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Parliament, holding pack, when? I am appalled that a young teen who is admired by tons of young fans should be smoking in public. She should apologize. The year-old Mean Girls star has opened up to American style magazine W, revealing she has tried pot - but didn't like it. She says, 'I'm not going to deny the fact that I've tried pot. I hated it'. Lohan insists she'd never try anything harder than pot because she's seen how cocaine has messed up members of her own family.

She Lindsay lohan smoking nude, 'I've never tried cocaine. Lindsay lohan smoking nude seen my father. I hated it. But I've never tried cocaine. I've seen my father, I've seen how it messes with families, and, you know, it fucks your life up", W Magazine, Mar. Stars including Lindsay Lohan, Neve Campbell and Kelly Preston have signed yoga mats with their personal messages of encouragement to smokers who want to quit.

The Mean Girls star, 19, indulged in the herbal cigarette and disliked the side effects. She is pleased with the results, although she does fret about the influence on younger fans of one picture of her with a cigarette. Two weeks later, she saw a photo in OK! Magazine taken that night of Lohan wearing Diaper boy web site coat.

Her lawyer called Lohan's, and the coat arrived at Markova's apartment two days later, reeking of cigarettes and booze. A whole year younger and that much spicier, L2 has recently matched M. What gives, you chain-puffin' tween? At a private May 8 bash in L. She doesn't turn 18 until July 2, but that didn't stop her from puffing up a storm in January when she was out with Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton and Nick Carter at a Stuff magazine party in Hollywood.

As this photo shows, Lindsay is definitely 'smoking' -- and we don't mean in the babe-a-licious sense of the word. West Hollywood. The It couple snatched up a table on the patio for a good outdoor puff with pals like Danny Masterson. Yep, ya heard right. She's finally old enough to purchase her own Marlboro Reds, and Lindsay-poo has already cultivated her cigarette pucker to perfection.

In fact, the orally fixated L2 was glued to her nicotine wand of Lindsay lohan smoking nude even when escorted to the loo stalls. The chain-smoking, club-loving pair, who move with a party pack that includes Paris Hilton, Bijou Phillips and Nicole Richie, recently exchanged promise rings", People Magazine, Sep.

The 18 year old star of Mean Girls has tried repeatedly to give up cigarettes, and has promised her mum and manager Dina that she will embark on the hypnotherapy course in the New Year.

Lindsay also chain-smokes, bosses the makeup crew, Lindsay lohan smoking nude about her wardrobe and flubs her lines. Her rep denies it all -- and says the rain comment was just a joke. She was drinking martinis and took frequent bathroom and smoking breaks", Gawker. Though Slater dropped by the set of her movie 'Just My Luck' last week, Lindsay lohan smoking nude say the chain-smoking teen queen barely spoke to him the other night at Marquee", New York Daily News, Apr.

OnlineMay 19, OnlineJun. Fresh from a cigarette break, she has changed into a black tank top and low-rise jeans and sits cross-legged and barefoot on a chair", Philadelphia Daily News, Jun.

WD claims Lindsay survives on 'cigarettes, alcohol and late nights'", gossip website New ZealandJun. With a cigarette in one hand and her glittery Sidekick in the other, she dances on the banquette, a baby Bathsheba, mesmerizing onlookers. I see the shotgun passenger is Lohan As I come along, she flicks her cig out the window and it hits my front tire'.

Her hair on her license is her original red coloring soI think Lindsay lohan smoking nude had to do some convincing to get those smokes", Popsugar. I would have an asthma attack. It's stupid to smoke, I do that once in a while, Lindsay lohan smoking nude everyone goes through that phase'", website, Aug. Laughs Lindsay lohan smoking nude witness: 'Lindsay ordered a salad, and ate about a bite and a half while smoking cigarettes and serenading her table throughout the meal'", New York Daily News, Aug.

Was sitting seven rows back, looked about as skinny as your pinkie and was chain smoking like it was going out of style", Defamer. No matter that the night before I'd watched her drink, dance Lindsay lohan smoking nude nip off for a sly cigarette or two at the launch party for her album", The Australian Magazine, Aug.

We had the table right between the Lindsay lohan smoking nude dreams so we were able to see that they all need to stop smoking and eat a sandwich", Defamer. Lindsay Lohan blew past the media, saying she was 'sick'. Lohan proceeded to chain-smoke and drink from a wine glass at the event", Chicago Tribune, Adult card e mail. The actress smoked cigarettes as Lindsay lohan smoking nude sat on the couch and chatted with her pal, deejay Samantha Ronson", People Magazine, Oct.

She ended up soaked to the skin, but just had to have that nicotine fix", New York Post, Oct. We got away with it every time. With a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other, she has her hands full--well, almost", Hollywood Party Girl gossip column E! OnlineDec. She is, however, working on her cigarette problem. The doctor put her on an anti-smoking pill. God willing, it will work within a month'", The Star, Jan.

The Rumors singer, who has endured a battering from the press in recent weeks for speculated drink and drug problems, has been persuaded to seek help for a smoking addiction by her mother Dina. And she Lindsay lohan smoking nude her daughter Lindsay lohan smoking nude have kicked the cigarette habit soon, according to gossip site The Scoop.

She says, 'Lindsay smokes under a pack a day. She's addicted. God willing, it will work within a month'", Contactmusic, Jan. God willing, it will work within a month. Hollywood Boulevard, by the Jimmy Kimmel studio: Lindsay was in some godawful gold tights, smoking and yelling at mom.

Dina was smoking as well, and is much thinner than Lindsay", Hollywood Privacy Watch gossip column, Defamer. The worried mother says she has tried to get the asthmatic 'Mean Girls' actress to quit because she is terrified the deadly habit could kill her one day. She said: 'You think I like it? I cry to her. I told her, 'You have to stop smoking. You have asthma.

You could die'. Dina, who has played a big part in masterminding her daughter's hugely successful career, is hopeful Lindsay, 19, will quit one day but claims she is still trying to Lindsay lohan smoking nude a rebellious teenager at present. Does anyone listen to their mother at 19? Lohan on the shoulder. Davis said. Lohan said", New York Times, May 4, ' With Lindsay lohan smoking nude unknown people, one of whom seemed older, attempting to keep her in line.

She sitting at a table black berrying and smoking. Smoking a ciggy, red nail polish", Defamer. The sand is littered with seashells, sea weed and, of course, photographers",TMZ. It's a dirty habit for a dirty little girl", GQ, Aug. People say one thing leads to another - that'sbullshit'", Elle, Aug.

I've got the first picture of Lindsay Lohan's new pad in the Hollywood Hills. Despite spending a fortune on the Art Deco style apartment, it appears she hasn't got round to buying an ashtray.

An onlooker told me: 'Lindsay was throwing cigarette after cigarette off her balcony as she spoke to a mystery man'", The Sun UKOct. She Lindsay lohan smoking nude most of her two taco meal, and was polite to patrons who approached her. Her only bad habit: smoking", Thebosh. Since then, they've been smoking, boozing and Lindsay lohan smoking nude like it's going out of style", New York Post, Dec.

The actress was snapped in revealing sportswear, fag in paw, on a jog in Miami. Last year the wildchild actress was anything but healthy so it's nice to see her back on track", The Mirror 3 am gossip column UKJan. Lindsay hit club Les Duex with her pals and was spotted by our snooper's chain-smoking the night away in her VIP booth", Hollyscoop. A couple of months ago it would have been a fag in one hand and bottle of beer in the other", Sunday Mirror UKApr.

Lohan lights another cigarette, inhales, exhales, and turns her attention back to the interview She shrugs, and goes to the mini-bar, from which she takes a large bottle of water. Maybe Lindsay missed the directions that read 'non-smoking' because she smoked like a chimney during her stay. The actress smoked so much the inn had to deep clean all her room's bedding and wash the walls", Hollyscoop. Lindsay seemed at first to be making an effort to be healthy, popping out of her rehab centre to visit the gym.

A spokesperson for the inn, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed that the young starlet smoked regularly in the smoke-free hotel and paid substantial cleaning fees for the damage incurred.

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