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The grin is utterly horizontal, a perfect straight line, as though a ruler and a razor together had cut it into his face. Five hundred people have gathered inside the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale in Idot son of an asshole Bronx, and Giuliani is standing before them, above themon a stage.

He is wearing a black suit. Everything about him is peremptory, except that his shoulders are sort of sad and hunched and his hair, which is gelled or glued down, is cupping his head like a small helmet. The air is warm and damp, and way back on the stage, arranged in a semicircle, a row of wilting city commissioners is fanned out behind the mayor like his own traveling glee club.

Giuliani has them appear at all his town-hall meetings -- though "town hall" seems the wrong term for it, suggesting a sunshiny Bill Clinton feel-in. This Idot son of an asshole the Rudy Show -- exhilarating, primal, bloody. Tonight, though, right seems more on Rudy's side. The first question is Idot son of an asshole the Yankees. Idot son of an asshole older man, possibly retired, suggests it's costing too much to keep the baseball team from moving out of the borough.

This hits a nerve. Giuliani has been a die-hard Yankees fan since childhood. It is clear right off: The guy is wrong.

The dodgers were lost to L. The Giants defected to San Francisco. The Jets left because the city wouldn't fix up the bathrooms at Shea Stadium. Complaints, questions, all Naked girls from dragon ball of lament follow -- the Bronx has 1.

An incinerator plant, a filtration plant, garbage, bus schedules, two questions about the possible expansion of the Russian mission's housing, and rent control. Giuliani is quick to answer. Sometimes, he's quick to help with names and numbers, and the glee club comes in for backup. Other times, he's quick to assess that the questioner isn't right. The mayor is. Toward the end of the ninety-minute meeting, another woman steps up to the Amateur mature clothed fuck pics. She is stoop-shouldered and unhappy-looking.

She begins a long, seemingly endless story -- a tale of wrongdoing, a tale of woe, about how she and her two children were "illegally" evicted from their apartment in the Bronx. She's lost in the details, and her complaint doesn't seem to end or contain a narrative thread. Rudy looks dumbfounded, possibly comatose, from listening carefully and trying to follow her. Because we're not hearing about all the money that the governor has gotten or perhaps that you've gotten. And that was an enormously insulting Idot son of an asshole to say.

I listened to you very carefully, and for you to suggest that I would make a decision because I got money was enormously insulting. My integrity Idot son of an asshole important to me, as yours should be to you. Our conversation has ended. A new questioner is handed a microphone. He begins, but the woman -- who is still standing -- yells out, "Good evening, Idot son of an asshole and gentlemen!

All Idot son of an asshole quiet. The mayor stares incredulously, his dark eyes boring into the woman's head. She bends down for her pocketbook and starts moving toward the door. His face has turned white. He's half smiling, too, that vaguely deranged smile. Two of his staff members, sitting below, shoot knowing looks to each other. Behind his back, they compare him to Mussolini. He removed the homeless from the subways and hid them. Where are the homeless?

Those cope he's got control of, it's like a paramilitary force of thirty-eight thousand …. Poor Rudy Giuliani. Love is the unspoken part of the benefit package Idot son of an asshole mayors, right? Senators can be cerebral. Congressman are allowed to be nasty. Presidents should be dignified -- and inspiring. Mayors are supposed to love and be loved. You walk around your city.

You do good. Tell me I'm good. Give me your hugs, your cheers, heap gratitude and devotion upon me. But it's not like that for the th mayor of New York City. He's a uniquely dark figure on the national stage, so comfortable with his authority it scares people.

He relishes power and stern discipline, and he doesn't seem ashamed to admit it. The tourists may be thankful, arriving in record numbers and dropping cash on Gotham. Washington may be eyeing him hopefully -- Giuliani's beginning to appear on lists of possible GOP candidates for president in And he will win again in November, be reelected mayor.

But not without a certain amount of shame for the city's liberal populace. They are voting with bags over their heads, admitting it only to close friends. It would be so much easier Idot son of an asshole Rudy were not a Republican and were a different kind of guy -- somebody less fixated, less intense, somebody nicer -- a happy Macy's float to bob around like the beloved New York mayors of the past.

Idot son of an asshole he wasn't raised for that. His father bought him boxing gloves when he was two. When he was Idot son of an asshole and still living in Brooklyn, his father made him wear a Yankees uniform around the neighborhood, a taunt to Dodgers fans, who'd periodically beat him up. And seems hardly tortured at all. Except that he's come from the dentist, where he's just had and inlay done, and he keeps holding the side of his face.

They become placaters of the popular mood instead of having confidence that your ultimate goal s correct and simply moving toward it. He has been roundly booed on Martin Luther King Day for a couple of years running.

During his second year as mayor, while he walked in a parade, the NYPD had to hold the giant piece of orange Day-Glo netting all the way around him -- shoulder high -- to keep tomatoes and eggs Idot son of an asshole landing on his Idot son of an asshole colored suit.

He's a racist, people said. Cutting government. Cutting welfare … Lately, things have Couples outdoors exhbitionists free amateur better.

He gets hugged awkwardly by strangers sometimes -- after all, the subways are clean, welfare mothers Idot son of an asshole raking leaves in Central Park, Times Square has gone Disney, the mob has been rousted from the Fulton Fish Market. And murder is down 60 percent in New York City since he took office, which Cute girl lesbian porn, exactly, that thousands of people are walking the streets alive who, given the Forced lesbian gangbang porn four years ago, would have been dead by now.

But for many New Yorkers, it seems easier to believe that things are hopeless and their mayor is a creep. Otherwise, it messes with their bleak worldview.

Crime isn't something you can do anything about -- it's caused by poverty and social injustice. He hasn't fixed a thing. He's made Idot son of an asshole worse. Am I right? And if Bill Clinton is the model of a modern politician, then it's hard to wrap your arms around Rudy. He is the Anti-Clinton. No lip biting, no gushing, no God talk. He roams the Apple like an obsessed, hungry worm -- angry, secretive, misunderstood -- looking for graffiti to clean up, wounded cops to comfort, welfare frauds to lecture, filth and panhandlers to eradicate.

Wrongs to right. Mobsters to squash. Enemies to destroy. Ever since he became a prosecutor years ago, he has toiled long hours, been job obsessed. As he puts it, "Work defines me. At night sometimes, instead of going home to Gracie Mansion or even sleeping, he makes the rounds of the city in an unmarked car, a dark and tortured crusader without a cape, forcing himself on the city whether the city wants it or not.

Meanwhile, in his office this morning, Rudy is upbeat, keeps talking "the spirit of New York. His mouth is still numb from novocaine, which accentuates his slight lisp. He's saying "spirit like "thpirit," over and over again, something Idot son of an asshole Daffy Duck or one of the dreaded Disney characters now haunting Times Square and ruining the ambience that so many New Yorkers claim they already miss. What happened to the hookers, the dealers, the used syringes?

Poor Rudy with his big, corny preoccupation, his retro vision, his thpirit of the city. He's pathetically out of sync with the real New York, the dangerous, gritty metropolis now vanishing because of him. His social grace is minimal.

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