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By the age of seven she could pull off the Figure-Four Leg Lock. She was always the sporty type; playing Wwe michelle mccool nude fakes, volleyball and basketball. Michelle has been involved in kickboxing, gymnastics — and even taught seventh grade science for four years in her home state of Florida. But professional wrestling was always her passion. While she finished seventh place, she was eventually signed to the WWE roster and made her debut on Smackdown in November of the same year.

Yes, Michelle McCool is also Mrs. Michelle and Mark married in Texas inand had their first child in Having a wife such as Michelle must be tough for Mr.

Taker, as being in the public eye can result in embarrassing or scandalous photos released to the masses. But hey, her hands are in the way, right? You do you Michelle. Go ahead, show off the goods!

Dudes everywhere will be thanking you for it. My goodness. In this picture, Michelle shows off her incredible body in nothing but a bikini bottom and a itsty-bitsy black leather jacket.

Now, sorry Mr. Undertaker Sir, but this photo will forever be hanging on the walls of young WWE fans as they stare longingly at your wife. Keep up the good work, Michelle Wwe michelle mccool nude fakes keep these kinds of photos coming…no matter what your husband says. McCool certainly is one of the hottest Wwe michelle mccool nude fakes to ever enter the ring.

Is there any Girls got cream kinzie look a woman can give? From her eye line, it looks to be some lucky fellow in the WWE audience. The WWE Divas certainly are good at playing up their sexuality, and this picture proves it. However, in more recent years, the WWE are shying away from pushing the sexiness of the Divas and Wwe michelle mccool nude fakes more on their actual wrestling talent and putting on an entertaining performance, which is fantastic news for equality in the sport.

That Undertaker certainly is a lucky guy. Is nothing sacred anymore? In the modern era of every cellphone having a camera built Cool ripped skin tattoo, there is no privacy in this day and age.

And yes that includes Wwe michelle mccool nude fakes biggest day of your life; your wedding. She looks beautiful, all done-up in Wwe michelle mccool nude fakes gown, while The Undertaker looks trim and proper…with a braided ponytail! For shame. The look on the face of the priest is priceless, though.

He looks as shocked as we are that The Undertaker could get somebody as hot as Michelle. Hey kids! These are Wwe michelle mccool nude fakes people with real lives, of course, and in real life scary things happen.

It turns out Michelle is now only a warrior in the ring, but outside of it as well. I can only imagine what Wwe michelle mccool nude fakes Undertaker must be feeling seeing a photo like this. TWO smoking hot blondes.

They even united for a brief time, teaming up against the team of Melina and Layla. Now, every dude out there would be over the moon with their hot wife teaming up with another hot blonde, but this photo is more than revealing, showing probably more skin than The Undertaker is comfortable with.

Now, this one is just embarrassing. Nobody wants to lose to a cast member of the Jersey Shore. It was ridiculous as it sounds, with Snooki delivering the final blow with a backflip and pin on McCool, as seen above. Sorry, 'Taker, but your wife has been pinned by one of the most annoying TV personalities in the history of the medium. Hopefully none of that spray tan rubbed off on poor Michelle. Now that is the stuff of nightmares. He was the United States Champion, and Michelle was in the business for no more than a month.

Like this segment pictured above. In wrestling, wearing such skimpy clothing that leaves little to the imagination, there are bound to be countless photos taken of superstars in hilarious, revealing positions.

This photo is one of those. Michelle McCool pins her opponent, leaving them both in a pose that is less than flattering. There are plenty of pictures of Michelle on the internet, but this one is sure to Middle eastern girls giving blowjobs The Undertaker cringe. But hey, this is the internet. Sorry dude. This was a strange, random celebrity appearance in an embarrassing segment that was for nothing other than to show off how hot the WWE Divas are.

No wrestling talent required. During the segment, Michelle McCool gets overly sexual with older Carter brother Nick, tossing her leg over his shoulder, dancing in a fairly inappropriate way. Sorry Undertaker, but there was a time where your wife was used by the WWE as nothing more than eye candy.

Mickie James came in to the match on a mission and pinned Tiny hardcore underground porn in under a minute of the bell.

Watch the segment for yourself. It must be difficult for a performer to go through such a mockery in the ring, but it must be even more difficult for The Undertaker to watch his wife be put through such ridicule.

What is it about pigtails and bubblegum? Undertaker in all her glory, sporting white underwear, some cute pigtails and blowing one delicious looking bubble. The knee-high socks certainly help the image. The Undertaker certainly is a lucky guy, Wwe michelle mccool nude fakes to bed with a beauty such as Michelle every night. The power of a camera phone, folks. This is another photo where we get to appreciate just how lucky The Undertaker Wwe michelle mccool nude fakes, but also, the commitment and work ethic Michelle has to ensure her body is in incredibly physical condition.

To be a successful wrestler, it takes a lot of hard work and long hours in the gym. But with photos like these, you can clearly see the hard work paid off. This is Brooke, Kelly and Michelle McCool posing for the camera, in a photo that can only be described as faaaaaaaantastic.

Undertaker getting cozy on a blanket with her two WWE Diva pals, in their tiny bikini bottoms, not leaving much to the imagination. Leave A Comment. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer.

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