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  1. Great job on the vids. your hubby is one lucky guy xx

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We The girl with two vaginas learn a whole lot just from browsing the forums here. In a recent threada woman claims that she was born two vaginas. Diagnosed with Uterus Didelphys, Hazel Jones has The girl with two vaginas the sex organs, including her vaginauterus, and cervix, all of which she has two. Both vaginas are not exactly the samewhich can make sex a little uncomfortable at times.

The woman says that her left vagina is smaller than the right, making sex with it painful. Many people on the thread were wondering about how fingering happens. When it comes to orgasms, the woman says that the septum which separates her vagina completely covers her G-spot. So, clitoral stimulation is the only way for her to achieve the Big O. When asked about masturbationThe girl with two vaginas woman said that she gets to choose which vagina she wants to use.

Redditers were curious about The girl with two vaginas and if she could have children. However, no matter what happens, she will need to have a C-section birth because there would be way too many complications doing it vaginally. She also mentions that because her uteri are smaller than normal, she is at risk for miscarriages and premature babies. Though we now have all the answers we need to know about how a woman with two vaginas has sex, it turns out that things aren't so weird.

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