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Each Sunday, millions of Christians in America gather to worship the God who commands us to love our neighbor as ourselves. We belt out praises to the God who tells us that pure and undefiled religion is caring for widows and orphans in their distress.

We kneel in pious prayer before the Almighty God of the universe who describes Himself as loving, gracious, merciful, and generous.

Then, we walk out the back door of the church, step into a world Christian websites that dont suck need, and proceed to withhold the love, grace, and mercy thats extended to us. We might as well give God the middle finger. Outside of a tiny minority of Christians, we have become a self-centered group of priggish snobs. Before you pick up a rock and throw it at me, think about this: I could have used other words that arent as nice as suck.

Like white-washed tombs, brood of vipers, fools, or the ever ego-inflating, Get behind me Satan! Jesus used all of these choice phrases to describe religious leaders and some of his closest of followers. But calling someone a white-washed tomb just doesnt cut it anymore. Poverty sucks. Divorce sucks.

And, unfortunately, some Christians suck, too. Eighty-five percent of Christian websites that dont suck people outside the church who have had connection to Christians believe present-day Christianity is hypocritical. Inside the church, forty-seven percent of young people believe the same thing. This is information that anyone can collect from the Internet, just as I did.

Any reasonable person could make this Cock old sucking young conclusion: Most American Christians do not care about what God says in the Bible. We pick out the scriptures we like, as if we were dining at a five-star buffet. We conveniently ignore the scriptures that talk about caring for the poor, giving away material possessions, and loving money.

Scriptures like:. When Christians care about their political views, what sexual preference someone has, or their bank account more than they care about the millions of people who die in the world Christian websites that dont suck they dont have five dollars to buy the medicine that would cure them, something has gone drastically wrong. What can we do to stop sucking? I think the answer is relatively simple. Do what it says James Give away Christian websites that dont suck possessions to those in need, love the unlovely, take care of the widow and orphan.

This is not rocket science. It just takes a heart committed to doing the things God said to do. Want ten simple steps? You got it. Christians, listen up: People are tired of being criticized, judged, and listening to the lip service we are so great at giving. Instead, why dont we commit to making the changes we can make? Christianity needs a renewal of the principles that made it great. It needs to be more like Jesuscompassionate, self-sacrificial, unconditionally loving, and caring for those who are most in need.

That kind of lifestyle allowed twelve men to change the world. It will help you change yours, too. If you liked this article, check out: Book Review: Red Letters. There is definitely something for us all to learn here! But in general, Tiny tits dressed undressed thin girls who know Christ are simply doing more a result of their faith than those who do not know God.

Amazing, well put! Wish I had the courage to say this in a Church!!! Thank you, Danielle, for pointing out that this is a heart issue, not a pocketbook issue. The only way this is going to change is if the church truly gets a revalation of His heart.

We can talk about it all day long but its not until the church each of us return to the intimate place, the secret place and spend time with Him will our hearts truly turn to the unlovable…the poor. The intimate place with God is where hearts will be changed and fruits produced.

The Lord is looking for those who will dare to draw close to his heart and see those for which he so desparetly longs for. After this encounter you will be wrecked for the poor.

We do suck. However, the giving may not be accurate. We do not give to our local church because they have proven to us that they will misuse it.

We spend 22K a year on a shuttle. So we give to Worldvision and missionaries we know personally. We also feed and minister to a group of homeless men and women. So that statistic might not accurately show what Christians are doing Christian websites that dont suck their money. We withhold grace and love on a daily basis. So they came up with the cock and bull idea that there had to be a higher power! Christian websites that dont suck only survived so the guilty, and the inept could have an out for their inability to maintain a high quality life.

It then turned into a way to try and control the masses by the churches. Only the blind and mentally challenged could possibly believe that such a being exists! God bless you 4 having the courage to say what ever1 needed to hear! Thanks everyone for your insight and encouragement about the article.

You get lots of arrows in your back! I do appreciate all of you. I am a Christian websites that dont suck. I believe in the God of the Bible. I believe in the literalistic interpretation of the Bible. I know Jesus. I believe and accept the gospel of Christ. But I am absolutely not a Christian. God is love. Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. Love does not demand its own way. Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged.

It is never glad about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. Love lasts forever. Christians are demanding and mean. Christians are jealous, boastful, proud, and rude. Christians purposefully hurt other people. Christians are not interested in the truth.

Christians bury their heads in the sand and turn away from people who know the truth if the truth implicates a fellow Christian or themselves. Christians love Naked beach girl nude butts hide the truth about themselves in their J c penney pantyhose public lives. Christians almost always Girl leopard thong panties up on people.

Christians are not faithful to their friends when those friends need help. Christians turn their backs on people who make any mistake no matter how small or how many mistakes the Christian himself makes and hides from the rest of the world. Christians spread hopelessness to already hurting people with their dis-fellowship abandonment tactics.

Christians are the hardest people to get along with. Christianity is a toxic cult of narcissistic, hypocritical, unforgiving show offs. I never expect perfection.

Yes, other people do these things too, but Christians are infinitely worse than the rest Christian websites that dont suck the world. I think their narrow path is much more narrow than they think. There are no perfect people in this world, only one perfect person ever walked Christian websites that dont suck earth.

Christians Teen titans hentai guro not even close to being Christian websites that dont suck We are directed to be and never will be. That does not keep us from striving Christian websites that dont suck be like Christ, struggling with ourselves to do more for the less Christian websites that dont suck. Christians have familes to care for, food to buy and bills to pay.

We are a nation of giving and receiving…there appears to be much more receiving than giving, simply because the slothful decide to let their neighbor work for them. God did not say to help those who will not help themselves. Enough of this, please understand that all peoples are struggling Christian websites that dont suck keep their heads above water, most are doing it without a needle in their arms.

I am gay and I have been persecuted and rejected by Christians all my life.

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