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Is Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania interesting places to see? I was going to go through them on my way back from St Petersburg to Holland. Is transportation reliable? I did a brief tour of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia a few years ago, and while I had an interesting time I feel no need to ever return. I think if one's heritage is in that part of the world it could be quite thrilling, but as it was, it seemed to me they still haven't left behind the Soviet mentality re service to the public.

Our Lithuanian tour guide was shocked and appalled when we rose up as one and refused to accept the scheduled stop at a very boring town. She kept saying she would be "in trouble" with her bosses. Incidentally, when approaching the border crossing between Lithuania and Lativa, the guide warned us all very strongly not too take Fuck my wife in klaipeda photos when we stopped there.

Of course, a couple from NY paid no heed and took photos, stupidly even with the flash. They were escorted off the boss, interrogated for 30 minutes and had their camera confiscated. I found Vilnius to be a very pleasant city. Not packed with top attractions, but sort of like a smaller, less touristy version of Prague. The indiginous food is excellent, although the beer is some of worst I Fuck my wife in klaipeda ever encountered.

The old town is small enough that you can walk everywhere, and sits very close to the main train station. The tour guide saying she would "get in trouble" is hardly an indication of "Soviet" mentality. She was likely expected to get you to shop therein a store that gives kickbacks to her bosses. You experienced her fear of her capitalist stooge overlords!!!! Well, you may be right, Paul n Sara, but I had an experience in Prague in which I will tell you about. We found an interesting restaurant in a crypt and while we were there a man came in and asked if they could accommodate a party of eight.

The Maitre d' or whatever the Czech equivalent would be said they would be welcome, upon which the customer requested that two tables Fuck my wife in klaipeda four be pushed together so that all eight in the party could sit together.

The maitre d' then said " Is not possible. And so the customer and his seven companions took their business elsewhere. That is what I meant about a "Soviet mentality". And I found the remains of that in the Fuck my wife in klaipeda capitals. Norma, please understand that we are only joking-- an attempt to inject some levity into a place that so seldom has any-- and where most take Nude girls kissing in pool VERY seriously.

We are sure that such a thing happened in Prague incientally, a LONG way from the Baltics but our take is that the Maitre was looking for a tip to make the Fuck my wife in klaipeda, possible. We were through there In the cunt ouch September and spent two nights each Fuck my wife in klaipeda Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. All three cities were very interesting, beautiful, not overwhelmed with tourists and very cheap by Fuck my wife in klaipeda standards.

Tallinn was especially pretty with the old city wall and towers; a great place to walk and see the sights. We rode the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn, the bus from there to Riga, the same from Riga to Vilnius then flew to Warsaw. The Eurolines buses were modern, clean and very comfortable with restrooms, free coffee and WiFi. And, you can ride the same bus line from St. Petersburg to Tallinn. Since all three countries are EU members there were no border crossing stops at all.

Each still has its own currency, so use the ATM get local money. You can use Euros but the exchange rate sucks and you still get your change in local currency. If I were in your place, I would go to Klaipeda along the Lithuanian coast. It was formerly Memel, the most northeastern part of East Prussia and the the urban center of the hinterland area called Memelland. It's worth a visit if you're interested in Prussian history. I just returned from the Baltics.

I normally get cash from an ATM at each stop. I did the same this trip but was surprised how many places were happy with Euros in the area. It's still Fuck my wife in klaipeda my prefered method for paying - in a pinch, however, you will find more places that will take your Euros than won't. Each country uses their own currency. Each country has interesting places to see. The old town in Tallinn and Vilnius are particular favorites. Study the meaning of the Hill of Crosses outside Siauliai.

Look for amber along the coast. Eurolines runs good buses between the Fuck my wife in klaipeda, and other towns. We have also taken the train from Vilnius to Warsaw. Happy travels. It is unfortunate there is not much travel information on the Baltic States. I will shed much light on the subject. It is one of the largest in Eastern Europe.

It is located between two rivers--Vilna and Neris. The city Fuck my wife in klaipeda very multicultural and has great architectural diversity. It can be described as southern architecture beneath the northern sky! The ruins of castles, network of meandering streets, church spires, bell towers, and red tile roofs make Vilnius a charming city just waiting to be discovered!

Annes' Cathedral Bernard Cathedral St. Riga, Latvia Riga, is the largest of Fuck my wife in klaipeda Baltic Capitals. Many tourists travel from England. They are usually Stag Dos or Bachelor Parties. It is the most Fuck my wife in klaipeda of the Baltic cities. It boarders the Baltic Sea. It is know for its Scandinavian feel and has been a popular tourist destination for the Finns.

Please sign in to post. I Fuck my wife in klaipeda not see much infor on the Baltic countries. Can I get away with Euros for currancey? Oh, well, life is sometimes VERY funny. Prague is a long way from the Baltics. Thanks for that. All three countries are well worth a visit IMO.

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