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Sylvie stirred and Love x art couples sex realized that Jake was nuzzling her. This was becoming familiar as this is the way she is Love x art couples sex up every morning in the past two weeks.

Although this is fast becoming a routine, she doubts that she will grow tired of it. She was too groggy to do anything for now but she mustered enough strength to kiss her husband. His hands begin to wander and her mind and body gradually started to return to full consciousness.

She was never a morning person but when Jake showed her how amazing morning sex can be, things became different. When Jake finally fucked her, he did it Love x art couples sex slowly and sensuously she thought she would die from sheer pleasure!

This is an absolutely amazing, HD love making video from X-Art. X-Art has single-handedly redefined modern-day erotica with this intimate love making video.

This is not a typical porn video you will be seeing so look somewhere else if you want something dirtier. This is a love making video that depicts intimacy as what it should be, clean and breathtakingly romantic. There are no scenes that appear as if the male model is looking to try out for the Sex Olympics. Nor are there scenes where the female is screaming her head off and making numerous references to God. This video displays how lovely marriage can be and showcases how sex can be much more powerful with love present.

They are not like some married couples where the sex has gone stale and they do away with foreplay. In fact, during the time of filming, Silvie and Jake had only been married for two weeks! That means they are still in the honeymoon phase and it is quite a privilege to see them make love.

Ask any married couple and most of them will tell you that the honeymoon stage is the best stage. The video portrays them not only at the best Love x art couples sex of their marriage to have sex; you are also able to see them fuck during the best time of the day to have sex. Morning sex is the time when intimacy between couples is usually at its highest level.

This is because the time when you just woke up is usually alone time, a special private moment for yourself. Having sex during such moments makes you connect with your partner on a very intimate level. You invite them into your own personal space and you feel closer to your partner during morning sex. This closeness that Jake has with Silvie during their mornings is what makes the sex so hot to watch. When the intimacy is of this scale, it automatically causes the sex to ooze of raw passion.

Passionate love making is Love x art couples sex only more enjoyable for both parties; it is a delight to watch. This is just one of the many benefits of having morning sex.

Sex is ultra hot if you combine high intimacy with your animal instincts. When you go primal, the sex connects you and your partner on a very physical level. Likewise, intimacy connects you both on a mental level. When these two go hand-in-hand, both your physical and mental pleasures will be laced with strong emotions as well, which will heighten the pleasure further.

Morning sex increases the primal factor. This is illustrated by Silvie and Jake, who Hermione granger nude fakes up and sniff one another before they have their showers.

Women can smell testosterone somehow and love it! You can also see how Silvie enjoys it when Jake is spooning her and wrapping his arms around her. This way, his natural scent envelops Love x art couples sex and makes her all the more Love x art couples sex. Silvie is one of the most popular female models on Erotic Obsession.

Sadly, she and Jake are divorced now but you can watch all of her beauty immortalized in these videos:. Her long limbs and perky tits make her a star in the industry. It is exactly the type of thing that you would expect from a couple that had just been married for two weeks! Even if it is just to be able to download and save this unbelievable sensual video to your growing collection of high-quality intimate sex. More Free X-Art Images. Our Mission is to showcase the Best Porn Sites in the erotica sex industry and provide you with a free glimpse with short reviews into their full explicit collection.

These sites deliver the hottest, most gorgeous models from around the world, have award-winning producers and respect the Art of Love Making! Back to top. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Cookie Policy. Join X-Art. Our Mission Our Mission is to showcase the Best Porn Sites in the erotica Love x art couples sex industry and provide you with a free glimpse with short reviews into Love x art couples sex full explicit collection.

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