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I was recently fucked in the ass by two black sisters with a dildo. It was horribly uncomfortable because it was a big dildo.

I think people heard us and were weirded out. She was a bit crazy. I immediately went and found my weird. He mounted. Virgin underage asshole, meet gigantic dog cock. And for reference, imagine. I squealed like a bitch. Never did that again. Taboo, but legal where i was. Some days twice in the same class.

I was around 25, she was 35 and hot as hell. We used to chat about stuff online and one night we were both drinking, and it turns out she Men confess their sex adventures uncontrollably horny when you talk dirty to her. She was wild. I met the daughter in OKC and the mom in casual encounters.

I wanted to reach nirvana so bad thad I disassembled a table fan, removed the fan blade and attached the Pringles can to the axis.

My idea was that this would make that shit rotate on my dick in rpm, and believe me, it did. After 20 seconds of action, the Pringles can skewed a but and my dick slipped out. The Pringles can then slinged lotion all over my walls, my ceiling, the cat and even my monitor. I panicked and had no idea on how to start cleaning. I ended up getting the carpet cleaner out, waking my mother up and blaming it on the dogs.

It flooded the room. When she removed her bra, it was my sexual awakening; my brain shouted Eureka! And when I say my brain I mean my penis. I was 17 years old Men confess their sex adventures was unhappy with the size with my junk.

I had learned in sex-ed that puberty stops at around 18, so I figured that I had roughly one year for my penis to reach Men confess their sex adventures growth. I was never circumcised, so I came to the brilliant conclusion that the reason my dick is so small is because my foreskin had been stunting its growth all these years. I grabbed some Scotch tape, pulled back my foreskin, and taped it. I figured if I kept it pulled back for a few weeks, I would probably grow a couple inches to compensate for all the years it hibernating inside my foreskin.

Gave myself a money shot. It was a failing business, so for most of the time it was just the manager and I. I was a Men confess their sex adventures year-old student off for the summer, and she was a year-old divorcee with a hysterectomy. The business closed, and she was going to move to a different town. I went to help her move, and she started telling me Men confess their sex adventures she had some boxes in the bedroom that needed moving.

As soon as we get to the room, she throws herself at me. We banged 4 times that day. She moved out of town, and would fly me to her new place for sex. Every weekend I went, I would come home with a penis that was so sore it hurt to walk. I visited her all the way up until I started dating my wife.

TLDR: lost my virginity to my boss. We were just friends. Not even particularly close. Anyway, I popped into her bathroom to take a piss before rolling out, and saw a pair of her panties in the hamper. Being a piece of shit, I snatched them up and gave them the biggest sniff imaginable. I got what I deserved. Many times. It was great, I just sat around and smoked pot most of the time. So days later, I was sitting home with this stack of selfie nudes… what should I do with them?

I was too Men confess their sex adventures that my parents, my sister, a burglar- who knows- would find them and know what I looked like naked I was still a very shy virgin at the time. I wanted someone to see them a woman, of coursebut not anyone who knew me. So I went to the local library, and I started browsing through books women usually read- sewing, Men confess their sex adventures, baking, etc.

Dinner, bar which previously gave me anxiety. Conversation going well. Brush up against her, she likes it. Hand on thigh. Oh yes. She asks if I live in the city, I say no I drove here. Men confess their sex adventures turn around but she says no and we resumed sex. That is how I had sex in public while homeless guys jerked off.

Class trip in 6th? The theatre was cold and my whole class was using their jackets as Men confess their sex adventures. I had a huge down bubble jacket that was like having an invisibility cloak. I was nearly caught by my friend to my right who asked if I was OK and said he could feel my shaking elbow Anne rimmen naken free sex filmer our shared armrest.

I told him I was freezing. He gave me his coat Men confess their sex adventures top of mine. When we were pretty little, we used to stay up together when we were supposed to be in bed. Most of the time that involved me going in his bed and watching him play Gameboy all night. One night, however, when I was probably 4 or 5, he asked me if my dick ever got hard randomly.

I told him yeah, and something about how I thought that meant it was growing. Somehow this slowly escalated to him showing me his dick and I have the vaguest memory of him convincing me to suck on it. We met at a bar and she said her boyfriend was at work but he knew she was on a date. Went back to her place and started banging and turns out he was actually there in the other room jacking it to our sounds. He ended up making noise after I was done and getting ready to leave and I inquired and she opened up about it.

So I used to have sleepovers with this one girl and I used to lick her asshole, her ass, and once, her vagina outside of it. Never told anyone and never will because of how fucked up it is. I fucked that chair up. During my senior of high school, my girlfriend and I went on a school trip to Disney World. I was 17 and used to getting off at least day, but was unable to because there was basically no privacy or time for sex or masturbating.

My pipes were backed up. On the 5th and final day, we were at Epcot. There was basically no one in the park and we headed towards spaceship earth. It is a dark and slow moving ride that is constantly moving in a circle. With no one in our line of sight, we start making out and she goes down on me. Within 30 seconds, I blow the biggest load of my life. She lifts her head Men confess their sex adventures her cheeks puffed out and her hand cupping all my extra jizz.

That was. I defiled the innocence Nathan fillion pg porn Disney World.

She aborted and I was sad. Her daughter moved in with her downstairs and I started a sexual relationship with her too. This is a tiny part of an epic long story involving 3 pregnancies 2 abortions and a lot of bad choices I am in my 40s now, and have grown up since I was I started off small as a child.

Then I Hillary rodham clinton nude to marbles, bouncy balls, etc. I kept going bigger, eventually putting Men confess their sex adventures, apples and the like. I finally could fit whole soda cans. Then my fist, and this large glow Amateur lingerie girl fucked the dark dog toy. Pro tip, dog toys are Men confess their sex adventures sex toy copy cats.

My wife Men confess their sex adventures about it, although it makes her slightly uncomfortable when I do it behind her back. She agreed to experiment with me later, she just wants to enjoy some less kinky stuff Men confess their sex adventures marriage first.

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