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Yea My friend you have a nice ass know right I had him tell me I had a flat ass but other exs go crazy over it so figured ask men I don't know Maybe my butt is female and he likes males? Ok see here's the problem. Well I got im's from everyone say the first pic was too dark and couldn't tell or bad angle etc So I put up another pic I am not a tooth pick I would say I am thick but not fat Oops I thought it was asked anonymously so that was supposed to be a joke.

It may not be very shapely but it looks like it can jiggle when you get down and guys like that. Sexual Health. Vote A. Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote:.

Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Do I have a nice butt? Add Opinion. CuriousChick Xper 3. Funny, I once had a guy I was dating tell me I had a flat ass good thing that didn't last, what guy tells a girl he's dating that? He recently told me it was perfectly plump. So go figure Y don't you show it too. I don't put pictures up on the internet of my ass. VulcanHades Xper 6. I suppose it is acceptable and arousing to some extent. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First.

You have an absolutely gorgeous, toned booty. Hahaha I wouldn't worry about the girls voting NO because it just shows how jealous they are. Xper 4. Xper 5. I don't like seeing such exposure unless my lover - but no pun intended most men would say yes. Yea your butt is really sexy, its definitely not flat, its cute.

I glad you My friend you have a nice ass have low self esteem, but I hope I haven't just been pumping a high ego. Hey guys truth hurts sometimes. Show All Show Less. Jayfin24yo18cm Xper 1. Trudeberry Xper 4. That ass is soo FINE! Girl you got a nice ass, you sure your ex wasn't retarded? I love that ass. Looks familiar.

Ever been a a video by Sir Mix a lot? MrWizard Xper 3. How could anyone think that is flat? AshBrown Yoda. Oh goodness Why did u have to do this? PatrickRory Xper 2.

I would have to say it's nice. It's nice. It could be a little bigger though. Telemusik Xper 1. Shaft50 Guru. Most enthusiastically, yes Xper 6. Cover that bum girl, Save it for ur husband.

Your Ex is retarded. Related myTakes. Show All. Egalitarianism is NOT equality. Why won't the sun go down already. The Hot My friend you have a nice ass Face.

Good personality and a Women who love sex erotic character are two different things. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

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