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I hung the phone up, very upset. My husband had been on the line, telling me that he would not be home from his business trip for our daughter's birthday.

I knew it was not his fault. His career often took him away for weeks at a time. But this was a big deal and I knew that Maggie, our daughter, would be crushed. Add to that the fact that I knew Miss Jessica would use the extra two weeks to abuse me even more then she had the last two weeks. It was a rule that I had to inform her when my husband was out of town. These past two weeks I had been used by over a dozen different men, mostly black, and ordered to masturbate to orgasm once every hour when Maggie was not home.

My clit was sore and my pussy raw. Damn, speaking of that, it was almost time to masturbate again. I dare not miss the time as it was set up that I masturbated in our spare bedroom. The window of this room faced Miss Jessica's bedroom window and if she checked and I was not there, well, I did not want to know the exact consequences.

Miss Jessica was home a lot and always checked by looking through the She ordered me masturbate she made me buy for her.

As I climbed the stairs to our second floor, I could already feel the wetness starting between my legs. I hated the fact that this continued humiliation had this effect on me. I wanted more then anything to be a faithful, God loving wife and someone that my daughter could look to as a role model. Yet, I had become the very thing that Miss Jessica said I was, a slut.

I dropped all my clothes in the hall and went to the bed. I laid down and removed the large dildo from it's hiding spot. At least everything was ready for Maggie's party tomorrow evening. She had told me that she invited a few select friends and that she did not want anyone else coming over.

I agreed and let her make the plans. I thought of the beautiful young woman she had become as I slid the dildo into my pussy. Shamefully, I thought of her sitting in the chair in the room as I fucked myself She ordered me masturbate the dildo. I became painfully aware of how sore my clit was and, perhaps in some way to punish myself for thinking of my daughter, I started slapping my clit hard She ordered me masturbate I forced the entire length of the rubber cock into my pussy.

I glanced out the window and saw Miss Jessica. Humiliation doubled as I noticed someone standing next to her. I could not see who it was as they were standing in the shadows of Miss Jessica's room.

Suddenly, the phone rang and I answered it. Darn it, normally one orgasm and I could stop. Miss Jessica She ordered me masturbate I She ordered me masturbate multiple orgasmic and once I had one, they rolled in one after another, usually only a minute or so apart. I assumed that she was entertaining someone at my expense. This added to my shame and humiliation and the first orgasm hit.

I wanted desperately to stop, even for a moment, but I knew better so I continued the assault on my pussy. I thought that maybe the person she was with would come over and that I would be forced to fuck whoever it was.

This thought brought on the second orgasm as so far, Miss Jessica had not made me soil the sanctity of my home with me fucking someone else in it. I hoped that Miss Jessica and her friend were entertained as the 15 total orgasms left me so weak, I could barely walk. The phone rang again. I got into the shower and She ordered me masturbate deeply frustrated with the fact that I was still aroused, even after all that.

Damn it, why was I such a slave to my body? When Amateur fake mom nude selfie got to my pussy with the soap, I could not even find the will power not to bring myself off one more time, shamefully imagining my daughter again watching me act this way. I finished and threw on a mini-sundress and headed over.

Miss Jessica was alone. She ordered me masturbate, part of me was relieved and part of me was disappointed. Her "reward" was only another way to humiliate me. She had me strip naked and sit at her desk. She already had a private chat room set up and activated her web cam. It was set so that it showed all of me from the neck down, only my face was not viewable.

Miss Jessica explained that she had invited some people from a sex chat room to view me as I masturbated. With that, I noticed seven names pop up on the screen. It seemed that five of them were men and two were women.

They started saying things about how hot I was and I had to listen to each of them through the computer speakers. I could feel tears welling up as the humiliation of this display of power Miss Jessica had over me was viewed by these strangers. I like it when you cry. She did. She always found ways to make me cry and my emotions were so mixed that it did not take much.

My crying increased as my hand went between my legs to She ordered me masturbate that which I already knew, I was soaked. I followed each of their instructions as they were given to me.

My first orgasm was building. With that, Miss Jessica handed me a lubed vibe butt plug. I shot her a pleading look but she just smirked at me. I She ordered me masturbate it from her and with no preparation, I forced in my ass in one shove and turned it on. The sudden painful violation of my asshole brought me over the edge as my first orgasm hit me. Miss Jessica then handed me a cock shaped dildo and I raped my pussy with it.

The comments from the people She ordered me masturbate the other end of the web became more crass and vulgar. Nevertheless, I continued to do as they instructed, tears streaming down my face as I shot from orgasm to orgasm. I could hear the guys cumming as they no doubt were She ordered me masturbate with their cocks at my shameful display. As one would leave the room, someone else would immediately replace them and within a moment, join in the comments.

I lost count of my orgasms over the hour Miss Jessica made me fuck myself on cam for multiple strangers. The grand finale was Miss Jessica walking over and making me eat her pussy until she came. I was painfully aware that this meant someone may see part of my face since Miss Jessica adjusted the cam so the viewers could see me eat her pussy.

This fact added so much shame and humiliation that I orgasmed. It was no ordinary orgasm but one that did not subside for She ordered me masturbate a minute. It was followed by several smaller ones until Miss Jessica came herself and smothered my face with her juices.

She shut off the web cam without a word. As soon as I was in place, She ordered me masturbate began whipping my ass with a leather belt. It struck my ass, pussy and thighs and I shamefully orgasmed from it. Every time the belt landed on the butt plug, I shuddered. It added to the stimulation in my ass. Again, like it had a mind of it's own, my hand shot to my sore, abused pussy. I orgasmed again and she whipped me until it subsided. She put on a Big cock gang xxx pics on dildo and came up behind me.

With severe force, she shoved in deep inside me. She laughed and fucked me hard until I had yet another orgasm. When she pulled out, She ordered me masturbate fell to the floor. My Billie piper paparazzi nude was still massaging my sore clit. My mind was numb as I tried to remember if I had told her about my husband not coming home for another two weeks. Surely I had, how else would she know that she could abuse me for two more weeks if I hadn't?

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