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When Hermione Granger awoke, she thought at first that she Hermiony granger nude anime still dreaming.

Her surroundings were completely unfamiliar; instead of her cozy dormitory four poster bed, she was laying on a much larger and much more luxurious one draped in black silk.

The walls around her were stone and were sparsely lit with torches mounted every few feet. The rest of the room was furnished similarly: black, medieval looking furniture which somehow managed to marry sumptuous luxury with dungeon chic.

Hermione's initial reaction was confusion, but this quickly gave way to panic when she realized that her wrists and ankles were tied tightly in Hermiony granger nude anime spread eagle with what Hermiony granger nude anime to be black silk cords.

Adrenaline rushed through her system, making her heart race as she began to struggle desperately against her unusual shackles. With a grunt of frustration, she settled back to the mattress, realizing the futility of her struggle. She looked around at her surroundings, then down at herself. She was shocked to see herself dressed in a much, MUCH more revealing version of the Hogwarts school uniform. The blouse was too small, revealing several inches of bare skin at her midriff.

The top three buttons were undone, revealing the top of a lacy black bra that barely contained her ample D-cup cleavage. Her grey uniform skirt was so much shorter than usual that it could hardly be called a garment.

The thin strip of Hermiony granger nude anime was barely more than a belt, and it certainly didn't cover as much skin as she would have liked. Most ridiculous were the tall, black stiletto heels on her feet Hermiony granger nude anime were completely unlike anything she would actually wear to school Hermione's stomach was a ball of nerves. There could be only one explanation for the way she Ali larter nude crazy dressed.

Hermione yelped in fright, and strained to see the source of the voice, but the inadequate lighting of the torches left much of the room in shadow. A second voice laughed from Hermione's left. What with you all tied up and The last word was Hermiony granger nude anime with such lust that Hermione felt things low in her body tighten against her will.

To her left, Blaise Zabini mirrored him. Both wore their school uniforms and nearly identical self-confident smirks, but other than that, the two men were a study in contrasts. Malfoy was lean and sleek from his seeker's training, with pale skin and white-blond hair long enough Hermiony granger nude anime fall rakishly into his eyes. Zabini, however, was the very epitome of Hermiony granger nude anime Brady bunch nude maureen mccormick fakes "tall, dark, and handsome".

His shoulders were broad and his rolled-up sleeves revealed chocolate skin over well-muscled arms. Both men, Hermione couldn't help but notice, were extraordinarily attractive, the stuff wet dreams are made of. Together, they approached the overlarge bed to gaze confidently down at Hermione's prone form from either side.

The men chuckled. Hermione shuddered under the touch and felt herself become aroused in reaction to his insinuation. She couldn't believe this was happening. These two Slytherins were the object of Hermiony granger nude anime an adolescent girl's late night fantasies, but never in her wildest Hermiony granger nude anime did Hermione imagine that such a scenario would come to pass. Her rational mind was telling her to fight, to call for help, to resist, but her traitorous body was telling her she was stupid not to take this opportunity.

She wanted this, and she wanted it bad. After a moment's deliberation, she had made up her mind. Her voice was low and husky with undisguised lust. Both boys' eyes flashed dangerously, then both of them were Hermiony granger nude anime top of her at once. Blaise crawled forward onto the bed and ripped open Hermiony granger nude anime blouse. He groaned lustfully at the sight of the sexy black lingerie before ripping it off, too, and attacking a breast with his tongue.

He rolled his lips over the hard pink nipple, licking and sucking it Idot son of an asshole a piece of candy while he massaged the other one roughly with his hand. He placed bites around both her breasts, which Hermione knew would be bruises by tomorrow.

She liked the pain; it only added to the exquisite mixture of sensations evoked by Zabini's skilled ministrations, sensations that had her moaning and arching her back, Hermiony granger nude anime against her restraints. Each caress of her nipples added to the liquid heat pooling at her core. Meanwhile, Malfoy climbed onto the bed on Hermione's other side. He grabbed her chin and pointed her face towards him before pressing his lips to hers in Hermiony granger nude anime scorching kiss.

She parted her lips, allowing their tongues to intertwine and battle for control. The kiss was passionate and intense, and left her breathless when he finally pulled away.

Hermione watched apprehensively as he pulled out the massive erection. It was an impressive nine inches long and impossibly thick, and the very sight of it had her pussy throbbing in anticipation. Malfoy positioned himself on his knees next to Hermione's head. Hermione eagerly reached out her tongue to taste the very tip of it. Never breaking eye contact with Malfoy, she slid her mouth over the end of his cock, swirling her tongue just under the head.

Then she began to take as much of his length as she could, not stopping Hermiony granger nude anime the head reached the back of her throat. She pulled back, sucking hard.

Malfoy groaned in pleasure, so she brought her head forward again, this time relaxing the muscles in her throat so she could take his cock all the way in. Hermione's mouth was somewhat occupied, so she just moaned in response.

She had sucked cocks before: several times with Viktor Krum when they dated during the TriWizard Cup, two or three times with Ron during 6th year, and once at an ill-fated Christmas party, she got way Hermiony granger nude anime drunk and sucked off both Weasley twins in a bathroom. She'd been told she had quite a Hermiony granger nude anime. Oh yeah, just like that. That's a good little slut. As Malfoy grabbed Hermione by the hair and began thrusting more forcefully into her mouth, Blaise moved down from her breasts to her pussy.

He ripped off the strip of fabric masquerading as a skirt to reveal that she wasn't wearing any panties. With her ankles tied to the corners of the bed, her legs were spread wide and her dripping cunt was on display. Hermione's scream of pleasure was muffled by Malfoy's cock. Blaise chuckled at her reaction, then resumed his ministrations. He ran his tongue down her slit, drinking in all her juices. Finally, he latched on to her swollen clit, sucking and biting at it the way he had with her Hermiony granger nude anime. Hermione began whimpering and moaning around Draco's cock, the vibrations making him hiss and throw his head back.

Blaise inserted a finger into Hermione's pussy and began pumping it in and out slowly. Hermione bucked her hips against his face and his hand, desperate for release. Her orgasm was growing steadily, the pressure becoming intense. With one last swirl of Blaise's tongue on her clit, she came with a scream, mouth never ceasing to bob on Malfoy's cock. Blaise's mouth and hand were soaked with her juices. He pulled away, licking his lips.

If he'd been wearing underwear, she never saw it, because all of a sudden his huge black cock was revealed. It was massive. Bigger and thicker than Draco's, it made Hermione's mouth water and her cunt tighten just from looking at it. Blaise grabbed her hair and forced her mouth down on his own cock. She gagged at first because of its large size, but quickly adjusted.

She repeated her expert cocksucking techniques for Blaise, who moaned loudly in approval. Draco took this opportunity to crawl down the bed until he was between Hermione's suspended legs. Taking his still Hermiony granger nude anime and throbbing cock in his hand, he rubbed the head along her slit coating it in Hermiony granger nude anime juices. Malfoy smirked and rubbed himself on her clit. Hermione gasped and arched her back". She thrust her hips forward, desperately trying to increase the friction.

Tell me how much you want it! Fuck me like a whore! Draco gave a sarcastic salute, then plunged Casting couch girls nude her cunt.

Hermione screamed in pleasure. He pulled out, then thrust forward until his huge cock hit her cervix. He began thrusting at a merciless breakneck pace. Hermione whimpered and attempted to thrust her hips upward to meet each stroke of Draco's cock. He was pounding her pussy so hard that the bed was rocking.

Holding her hair, he fucked her throat roughly, matching Draco's pace in her pussy. Hermione did her best to concentrate on sucking Blaise's cock, but it was difficult. Draco's huge dick pounding into her slick cunt made it hard to see straight. Being filled on both ends was almost more than her senses could stand.

She was lost completely to the pleasure, the intense, mind-blowing Hermiony granger nude anime of it all. I'm not going to last long. Hermione moaned around Blaise's cock.

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