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Are you planning a trip to the Amazon, but still pondering whether to stay in the Colombian border town of Leticia and what to do there?

Check out the exciting sights and things to do in the town and the best day tours from Leticia for inspiration! Take jungle hikes and riverboat safaris, visit nature reserves, meet indigenous tribes, taste Amazonian treats, go zip-lining or kayaking, learn jungle skills, and explore the Amazon surrounding Leticia.

Leticia has received its share of the bad rap, but we encourage you to stay in the town to get another Looking for love for fun in leticia on the Amazon. While many people skip Leticia or stay just one night before their pre-booked Amazon tours, explore Leticia on its own and be ready for many pleasant surprises!

But why to stay in Leticia? Leticia is the southernmost point of Colombia and the capital of the Amazonas region, as Colombians call their stretch of the Amazon. The other settlements are merely villages. That makes a real buzz.

Leticia has several decent restaurants and nightlife venues. Traffic is crazy, but nature is never far away. You can even make Leticia your home-base while exploring the Colombian, Peruvian, and Brazilian sides of the Amazon on day tours.

You can arrive in Leticia without any plans and arrange your Amazon tours at the spot. The Amazon adventures that you can take from Leticia are far more authentic than the day-trips of overnight trips from Manaus Teen por n comix Iquitos.

That makes Leticia the best place to arrange both Amazon day trips and multi-day tours. Amazon hikes are easy to organize in Leticia. Just pick your favorite location and guide. Some jungle treks require a boat trip Multiple penetration porn pictures the virgin rainforest, while others start with a short drive to a nearby reserve. We spent one pleasant afternoon in the Brazilian border town of Tabatinga.

Talking about easy border crossings, why not visit a third country, as well? The Peruvian border town Isla Santa Rosa is just minute boat trip away. My favorite dish once again is ceviche made of fresh river fish and paired with Cuscuena or Inca Kola not sure about the pairing though, but trying that lemonade is a must in Peru.

Puerto Narino is a charming eco-village 75 kilometers from Leticia, served by public ferries 2 hours. All motorized vehicles are banned, everything is recycled, and every morning the villagers clean together the public spaces. The village has lovely walking paths, brightly painted wooden houses with lovely gardens, restaurants with river views, a couple of pubs, and some quirky sights.

We stayed three happy days in Puerto Narino taking independent jungle walks, admiring sunset in the mirador wooden tower with a viewing platform at the outskirts of the villageand hiring local guides for boat Looking for love for fun in leticia both in the Amazon and its tributaries including Tarapoto Lake.

Tarapoto Lake is best explored on a day trip from nearby Puerto Narino, but Looking for love for fun in leticia be visited on a long day tour from Leticia, as well. Guides usually stop at several locations for Looking for love for fun in leticia short jungle walk.

We saw walking trees at two separate locations by the lake. Tours typically include also a swimming stop — if you dare to swim with dolphins and piranhas! You will see monkeys everywhere on Amazon tours, but if you cannot get enough of them, visit the Monkey Island! Isla de los Micos is an island in the middle of the Amazon, minute boat trip from Leticia. More than squirrel monkeys call the nature reserve their home.

Take a taxi to Tanimboca Nature Reserve, where you can observe the rainforest on an elevated canopy walk. Four observation platforms are connected with a hanging bridge and zip-lines. Also jungle hikes are available. Snakes are the draw here: boas, pit vipers, and colorful coral snakes. Night safaris are included in lodging rates.

Why not to explore the Amazon behind the borders of Peru and Brazil? Just 45 minutes in a speedboat bring you to the other side of the Amazon. Boating is our favorite Amazon activity for seeing wildlife, but in Marasha you can also opt to go hiking or fishing.

Night safari can be a jungle walk or a boat trip: the best night safaris combine them both! Spotting the eyes of alligator or endangered black caiman in the dark can send shivers down your spine, as well as close encounters with tarantulas and scorpion spiders. Black caimans can grow up to 6,5 meters in length.

Night safaris in Saraiva Lakes offer a good chance to spot one of those rare creatures. Boat trip from Leticia takes around hours. Most people explore Rio Yavari on a multi-day tour, but there are also day tours available.

Leave Leticia at dawn to admire sunrise upon Amazon from the boat and enjoy having the river all by yourself, without tour groups around.

Rio Yavari day tours usually visit Sacambu lake and make stops for jungle walks or fishing, also stopping in the Brazilian town of Benjamin Constant at the mouth of Javary River. Pink dolphins love to play around Sacambu lake. Visiting Heliconia requires an overnight tour. Learn more about the plants and fruits of Amazon in the Amazon World Ecological Park, a family-owned botanical gardens.

There are also jungle trails, an aquarium of exotic river monsters, and Amazon Tea House, where you can sample delicious herbal teas acai, copuazu, araza, aguaje and Looking for love for fun in leticia more about native remedies.

Mundo Amazonico is just minute drive away from Leticia, and you can take a taxi or tuk-tuk to get there. You can book different tours at the spot, or just walk through the Looking for love for fun in leticia jungle trails short and long option available. The cultural tour gives an immersion in using bow and arrow and blow piping. Get introduced to the indigenous cultures of the Amazon in this brilliant, though small museum. Browse an invaluable collection of ceremonial masks, tools, and weapons.

The exhibition reveals, for example, the rite of passage of Ticunas and the ritual use of sacred plants of the Yukuna tribe. Tourist Boardwalk is among the best places in Leticia to watch a sunset over the Amazon. Colorful wooden fishing boats against the muddy banks of Amazon make an adorable scene also in the daylight. Watch how cargo ships come and go: Leticia is among the most critical ports in the Amazon, after all. Take a seat between locals at the beach boulevard, grab a cheap meal from one of the street food stalls or sip a beer, and feed a stray dog to blend in!

To feel the chaotic soul of this border town, spend some time walking around the grittier side of Leticia near the port. Casinos, casas de gambiar, and small hole-in-the-wall restaurants with plastic chairs form a blazing blend. Walk around to watch local life and take some street photos if you like. Did you forget to pack enough lightweight t-shirts, tops, shorts, and skirts for your Amazon adventures?

The bazaar is the best spot for affordable souvenir shopping. Pick exotic fruits from the local market and get a sensory overload of the fresh fish, meat, and overall market frenzy.

On Mondays, indigenous tribes come here to sell casabes and other treats. Upstairs is dedicated to cheap food stalls. Mercado Municipal is inside an uninvitingly looking concrete building near the port. Fresh fruits and fruit juices are divine at the Amazon. I even carry camu camu extract with me when I travel as a natural source of vitamin C. It pays to spend at least one sunset in Parque Santander like a local. Thousands of parakeets blacken the sky when they return to the park to feed and rest for the night.

Go there at 5 PM to be ready for the parrot show! During the parrot show, Santander Park comes alive with street food vendors. Grab a salty or sweet treat Looking for love for fun in leticia the parrots have settled and sit on the bench with locals.

The panoramic view expands over the city all the way to the Amazon. A small donation is expected. Leticia's Parque Santander attracts crowd and street food stalls in the evenings. Thousands of parrots arriving at Leticia's Parque Santander just before sunset. Go to Omagua Reserve for the meter high canopy adventure, which consists of zip-lines, hanging bridges, climbing nets, and rappelling.

Do I need to say more? Yahuarcaca Lakes is another exciting day trip option from Leticia. You can opt for a kayaking trip or just go with a riverboat. Looking for love for fun in leticia can also visit nearby indigenous communities during the same trip.

Kayaking in the Amazon gives another perspective on the surrounding wildlife and nature. As you slowly paddle through the flooded jungle, you can expect to spot exotic birds, fish, snakes, and even sloths! Exotic plants include Victoria Regia, the largest lotus in the world. Take a special birding trip to Looking for love for fun in leticia exotic birds of the Amazon.

Ornithologist led birding trips offer chances to encounter endemic and endangered species, such as wattled curassow. Even the town of Leticia is a bliss for birders, as you can see orange-headed tanagers together with band-tailed and casqued oropendolaswhich all are Classic alice in wonderland porn movie hard to spot.

Victoria Regia Nature Reserve El Jardin de la Victoria Regia is named after the largest water lily in the world carrying the same name. You can admire the gigantic diameter up to 3 meters! This is probably the easiest activity to tick off, as tuk-tuks are the main mode of transport for tourists.

They are cheaper than taxis, and as distances are rather short, who would mind taking a tuk-tuk? The specialty of Leticia, pizzas called casabe, won our hearts.

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