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Disclaimer: This chapter is another M rated one. There will be some lemony fluff in it. After Sofia the first naked though it will get on with the plot. So if you don't like that type of stuff then don't read it or if you're too young don't read it. Also a reminder, Sofia is an adult, not a minor. Oh and of course, I still don't own anything of Sofia the First.

The closer she walked to the dining room the more dread Sofia felt, she was sure her family Hot milf cumshot pee know she had disappeared with Cedric. As she entered the dining room her family stopped talking and turned towards her. At first she felt nervous and terror until they all smiled and wished her a good morning as if nothing was wrong.

She sat down and returned the smiles and greetings to everyone. Doing Sofia the first naked those spells really wore me out. He may have a potion that can help heal you faster. You really Sofia the first naked like you might be coming down sick.

At first she was about to be offended that everyone thought she looked so terrible, then she realized she had been up all night making love and rather than sleeping so she did look pretty bad with bags under her eyes. A moment later she comprehended what her mom had said about going to see Cedric, "Yes, that's a good idea mom, I will go see if he has any suggestions or potions after breakfast. Thank you. Sofia the first naked being pleasured all night works up an appetite, she thought slyly to herself with a smile.

After the fireworks I couldn't seem to find you and we had to cut the cake without you, I hope you aren't offended we didn't wait for you. At first she panicked then she realized he didn't look upset, just truly curious and also a little sorry as if she might be the one to be upset Grannies in bikinis porn him.

I was too tired to come back to the party. I'm really sorry about not returning, I should have said something before going to my room. I understand how overwhelming these parties can be, I know you don't particularly care for them either so it's alright.

The magic show you did was really amazing. I had no idea you had learned such great magic. That was a unique idea you two came up with to show off the skills you have learned from Cedric. Finishing breakfast, Sofia stood up and excused herself. She walked to Cedric's workshop Sofia the first naked knocked on his door. So they told me to come to you for a potion to help me heal. I agreed Sofia the first naked them whole heartedly and came here straightaway for you to heal me.

The following morning Sofia woke up in Cedric's bed. She panicked because it was well past the time she should have returned to her Sofia the first naked room; Baileywick makes his rounds every morning checking on everyone including Princess Sofia. She Sofia the first naked Cedric and yelled, "Cedric, hurry, I'm late. They're going to notice me missing.

I must go. Cedric rolled over slowly as if there was no need to panic and pulled her back into his arms. Do you want the guards to come find me here in your bed naked?

I took care of it. He kissed his way down her neck as he explained to her, "I sent a note yesterday afternoon while you were sleeping, that you were ill and would need rest for two days in my care while I give you healing potions and that you are not to be bothered because Sofia the first naked rest is very important. Later that afternoon, Sofia lazily lay sprawled out upon Cedric's bed.

Cedric entered and nudged her ankle, "Up and Sofia the first naked 'em! Time for a lesson. Get dressed. Er… actually, I Sofia the first naked mind if you'd prefer to do today's lesson naked…" He eyed her mischievously, raising his eyebrows.

Sofia covered herself up with his sheets and threw a pillow at his head. She giggled as he threw the pillow to the floor, glaring at her before jumping onto the bed. Sofia screamed playfully, trying to hide beneath the sheets but he was too fast. Cedric ripped the sheets off of her and pinned her to Finest italian men nude bed.

Using his wand, Cedric secured Sofia's hands and ankles to the four posts of his bed so she couldn't move. Sofia watched in anticipation as Cedric removed his clothes before her eyes slowly and seductively.

He then climbed onto the bed with her. Sofia began lifting her hips and groaning in need. To tease her, he got between her legs and put his hardened member at her entrance. Then he smiled evilly before moving down her body with his mouth. She began to whimper, "Cedric, please! When he licked his way to her breasts she cried out in pleasure. He took one peak into his mouth while caressing the other softly. After switching he finally moved south again, licking his way down her belly slowly.

Sofia knew what was coming and began to pant and breathe heavily with need. As Cedric made his way towards her aroused sex, he opened her lips up and moved his tongue inside her lightly teasing her just a little. More Cedric. Instead he moved on and continued moving down her thighs kissing and licking her legs and knees until he made his way to her ankles and feet. Sofia had never had anyone pay this much attention to her body before and it felt good.

She was on fire. He then was on top of her again. He kissed her hard and possessively while spreading her thighs with his knees and began to slowly enter her with just the head of his hard cock but then suddenly pulled out. Without responding, Cedric approached her on the bed, he finally spoke, telling her, "Open up, love. He went slow as not to gag her too badly since Sofia the first naked was her first time.

Sofia's eyes widened looking up at Cedric. His head was thrown back, enjoying the sensation of having her warm wet mouth around him. She began to enjoy Sofia the first naked this control over him. Becoming more eager, Sofia started going faster and sucking harder, taking him deeper. Cedric started moaning and grabbing her hair, he wasn't going to last much longer.

Sofia the first naked began to pump into Sofia the first naked mouth making her choke a few times, but she was so turned on she was also moaning which created even more lovely sensations for him. Tyra banks hot nude blonde girls spilled out into her mouth and down her throat. Sofia swallowed it all, licking him clean.

You get to get off and I don't? Well, I can play that game, too… Mr. How am I supposed to get any work done? He turned around quickly to try and gain control of his body. Facing away from her he told her, "Today I was planning on Indian girls with huge nipples pornhub you how to do a basic transportation spell so you'd be able to transport yourself here unnoticed on your own whenever you wanted.

That way you won't have to go wandering the halls of the castle. You could come here and spend the nights with me if you'd like. He was afraid to turn around but he still didn't get a response so he finally did turn around slowly. The sight he was met with was his undoing. She was lying on the table spread eagle touching her breasts with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other.

He yanked Sofia towards the edge Sofia the first naked until she was in a sitting position and entered her aggressively, pounding into her as hard as he could. Sofia wrapped her arms and Sofia the first naked around him drawing him as close as she could, screaming out his name.

It didn't take long for either to find completion. Once they finished, Cedric stood there, still inside of Sofia with her legs wrapped around him while on the table. She lay back, breathing hard and smiling triumphantly. And now here we are. With me inside of you and my seed slowly leaking out of you.

Well, I'm ready for a lesson now. Let's get started. So what will I be learning about? Your body is too distracting. And this is something I really want to teach you as soon as possible because you'll be needing it if you want to spend nights together. But I can't teach you while having my dick buried deep inside of you or looking at you naked and touching yourself. I just can't.

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