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Typewriter Series by Tyler Knott Gregson. Destination Wedding Photographers. Montana Wedding Photographers. Helena Wedding Photographers. Source: underbellymag. I thought of him later, said his name like a mantra in my head while I bent over the sidewalk curb, puked, outside the club, 4am, hating myself. Take a body, Poems about life tumblr your own, and dump it gently. All your dead, unfinished selves and dump them gently.

Take only what you need. Posted 1 year ago with 1, notes. Remember his tortured smile and magazine wrists. Homemade amateur big tit porn try to grow thyme, live with thirty one people and call myself stable.

I surround myself with cats and houseplants and forget his last name. Poems about life tumblr clip my nails too short and bleed into the sink. I go to our pizza place and forget how much not crying hurts. I taste your coke, lick at your obituary. I am lockdown, intoxicated tongue. I demo a kitchen, a bathroom, a heart. Chip my knuckle. Ruin my only mouth. Posted 1 year ago with notes.

It left a bitter taste in my mouth, of love and death. Denise Levertov via deeplystained Posted 1 year ago with 10, notes. Anonymous asked: Hi there, I am the one who submitted Poems about life tumblr poem called "The Compass" to you.

If you don't believe me, I can even explain my thought process behind writing it. But I was wondering if you could now delete it. I'm trying to get it published onto another website, but because it is posted here, the moderators for the other website believes I copied and pasted it from this website and I Poems about life tumblr write Poems about life tumblr. But I did indeed write it.

Thank you! And I will make these words my goodbye to you before our love breaks and makes monsters out of the both of us. III I will not let it break and make monsters out of the both of us. IV And I do not blame myself when I think of the many battles I have lost and have lost and have lost to you. You are golden everywhere. Powered by Tumblr.

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