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You may find it hard to believe, but corporal punishment of Corporal punishment girls naked girls in prisons still take place, all over the world! And Corporal punishment girls naked you think that this practice only occurs in remote countries far from where you live, then you are very wrong! It's a fact, corporal punishments in women's prisons - mostly in the form of severe beatings on the bare bottom - could even be taking Corporal punishment girls naked in YOUR country, even if you live in a cultured and civilized part of the world.

Of course, if you try to find or even speak with victims of these practices, you will never hear the plain truth. For a girl who has been through regular spanking punishments in a Corporal punishment girls naked, it's just too much shame, disgrace and embarrassment to admit to it and share their experiences. While we were investigating the matter, we came across a most interesting web site about an Corporal punishment girls naked, where the operators are not afraid of revealing the bald truth.

As you watch the movies on their web site - some of them taken with a hidden camera - you will find, contrary to expectations, that the wardens and [ Proper clothes, healthy food and clean bathrooms are a matter of high priority. They sometimes even give admission for spending 1 or 2 hours outside in the sun for some exercises.

Everything is possible and can be arranged, if they behave well on their long path to improving their social behavior and Corporal punishment girls naked up their life, until their sentence is served and the Governor discharges them from prison.

But despite this, we are, after all still speaking about corporal punishment here. From their professional experience the operators of this institution have a Corporal punishment girls naked concept of how to discipline defiant or criminal girls, and prepare them step Corporal punishment girls naked step for their return to freedom - in a strict corporal punishment regime! As often as required, even if it means punishing the same girl's sore bottom multiple times in one day.

Even the smallest infractions of the house rules will result in a young lady having to lie flat on a bed, or bend over a Porno. bang gang august taylor- taylor, or even to be bound on the dreaded punishment [ For repeated offenders even on the same day, you may wonder what happens, if a bottom is still sore from a punishment from just a few hours earlier? We are very proud to be the first news team not only to Corporal punishment girls naked admitted to the facility, but also that a prison guard - actually the Prison Governor personally - made himself available to answer some questions.

One of our first questions was, if he has a personal interest in or affinity for administering spanking punishments to young girls.

He gave Corporal punishment girls naked an interesting statement:. If I enjoy hearing girls crying in their cells several times each day? If I enjoy when they are shedding tears, weeping bitterly? And then, every evening at patrol time, if I enjoy seeing every 3rd or 4th girl laying naked on their bed, still sobbing and rubbing their sore buttocks?

No I don't! In fact, most of the time I feel for them. But then, please, you need to consider I carry a weighty responsibility here. When I release a girl back into society, the public expects to see a real change. Particularly the inmate's friends and family who want to have back the little well behaved girl they once knew.

And that's exactly what I do, with accuracy and without exception. And you can take my word for it: in the last 10 years running this facility, I've tried several alternative methods of disciplining delinquent or criminal girls. I'll spare you the details, but my disillusioned [ And no, she was certainly not hungry. It was a simple act of truculence and rebelliousness, trying to show off as a 'tough girl' towards the other inmates.

But of course, the surveillance cameras caught her, and she was ordered to appear in the Governor's office to see me, naked, for an hour-long corner time, and to receive 6 sets of 15 full-force strokes with the cane, every hour on the hour.

I decided to use one of the heavier canes, even though her bottom is very small and she has never been spanked or caned before. Furthermore, she will spend some hours in the isolation cage on the prison yard next weekend, naked again, while the other inmates take part in a volleyball tournament right there. You believe that this punishment is too harsh? Too severe? Well honestly, it also breaks my heart to see this little naked brat there in the corner, her bottom covered with weals, her big blue eyes begging me to stop the procedure.

And it will become worse for her next weekend, when the other inmates are Corporal punishment girls naked at her bottom, which I expect to be black and blue until then. But listen: a stitch in time saves nine! And in a few years, she will be one of those girls - socially fully reintegrated - who Corporal punishment girls naked send me a letter of appreciation every year for Christmas, to thank me that I have been strict with her.

Really, we have a very clear situation here. She knew about the house rules, and she knew about the consequences, if she breaks the rules. But obviously she decided to challenge me and asked me for the bum basting of her life.

So there she is. August For all the lovers of girls spanked in their Cheerleader uniforms, we have some very Corporal punishment girls naked news for you today! To celebrate their th!! Too bad for the girls that this was just the warmup! In part 2 they will feel the full force of coach Lake's heavy wooden paddle! Explore more. We have always been a huge fan of Firm Hand Spanking.

Not only because they have signed on some of the most attractive spanking models in the entire industry, but more important, they never disappointed their members when it comes to regular updates. Every week, since more than 15 years, as reliable Corporal punishment girls naked a Swiss watch. We are aware that there are dozens of free preview sites for Firm Hand Spanking out there already, but most of them are missing something important about Firm Hand Spanking.

It's their High Quality Photo Sets! Literally every single video production is published together with on-scene photos in amazing quality! For the lovers of alternative punishment procedures, if regular bare bottom spankings and canings just do not have Corporal punishment girls naked desired educational effect anymore. See these brats going through the extremely unpleasant experience of a thorough mouth soaping.

Very humiliating and most effective! Read More. Allyson Bettie is perfectly curvy with a delightfully round bottom that was just made for spanking. Combine this with her girl-next-door look and her adorably naughty personality, and you have the kind of girl you want to put across your knee again, and again, and again! Out now, only at Northern Spanking! That's what we call a Weekend Surprise! The famous producers from 'Good Spanking' and 'Assume the Position Studios' have just launched a brand-new high class spanking site!

Oldies but Goldies! The amazing team around Paul Kennedy at Northern Spanking is always up for a surprise! As an additional bonus to their regular weekly updates, they just re-published an amazing set of high quality photos from their very first shooting with spanking star Kami Robertson! Shortly before this shooting Kami turned just What a cute nervous little girl she was, making her first appearance in the spanking scene at Northern Spanking.

Show me. Are you into girls in uniform receiving corporal punishments? Two beautiful Flight Attendants - Helen Stephens and newcomer Jessica Taylor - receive the spanking they clearly deserve, administered by strict female top Ophelia de Havilland, for stealing and falsifying accounts at the airline's expense. We don't support browsers without JavaScript anymore. Please turn on JavaScript and reload this page. Corporal Punishments in a Girls Prison.

Editors Choice - Best Of. Amelia can't keep her mouth shut and is constantly giving her opinion about what's happening. So her knickers are pulled down and right off - and Corporal punishment girls naked into her mouth to gag her, but she manages to spit them out and carry on with her tirade Corporal punishment girls naked abusive language. It's obvious the line of questioning they are using is a waste of time, so the Governor suggests to Officer Lewis that they stretch her a bit.

She is pulled up so that she is on tiptoe. As questioning her is not working - the Governor has a paddle and uses it on her bottom. She's in a rage - and calls him a fucker. He orders her to bend down with her hands on the lower bunk. He brings a leather paddle out of his back pocket and starts using it on her pink bottom cheeks.

Kami is then put on the receiving end of a severe hand spanking, followed by the use of a leather paddle. Lilly Lovell cowers on the lower bunk watching with horror the happenings.

After Zoe spanked Amelia's bottom she was sent on her way. Zoe then told Aleesha to change her outfit and she had some fun with her on the bed which involved her hand and Aleesha's bottom. The two girls are told to change places - now it's Kami Robertson who is bent over the desk and is being spanked on her Corporal punishment girls naked bottom with a leather paddle.

The reasoning behind this is that as friends Kami is the dominant one - so Lovell would not want her friend to suffer and would confess.

After spanking each other, they were both taken to Punishment Room 2 where they both had to lay over the Punishment Table to have their allready sore bare bottoms soundly strapped by the Warden. Jay has made up her mind not to cooperate while in prison - she can't see any reason to follow rules. So that's how she ends up lying over Officer Page's knee. The spanking continues. Amazing model performances, perfect camera angles, authentic scripts and of course, genuine spanking action.

We show you some of the most amazing sets here, for free! Free Asian Corporal punishment girls naked Watch asian teens and students receive harsh beatings on their cute small asses for their misbehavior at home and in school. Girls in pain and tears, ashamed and embarrassed.

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