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While anything up to and including 12" would be considered "normal", 18" or more can be accommodated comfortably by moving up to and into the descending colon. See any of the Deep Anal Abyss movies there are currently 3 for commercially available video examples of this.

While most people would think this very harmful, it just depends on the person's experience in allowing an object past the internal sphincters. Upon reaching the top of the descending bowel it would be possible to proceed to the transverse colon, but I know of no videos which go this far. The only way to go deeper would be through the use of specialized medial endoscopes. This said, it would be highly recommended to only do any of this if you and your partner are comfortable with it, and ONLY at the participant's own pace.

You should notice in the movies when going this deep, generally it is the receiver who controls the penetration themselvesand almost never would there be any forcing, or fast motion. Its not about going fast, its about going deep. All Rights Reserved. The material World record deep anal this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. World record deep anal Questions.

Asked in Needs a Topic. What World record deep anal the deepest recorded anal insertion? Assuming you mean during sexual activity: While anything up to and including 12" would be considered "normal", 18" or more can be accommodated comfortably by moving up to and into the descending colon. Artificial sphincter insertion surgery is the implantation of an artificial valve in the genitourinary tract or in the anal canal to restore continence and psychological well being to individuals with urinary or anal sphincter insufficiency.

Asked in Snow and Ice What is the deepest snow ever recorded in England? Asked in C Programming What is the biggest anal insertion ever? As World record deep anal sort of activity is usually performed in private it is impossible to know the correct answer. Asked in Blood Is Pasadena denver lanes the deepest blood hood?

Asked in Recipes, World record deep anal What is the World record deep anal weed recipe? You should create a capsule of pure THC and make it available for anal World record deep anal. Asked in Snow and Ice What is the deepest snow ever recorded?

Asked in Mediterranean Sea How deep is the Mediterranean sea? Deepest recorded is 17, feet, the area of the med ismiles. Sri Lanka has never recorded with a snow fall as it is a tropical country located near the equator.

Asked in Human Anatomy and Physiology What was the deepest vaginal cavity every recorded? That Hottest asian pornstar names never been tested. Every woman is basically the same. Asked in Oceans and Seas What machine dives deepest into the ocean?

James Cameron became the first person to reach 6. Asked World record deep anal Scuba What depth is the deepest recorded dive for a skin Indian wife gangbang sex According to a documentary done by National Geographic on the Lower Congo River Basin, there are recorded depths of over ft meters in the deepest trench of the Congo River.

The lead scientist that headed this team said that it is well over the deepest river in the world. Asked in Music Genres Who sings The first cut is the deepest? Cat Stevens wrote and recorded it. Rod Stewart had major success with his cover version. Asked in Penguins What is World record deep anal dive by emperor penguin? The deepest Emperor Penguin dive ever recorded was in by Dr. Kimlach chrvronikch Winnetka Avenue, Northridge, Northridge It depth was recorded at 8, metres 26, feet deep.

Asked in Muscular System What is origin and insertion of muscle? Describe origin and insertion of a muscle: Origin doesn't move Insertion World record deep anal move. There are three ways to insert an algorithm into a doubly linked list. These consist of insertion at the front, insertion in the middle, or insertion at the end. Asked in Earth Sciences Which layer is the deepest? Asked in Oceans and Seas If the Atlantic ocean is the second deepest ocean what is the deepest ocean?

The Pacific Ocean is the deepest ocean. Asked in Medical Terminology, Heart What is the deepest part of the heart? The deepest part of the heart is the ventricle, and the deepest part of the ventricle is the apex. Asked in Music World record deep anal Who sang the first cut is the deepest? It was written and first recorded by Cat Stevens, and later covered by P. Arnold, Rod Stewart and Sheryl Crow. The insertion of the latissimus dorsi is the humerus.

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