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Although the majority of people will outgrow Adult alcohol bed wetting problem of bedwetting in childhood, for a small percentage of adults it continues to Adult alcohol bed wetting an embarrassing issue.

For many of these adults, bedwetting might Adult alcohol bed wetting after drinking alcohol. Although Adult alcohol bed wetting itself is not a cause of what is known as Nocturnal Enuresis wetting the bed at nightexcessive intake of any fluids at night and the resulting full bladder obviously puts people who have trouble controlling their bladder during sleep at a higher risk of wetting the bed.

Along with caffeine, alcohol is known to be a diuretic. In short, this means that is has an effect on the kidneys that results in the urge to urinate excessively.

This is also the reason that alcohol can cause dehydration; your body is expelling more fluids than it is taking in when you drink alcohol. The urge to urinate excessively during and after drinking can then continue on while a person is sleeping. People with good bladder control are able to withhold this urge whilst asleep, or until woken during the night where they can make their way to the bathroom.

However, people with difficulties in controlling urination may not be woken by the urge to urinate, and may simply void some or all of their bladder in bed whilst sleeping. However, this is not always a solution. If there is an underlying cause for the bedwetting, with alcohol simply being the final trigger, medical advice should be sought and diagnostic tests carried out.

If there is a medical condition with the bladder or kidneys, it is this underlying problem that should be addressed. Naturally, it goes without saying that regular and excessive alcohol consumption is highly likely to be contributing to a bedwetting problem.

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