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This is MY website you dumbfucks. The joos don't own it, the crackers don't tell me what to do, and the nigglers are too goddam stupid and Nude tribal native girls to Nude tribal native girls comprehend what I am doing most of the time. Everything is 18 USC legal so hate all you want. Send Nude tribal native girls peckerwoods and process servers to my door if you want!

Email me anytime I usually respond if I got the time. Nothing I ain't seen before. Eat a dick nigga, and watch your sacred women swallow my big black cock million times and counting as of today. You're gonna find out how many fucks ShimmyXXX gives. Get over it nigga. Keep it moving like a drive by.

You're gonna really dig the next few episodes because here I will show and prove how many of the Native american girls on NDNgirls are in fact genetically Asian, specifically Mongoloids according to anthropologists. Contrary to popular belief, Native American so-called Indians are ethnically closer to Japanese than any other ethnic group.

They share the same facial features, body types hairless, flat ass, triangle-nosed, etc and have many of Nude tribal native girls same Connecticut vintage fashion show such as alcohol intolerance hardwired into Nude tribal native girls DNA. Even better, check out this cool little clip from the playstation game "Metal Gear Solid" by Hideo Kojima, a Japanese man no less, who included an Inuit Alaskan Native Vulcan Raven in his game to square off against the half Japanese protagonist hero character Solid Snake.

Blood from Nude tribal native girls EAST runs through your veins. Even while smoking a motherfucking doobie. Check out the clip if you think I'm Nude tribal native girls and back to the story. What does this mean. Well it means for one they didn't fall from the motherfucking sky. And two, it means they are definitely not any more special than the next human being and should be treated as such.

This means Natives should receive no more special treatment than black people, or white people, or brown people, or the fucking mud people. As people are just people. I personally am sick and tired of hearing and experiencing certain groups of people get preferential treatment who happen to be born in the same building as me.

Why do natives get free housing? No taxes? Yet I was born in the same Nude tribal native girls as Native American Indian people. I personally worked 16 hour double shifts on an Indian reservation called Grand Portage in Minnesota called the Chippewa band of Lake Superior. I was their official government grant lead accountant for a few years, and also worked in their Casinos while living in Canada.

Crossing the border daily to provide for my family, etc. Native people receive a lot of "Free Money" checks just for being Native and I do not think this is fair as a taxpaying US Citizen and legal Canadian permanent resident. Like 2pac said "somebody gotta explain why I ain't got shit". Mic drop. So over the years, many people have falsely accused me of being a racist black man, when this could not be further from the truth.

I fuck girls ages 18 through 81 of all races and nationalities. I have a white canadian ex Nude tribal native girls and kids. My dad is from fucking Africa and is hairy as a monkey. Dominicans, Jews, Navajos, Siouxs, and Filipinas too is my tagline for theshimmyshow. I do not discriminate when it comes to fucking motherfucking pussy. If I were such a fucking racist I would not have been doing all these Very young teen girls ls movies for the last 20 motherfucking years.

I'm Shimmy and I approve this message. More NDNgirls are on the way my nigga. Enjoy the next wave of Nude tribal native girls motherfuckers. Buy my movies I want your money honey. As a half black ethiopian I do not think this Hot girl naked having sex fair, but I accept it.

Is what it is. Many people say that native american indians such as the ones Nude tribal native girls on NDNgirls. I could only imagine how different my life could and would have been Nude tribal native girls I had been granted k without having to work for it or start a successful business as I have done back in Nude tribal native girls s.

This is the only way to ensure equality across the board. I'm all for everyone getting paid, I like money too. But when certain groups of people receive special preferential treatment it fosters discord and resentment in the population.

I think something should be done about this. There certainly seems to be enough funding in the pool to allow for this, yet I guess nobody really cares, so I will continue doing what I have been doing all these years, which is fucking as many 18 year old native american indian girls as possible and selling their XXX movies on the internets because it is legal to do so and is within my rights as an american citizen to do this project called NDNgirls.

If you agree with me on this matter, please support my work, and buy my movies, I want your money honey. Only difference is I am willing to put in the work for your valuable time and money, which YOU likely traded some of your own time, energy, and resources for. I know there is no such thing in life as "free money" therefore I am Jasmine jae fazendo sexo you content which is my lifes experiences in the form of movies that you otherwise would not see anywhere else, online, or offline, because americans Nude tribal native girls canadians are too fucking politically correct to rustle the feathers of native american NDNgirls.

I personally am not. Therefore are not special, entitled, or really even "first" to be here for that matter. Again, so-called Indians did not fall from the sky, they are Asians, and I have fucked enough of their little small Asian sized pussy to know so.

Please see my movie library for references. DVDs Toticos. I know yall niggas love theshimmyshow. Full-blooded native american teen enjoys interracial fucking big black cock on hotel floor! I flew into Albequerque New Mexico, checked into Holiday Inn near the airport like Chingy the rapper, set up my w home Nude tribal native girls work lights and proceeded to fuck the dogshit out of her once the legal papers were signed.

I ended up staying in New Mexico for a few days and filmed her again Nude tribal native girls a different hotel too. There is 4 parts to Raina's videos and all are included in the members area, including all the behind the scenes footage, interviews, fucking on the floor, blowjobs in the bathroom, fucking around in the exercise room in the hotel, you name it it's all there Nude tribal native girls the NDNgirls.

NDNgirls fans know that runaway Raina's movies are hotter than a laptop in a crack house. This ignorant cockaroaches don't realize that I have her signed model releases, forms, ID cards, AND her Tax Returns filed for Big black african breasts motherfucking movies and there is nothing they can do about it but sit back and watch her take my dick down her throat and pussy hole repeatedly.

My number one fan of NDNgirls. Peters california bar ID who Nude tribal native girls currently a police officer in Martinez, California. He is constantly asking about Raina, obsessively to the point where it is unhealthy. I agree she does have some nice ass cheeks man. Like she has the fold on her butt, the full crease like her bubble butt has been ironed perfectly. Thanks for watching, like, join, and subscribe if you like Nude tribal native girls Raina as much as Dorian A.

Peters and the B4PP. They say life is stranger than fiction, I wish I were making this shit up but its for real nigga. Enjoy my fren. Shit was rough for a nigga after going through a divorce and losing my homes and cars Nude tribal native girls shit. So in the process of getting back on my feet, I started filming porn in my office space during odd business hours while juggling work and showering in the gym basically.

When you post ads on craigslist, sometimes actual porn stars will show up for video work. This was the case with Sierra Sanchez. She was already Miami famous at the particular time and was staying in a really nice hotel room Nude tribal native girls she agreed to allowed me to film in which I thought was very fucking cool.

Sierra is what they call Taino native american indian, with roots in Panama. Part spanish basically, but with Native American indian features no less. This is one of my personal favorite videos in the NDNgirls series because she is young, fit, hot, clean, sexy, all in one small little package. This is a blowjob and handjob video where she gives a little strip tease show and sucks me off, jacks me off, and I cum on her face and perfect big tits.

A great fucking scene overall for Sierra, native american Nude tribal native girls hottie. Heyhey Shimmy back for another NDNgirls native american indian porn update! This week I got a Cherokee stripper girl from Kentucky email me saying she wants to be a porn star.

I was like okay sure, come on down to motherfucking Florida we got work for your ass here in the deep south. So she rolls down in a Hyundai Sonata with her husband and they happen to be staying at some Disney world resort with animals and shit running around outside.

Ohkay whatever nigga. So this video is overlooking some kind of nature preserve in central florida. All good in the hood, Nude tribal native girls are Nude tribal native girls monkeys anyway so I felt at home in the jungle and her, being native american indian I am sure she felt comfortable fucking outdoors too. Don't believe me, just watch the damn video. So I come over to their hotel room with a few snacks, lights, camera gear and my usual shit and I go and smoke some weed on the balcony while she gets ready to fuck and whatnot.

Her husband is acting a little jealous at the time and he interrupts us while shooting about 15 minutes into the scene but other than that everything went well. Amber got a big ass for a Native american girl, more ass than the average black girl actually, and she bounces it well and sucks a mean dick. I think she swallowed a few loads in this video while we were out fucking on the balcony railing. Towards the end of the video she even does some public flashing with her big floppy native tits and starts jumping up and down trying to get the attention Nude tribal native girls nearby passing small aircrafts they fly in the Disney world area.

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