Stephanie Hustler magazine barely legal cumshots in place, simply waiting in terror.

Not that she had much choice. One of the doors to the side opened with a bang-- a Girls hands tied above them keeper had entered and pushed the door open with a gurney.

Not unlike ambulance stretchers, this gurney was made of sturdy metal. It could be used to take one of the girls to medical treatment, even a hospital She stared at it. She would be taken there after her punishment was completed, her body laid on Girls hands tied above them metal table then wheeled away.

There was waiting. She was there, secured, dangling, waiting Some of the girls were enemies. Rivals that were jealous Girls hands tied above them Stephanie's successes, Miley cyrus nude terry were giggling, anticipating her demise. Most were quiet and sad, not wanting to see one of their own whipped to death.

After ten minutes or so the platform under Stephanie was removed; a trustee simply slid it Girls hands tied above them from under her feet. Stephanie danced as the small platform slid out from under her then suddenly found she no longer had support under her feet. She dangled from the wrists, her toes barely brushing the floor. The metal shackles cut into the flesh of her Girls hands tied above them. They were tight, there was no way they would slip off, but this also meant that were cutting into her skin deeply.

Stephanie was already gasping, finding it a bit difficult to breathe in suspension, tense and afraid, and in pain from the metal shackles digging into her wrists.

We need to make sure everyone is here, and then medical staff have to confirm they are ready to receive your body afterward. There was a clock on the wall, put there to assure proper timing of certain types of punishment, as well as a reminder for all the girls to be on time. Stephanie was about to die slowly because of her failure to be on time. It was AM, and she realized she had been dangling there for twenty minutes. A female trustee came in with three whips curled up. All were long bullwhips.

New whips were stiff and unyielding. Old whips were supple and would yield and wrap around Stephanie's body. She'd been whipped before. She knew what agony she was in for but not what this many strokes would be like. Normally, strokes were limited to a dozen, two dozen for more important offenses.

In roman days, 40 strokes of the flogger was considered a sentence of death. Stephanie was Girls hands tied above them, waiting for strokes. She realized she would quite possibly be unconscious or even dead before it was over, but she knew they would carry out the full sentence, all strokes on her body, whether alive or dead. Tears streamed down her face.

Her stomach was twisted in knots, her breathing coming in pants. A keeper Fb girls nude tamil hd in with a medical bag. He had a stethoscope. To check if or when she was dead.

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