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Yeah writing out my answer, I kind of think you're right: that he does have a mild foot fetish. No he's never asked me to get him off with my feet, but that just might be because he's Amateur oral sex photos to ask?

That would probably weird me out to be honest. I don't think I could witness him doing it, but if he wanted to use them to get off while I wasn't around I'd be OK with that. Ohhhh lol that changes things. If my boyfriend asked, I'd try but I don't know if I'd be any good at I want to lick feet lol. That seems like it would take a lot of coordination.

Ohh gotchya. Yeah that seems more feasible lol. I suppose I would do it if he really wanted. I would love to have a pair of I want to lick feet stinky and sweaty worn socks so I can smell them and use them to jack me off. I have the problem of licking feet also toe sucking and stuffing feet in my mouth but my problem is that I tried searching up how to get rid I want to lick feet my feet fetish thing but whenever I try to do it to my neece without her looking I try but I'm embarrast that I love feet but also I'd rather have feet clean.

I would love to smell lick and suck on your cute stinky and sweaty feet and toes. Would u sell a pair of ur stinky and sweaty worn socks. I want to lick feet mean, I don't like feet lol I wouldn't I want to lick feet do it to someone else.

Would u let me smell lick and suck on it cute stinky and sweaty feet and toes. Would you sell a pair of ur stinky and sweaty sock to me. Sexual Health. Share Facebook.

Girls do any of you actualy like having your feet licked? Add Opinion. I want to lick feet Xper 7. It's really a shame that most girls immediately think "gross" and "disgusting" when feet are mentioned. They've got something, their beautiful, sexy feet, that are a major turn on for some guys, but their automatic disgust is a barrier from keeping guys from enjoying their feet. And then they miss out on having a guy who's really turned on.

I wish that girls could be more open and accepting of the fact that there are guys who like their feet, and for them to not be totally disgusted. We live in a society where "anything goes" and is OK, but when it comes to a guy wanting to smell a girl's feet or lick them or suck their toes, however sweaty and smelly they might be, there's such a resistance from girls, and most girls even get angry I want to lick feet bent out of shape if a guy wants to smell or lick her feet.

I can understand a girl being embarrassed about what her feet smell like, but if a guy likes it, why be embarrassed about it? Can't the girl appreciate that the guy likes her foot smell or taste? Can't it be a good thing, like hot? There's a payoff for girls too. They can get awesome footrubs given not just by a guy's hands, buy by his mouth, tongue, teeth, and nose too.

It can be an erotic experience for girls, if they're able to let down their guard of "gross. And I love how girls' feet smell when they are hot, sweaty, and dirty after being in their flips all day. I've smelled girls' feet that had been sweating in old chucks without socks, and from being in heels and flats all day, too, and they've all smelled incredible.

The smellier, the better. And yes, I like to lick them too, and suck their toes. There's nothing like trying to suck a toe ring off. These Big breasted woman in bikini are always mutually pleasurable when the girl thinks "hot" and "sensual" I want to lick feet of "gross.

Bigsexy Xper 2. I think woman's feet are nice and kissing their toes and sucking on them is nice too. But they must be clean. I wonder if foot fetishes are just a guy thing?

I've never known a girl to have one? Anyway, I'm extremely ticklish so I didn't Young teen boy doing girl someone messing with my feet would ever be something I enjoy, but my boyfriend plays with my feet every once in awhile and I actually like it. He doesn't have a foot fetish I don't thinkbut does like my feet and sometimes rubs them or kisses them.

That's pretty much as far as it goes, but like I said I surprisingly don't mind it. Show All Show Less. It would gross me out if he put my foot in his mouth before I washed them because I just think they're smelly and dirty. But if he doesn't mind the grossness, then he can go right ahead and suck on my feet. I've had someone put my foot in his mouth and face during missionary once and it was really hot to watch. Haha, if you say so :. Thanks for the BA!

Xper 6. It actually was kinda sensual. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. I'd rather have him do something else because I do not like feet. I defiantly do not have a feet fetish, so I do'nt think I would like to have my feet licked or sniffed. And it's kind of gross since I'm at the gym a lot of the day and have sweaty feet Xper 5.

Nope, I want to lick feet to me. Instant turn off. Won't even let him massage or touch them aide it grosses me out, and not many things can do that hehe.

NoirPrincess Xper 3. But if he likes licking my feet I am not going to stop him LOL. Xper 7. Don't think I've ever had that done. If it was a turn on for the man it would turn me on to excite him. I would let him Can men have breasts it if that was "his thing". I wouldn't like having my feet liked unless I wash them first. I hate germs ahha. Do you enjoy licking your own feet?

Do you enjoy licking the floor? I wear flip flops outdoor and my feet is dark with dirt when I come home. Related myTakes. Show All. The Hot Girl Face. My encounter with Jell-O play edible sand. Most Helpful Opinion mho I want to lick feet. Learn more. Yes No.

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