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Share funny, witty or inspiring quotes. If something can be said to make an awkward moment even worse, I'm going to say it. Let's face it, Scarlett johansson lesbian fake nudes doesn't have that little awkward moment every now and then?

Your chair is making weird sounds and people think it's YOU. Yeah, as if you're going to be doing it that openly! You're making fun of someone and they turn out to be right behind you. You're looking your worst and that's the day your crush decides to make a bee-line to the supermarket where you're shopping. What, is it like a blue-moon day That awkward moment when you realize something?! I'm sure we can all very well identify with these situations, which That awkward moment when you realize seem very daunting and embarrassing at that moment, but can be well-laughed at later on.

What is the most awkward thing to have happened to you? We can almost bet, it's one or more of the funny but true situations we've mentioned below! That awkward moment when. I can breathe. Where are the movie cameras?!

So, have you been able to relate to these yet? Don't bother taking these moments seriously, as you're really not the only one who goes through them! Actually, we'll go a step further and claim that awkward moments really are kind of necessary. They give us such hilarious reasons to laugh at once they're done!

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