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Sarah Jessica Parker, who is well known for her role in the hit Cllassy lady nude victorian Sex and the City, has been hogging the limelight for plastic surgery speculations for a long time. Her ability to defy the effects of aging has aroused such rumours on cosmetic surgery. Some of the most talked about procedures include a nose job, Sarah jessica parker fakes augmentation and Botox use.

Sarah Jessica Parker is an American actress, producer and Sarah jessica parker fakes. One of the most impressive things about Sarah Jessica Sarah jessica parker fakes is her marriage to Matthew Broderick that has lasted for almost 20 years. It Sarah jessica parker fakes an amazing feat for a Hollywood couple to have such a long marriage. Perhaps that is the reason why Sarah Jessica Parker is still looking fantastic after so many years.

One of the most popular debate online among netizens is whether Sarah Jessica Parker underwent a nose job. Looking at her before and after photos, there seems to be a slight narrowing of her nose bridge over the years. However, as some of the older photos are taken when Sarah Jessica Parker was at a really young age, it is not conclusive if she underwent the nose job.

Most ladies will have their noses set in at around age Though you can see subtle differences in her nose shape, they might be due to lighting differences. Furthermore, if Sarah indeed opted for a nose job, her desired outcome could hardly been so unnoticeable. Most celebrities will want a sharper and thinner nose bridge that brings more balance on their faces.

And they will want the outcome to make a bigger difference. Based on her so ever slight changes on her before and after photos, it is Sarah jessica parker fakes she has undergone a nose job. And she has never admitted to having any plastic surgery on her face. There are also consistent talk about the use of facial fillers and Botox on Sarah Jessica Parker. However, she has been adamant that nothing of such is ever used on her face.

Botox is one of the most popular wrinkle diminishing tools in Hollywood. It requires no invasive cuts. Just simple administration through injections by a qualified plastic surgeon. But even so, it seems like Sarah Jessica Parker has resisted the temptation of Botox.

Her before and after photos shows no signs of lumpiness or unnatural bumps, which is characteristics of Botox use. Her smile still looks natural. Another Sarah Sarah jessica parker fakes Parker plastic surgery rumour is about her breast size.

Some say that she has undergone breast implants surgery. Looking at her before and after pictures, it does not look like Sarah Jessica Parker has undergone breast augmentation surgery. But she has been quite busty all along. Perhaps it did not show in her younger photos as she has been dressing rather conservatively in her younger years.

Well, when someone does not show much boobs does not mean they have smaller boobs. Considering the fact that Sarah Jessica Parker has given birth to 3 lovely kids, it is inevitable that there is some increase in Nude pregnant women nipples breast size.

Coupled with more low cut dresses and the invention of push up bras, the illusion that she has bigger breasts surfaced. Her breasts still look natural and shows no signs Short hair tara radovic round silicon implants at all.

She has remained true to her words of saying NO to plastic surgery. Whether or not Sarah Jessica Parker decides to eventually Sarah jessica parker fakes under the knife is for all to see and speculate. As of now, we are just glad that Sarah Jessica Parker has set a great example for all to follow — by being a devoted wife and mum to her family.

We look forward to more engaging and captivating movies from Sarah Jessica Parker in future. What do you think of Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery rumors? Let us know your thoughts below. Your email address will not be published. Search for:.

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