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Take turns asking each other naughty questions or daring each other to do kinky things. Just make sure to set some ground rules first, and that everyone knows where to draw the line. The actual game is simple. You can kick things up a notch by wearing a costume that fits your character. Experiment to see Bedroom sex games for girls roles and costumes really get your mate going. With so many different possibilities, you can have sex with a new persona every night of the week.

This game is all about anticipation. Set a timer for however long you wish. Try dressing up in sexy costumes, and use this time to drive each other wild. Only kissing, touching, and rubbing is allowed.

Our advice is to focus on the following erogenous zones to drive each other wild. Teasing is the key-word of this game. The sexy food-tasting can really turn both of you Bedroom sex games for girls, especially if you Porn video clip and trailer a lot of aphrodisiacs.

Our personal favorites for this game are chocolate, Bedroom sex games for girls, bananas, grapes, and truffles. No other game gets you in the mood quite like strip poker.

If you win you get to keep them on. Sex is all about pleasing the other, and experimenting is the best way to discover what he or she likes. Dominance is the name of the game that uses a lot of BDSM elements. So, do not forget the safeword.

Feel free to join the ranks of 35 readers that already found our tips helpful. Naughty Version of Truth or Dare Game 1. You can be as wild, or tame, as you want. If truth is chosen, they must answer a dirty question. If a dare is chosen, they must do whatever kinky thing their partner asks them to do. Just have fun and ask questions that will heighten the mood as the game progresses.

Crazy Role Play Game 2. Ideally, choose a costume and a role that your partner fantasizes about. Bedroom sex games for girls for It Game 3. There is only one rule here — no penetration is allowed! Sensual Food Tasting Game 4. This way, both of you will get in the mood pretty easily: Blindfold your partner to heighten his or her sexual experience and other senses. Gently caress the chosen food across their lips and let them guess the texture and smell.

Then you can switch your roles and exchange the blindfold. Old-Fashioned Strip Poker Game 5. Think of pieces of clothing as money.

To make it fair, both of you need to start with the same amount of clothing. You can either see that bet, raise it or fold. If a player wants to stay in, he must see or raise that bet put more pieces of clothing in riskjust as in regular poker.

Fantastic Mirror Game 6. Simple instructions for a fun time: Start the game off by doing something to your partner that you enjoy. Remember to take your time and really enjoy each other. How can you play it?

Bedroom sex games for girls a coin to get it started, and pick a side. Make sure that you set some boundaries ahead of time and establish a safe word. Review of Progasm Bedroom sex games for girls by Aneros. James Buzinko. How to Do Jelqing Exercises Properly. This website uses cookies to give you the best experience. Agree by clicking Accept or Reject.

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