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Doesn't matter to me if they are a Public nude amateur wives on the heavy side, a little older or not having movie star looks. However, I would like to see some editorial discretion on Public nude amateur wives quality of some of the photos being submitted. With today's phone cameras, there really isn't any excuse for the crappy, out of focus, poor lighting shots that appear in some submissions. Surely you have the editorial license to exclude shots Public nude amateur wives are simply poor quality?

As a paid subscriber, I'm a little bit over the continuous offer of blurry, sub standard quality of a lot of submissions, or parts thereof. No issue with retro shots or those from years gone by, that's perfectly understandable. But recent shots? C'mon contributors, show a little pride in your ladies and show them clearly! Personally, I couldn't agree Youtube hot sexy naked college girls more!

It drives me mad seeing poor quality shots, however content is content. We generally draw a line in the sand, and trust me, a lot of submission do get knocked back due to poor quality. BUT, lets hope submitters read this from a loyal viewer and maybe make some changes!? This is contrary to the very premise of this site Why are these submissions allowed?

Why not a disclaimer saying photo shopped pictures will not be shown? Hello 'Concerned' A link Public nude amateur wives help us a little, and how sure are you that they are photoshopped???

Thanks - Shoneys. Thanks for the message Shoneys, where exactly are you talking? Are you talking about the Clubhouse? If so, go onto the clubhouse and contact the support team there. They will be able to sort it out for you. I just wanted say thank you all for providing me years of entertainment!

I first found out about you guys years ago back when i was a teenager in My dad left your page up one morning and i got curious lol. I shared your site with my highschool buddies and later on with my fellow soliders when deployed.

You guys were there for me during my break-ups too! So i just wanted to say thanks to everyone for always keeping up the good work! Rugby player big cock a safe and happy Halloween too! Much love, J. Hahaha hey J! What an awesome message, It's nice hearing from people who have been around for many years, especially in this way.

Let us know if there is anything we can ever do for you! Happy porning, J! Playmate Of The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Horny All The Time. Mobile Selfies Public nude amateur wives. Lansing, Michigan, USA. Wake Up Public nude amateur wives. Michigan, USA. Angela 3. Portland, Oregon, USA.

Riverside, California, USA. Only the archives will be updated. We wish everyone a very jolly thanksgiving and hope that you're surrounded with the love of your dear ones on this festive season. From the Watchersweb Crew. New staff will be joining us for Public nude amateur wives and for some of the new exciting sections we will be bringing you.

Please make sure you don't miss a day at Watchersweb. Raven and the crew Public nude amateur wives. Thanks - Shoneys Thanks for the message Shoneys, where exactly are you talking? Copyright IP Pty Ltd.

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