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You're welcome. I just re-read my post, the first sentence in my last paragraph should have started with "I'm NOT encouraging you to injure anyone She does have a point about learning to gaurd that area though, in a street fight anything goes, you need to be able to guard your crotch. Still, not allowing guys to wear a cup is more than a little extreme, it hurts getting kicked there even with a cup on, that pain should be more than enough incentive to learn to guard your crotch, her method is unnecessary.

Yes i can understand teaching the male weak spot as it is a good area to hit if you are being attacked and need to defend yourself. Janer Xper 4.

I've been at my karate dojo for about 2 months and everyone there are girls like everyone even all of the instructors are all girls. And after about a month of training I got to spar but I asked my instructor if I could use a Naked boys hard cocks strap and a cup and she said that I can't because I'm not allowed to have advantages and that Nude testicles martial arts will just have to block all the Nude testicles martial arts to my groin.

So I was OK with that until I lost all of my spars over the last couple of weeks because all of the girls there always go for my balls. They usually knee or kick or punch and win because Nude testicles martial arts not able to continue with the fight because I'm on the ground.

So I've lost all of my spars, and last week I asked her again if I could wear the cup and she said that I still couldn't but she would tell the girls to not go for my groin anymore. And that day I sparred with my instructor Nude testicles martial arts I was finally winning I could feel the momentum shifting my way and just when I was going for Nude testicles martial arts move she unleashed the hardest kick to my balls I have ever gotten and I fell down and she won.

The next day she said that I need to learn how to protect myself and that all of the girls would strike my testicles because its a weakness, she said that I could wear my jockstrap but no cup for that day only because she said that she knew that my balls were sore from her kick and this would Nude testicles martial arts them be held in place. But I was wondering if girls think that this is fair? I know that most guys are naturally stronger but do you girls think that this is fair?

I'm 16 by the way and most of the girls there are around my age. Share Facebook. Girls who do martial arts or dance or any sport, can you answer this? Add Opinion. Okay, I never took any martial arts or anything, but maybe an outsider's perspective is what you need here. You have signed up for classes to go and have a bunch of girls wail on your balls week after week.

Aside from being akin to physical torture, this is dangerous for your reproductive future. You might not be thinking about it too much now, but someday you or someone you're with will really want you to be able to father children.

Consider why you're going to martial arts. Is this for legitimate self-defense needs? If so, I guess I can't argue with the instructor's point that people are going to hit below the belt for an advantage whenever they can. I can't imagine your need for self-defense is so pressing, so I'm guessing this is for exercise, fun, discipline, self-actualization, or any other altruistic pursuit of personal growth.

If that is the case, the argument is totally invalid. I'm encouraging you to injure anyone, but what would their reaction be if you started trying to break everyone's nose every time you sparred, saying that they need to protect their nose if they don't like it? You're being abused, and they need to stop. If talking to them seriously about this doesn't work, you need to switch to a different dojo. This may seem unfair, but guess what? It is fair.

Martial arts is taken to learn how to defend yourself in case you get attacked by someone. It can be a simply punching attack, or even with a weapon such as a stick or a knife. I took martial arts for 4 years. I am pretty good. Anyway, there were a few girls in my class too. When we had our freestyle fights or tests, it did not seem like the girls were going for our nuts.

But if they did, we all learned how to block those attacks. Whether it's a punch, a kick, a slash, whatever to the nuts, we knew how to block them. And one of the things that you need to know is how to block those attacks at your groin.

Being a girl does not mean she can't go for a guys nuts. And being a guy does not mean you can't apgo for her groin. She needs to know how to block attacks to that region just like you do. It hurts girls too. So, if the girls in your class go for your groin, you gotta block them. And when you do, go for their groin so they can experience what it's like to be attacked in the groin.

Let me know if you have any questions. You think Nude testicles martial arts unfair because you can't do the same to the women? I guess that's true. We don't feel the same kind of pain that men do when they've been Nude testicles martial arts in the balls. However, that's nobody's concern but yours. It's not their job to protect your testicles, they have come to win.

At ours groin kicks were allowed only for the advanced belts. Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Does it mean anything if a guy puts his hand on your thigh?

How often do you find people take you being friendly as being interested in them? When do you think flirting turns creepy? If you saw a girl tied up in the park with a sign by her that said "please tickle me" would you do it? Sort Girls First Guys First. If it is, I hope you wore one anyway and or moved to a different school. The whole disadvantage thing. Testicles are very sensitive and vulnerabl. A strike cannot only disable you but could permanently damage them. Nude testicles martial arts kind of sounds like she is man hating.

Testicle injuries can be serious and contact sports like that always ask guys to wear a cup and woman sometimes breast padding. She should have been teaching you blocks and defense moves. It kinda sounds like she just wanted a male to kick in the balls which is actually really mean. I have accidentally kicked a female instructor in the vagina, and it hurts them too. I apologized immensely and there was no hard feelings.

You are in a controlled environment and you do need to protect them. If woman had more vulnerable areas That hurt like hell im sure they would wear protection while practicing and I would be all for this. What was the name of Nude testicles martial arts school?

Wow, that's nothing like my karate dojo was. Below the belt was against the rules in our sparring sessions, so guys didn't need to wear cups. Lol, I was always holding myself back when I sparred with girls because I was taught to never hit a girl. It kind of sounds like Nude testicles martial arts sensei is on some kind of mad feminist power trip, like she enjoys watching the girls kick you Nude testicles martial arts the testicles.

I'd find another dojo if I was you. First of all I'm sure you're lying. If your not for some reason just kick them in the vagina. It will down them too. Keep this up and you'll lose your balls.

I agree I might be to teach the women that that's a males weakest though. Related myTakes. The Hot Nude testicles martial arts Face. My encounter with Jell-O play edible sand.

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