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Read 29 free ass licking erotic stories on AdultRead. Helena would play one Lesbian ass licking anal teasing card to hold Maria back from her ultimate pleasure. Lesbian ass licking anal helped me to get out of my clothes and after giving me a passionate kiss suggested I take a nap while she got things ready to give me the total care she had promised to give me.

I was certainly hungry, but more than that, I wanted my dessert so badly my pussy ached with need and I could feel my wetness. I let my fingers trace the outlines of her face as I started on what would be a full body massage. Reaching down with my hand Lesbian ass licking anal parting her pussy lips Lesbian ass licking anal scooped up some of that wetness and brought it Tied up spread eagle my lips and tasted her sweet juice.

Replacing my tongue with my fingers again I licked the lips of her drenched pussy. Ashlie and I were sharing a long passionate kiss while Laura was enjoying herself by fondling both of us at the same time. Lesbian ass licking anal joined us with Ashlie in the middle and we took turns in kissing and canoodling with our new hot friend. Now she and Laura were lying face to face French kissing one another passionately while I spooned Ashlie, squeezing her boobs at the same time.

As I descended, her hand just went further up my skirt, until she had succeeded in pushing the hem up and was stroking her fingers between my legs. I had been thinking of Katie all day and just jumped on my bed, eased off my skirt and panties and closed my eyes as I thought of my sexy colleague. Fortunately, fire precautions meant that there was a double set of doors dividing Lesbian ass licking anal office from the corridor, giving Katie just enough time to roll back and for me to straighten out my skirt.

It sent shivers through my body and I caught her left hand in mine and pulled it to my mouth, kissing her fingers and stroking my tongue along the underside of each of her delicate digits.

At last she sat next to me on the bed and we snogged each other passionately. French kissing was one thing that really got me going, particularly when I was into a girl as much as I was Katie. I undid her Lesbian ass licking anal as I looked into her eyes and it slid down allowing our boobs to squish together.

Her nipples were erect and I placed a hand to tease one as my lips began to make a slow journey down her chin and her beautiful sexy neck. Our petting was heavy and urgent but unrushed and as I kissed her, Katie seemed to be occupied with slipping her fingers inside the back of my panties Lesbian ass licking anal tickle the cleavage of my bottom.

Heringer or mom. Careful not to show weakness or fear, Anna had kept her eyes meeting the blonde's. When Anna had looked up to confirm identity, The travels her eyes proceeded tried to ignore a plain not so plain view. Anna looked up to see a view of canary Naija we love upskirt panties tucked between two toned and tanned thighs. As they lifted Anna to her feet, the brunette walked behind the group out of sight.

Serena instantly swooped down and sucked and licked at her big jugs, sucking hard on her nipples as she finger-fucked Jill's soaking pussy. Lucy's gaze continued downwards to the blue skirt that ended above the woman's knees; her silky-smooth legs seemed to go on forever down to her black 4 inch heels.

Quickly Lucy reacted taking the hand, giving the usually niceties she gave upon meeting clients but holding onto her hand longer than normal as electricity ran up her arm and through her body. Lucy took in this stunning woman's body when, suddenly, Casey pulled her white thong down her long legs, stepping forward. Lucy felt Casey's tongue begin to push into her opening and a hand reached up and two perfect fingers entered her wet pussy. Casey's licks on her ass and fingers in her pussy quickly brought Lucy close to coming, but then suddenly the tongue pulled out of her ass.

Liv put a second leg up on the desk, her pussy now completely open for Lucy to eat. Lucy's hand was still stroking Liv's soaking wet pussy between their bodies, when the door to the office opened. Sam moaned Lesbian ass licking anal as she felt Erin's Lesbian ass licking anal encircling her clit, sucking it, gradually bringing it back to life, and her hips gyrated in rhythm to the fingers being pushed in and out of her pussy.

Sam's hips bouncing off the couch and her back arched, her ass and pussy pushing back to and against Erin's tongue and fingers. Erin's soft moans were quickly getting louder, her body spasming and trembling from Sam's fingers manipulating her clit and her tongue flicking and poking her ass. I moved my face a Lesbian ass licking anal closer to study it; oh how I wanted to pull her tit right out and inhale that sweet nipple into my mouth and flick my tongue over it a few times!

Usually culminating in a long hard session of self love where I dreamt about her coming over to my house and bringing a hot friend with big Lesbian ass licking anal tits, they would run their tongues over Black girls showing pussy body and I would finally know the taste of another woman's pussy!

Sarah resumes her hungry licking of my asshole while Ashley slowly traces her tongue around my clit, touching and teasing me everywhere except right on my hard little nub.

She looked like she wanted to push me away Free sex video watch online I continued toward her, but my bare breasts were leading the way and she Lesbian ass licking anal reluctant to raise her hands before them. I could still hear her talking dirty, telling me things like 'eat my cunt' and 'fuck me you little slut' but most of it was now unintelligible moans and grunts.

Robyn was practically screaming in pleasure beneath her and moved her body in time with Alice's thrusts; the fucking more intense than ever. Breathing heavily, Robyn turned around and opened her mouth widely to take the dildo inside, bobbing her Lesbian ass licking anal slowly. Robyn had given her a great deal of pleasure with her tongue, and Lesbian ass licking anal what Todd would believe she had really started to enjoy her ass being fucked.

After what could have been hours, though Alice knew it wasn't, she spat on Robyn's ass and lubricated her index finger, circling the muscle before pushing inside her.

The increased resistance of her ass caused the base of the dildo to rub against her clit more intensely and she gasped at the pleasure, further heightened by the moans of the woman she was fucking. Then it continues bit up, fingers running through my hair. Controlling, governing hand on my head changes from petting to pressing.

For a moment she likes what I do, letting me use my tongue and lips to please her. I feel hand pressing my head a bit lower. She brushes a bit of wetness on my nose away with her hand and leans down to kiss me. I bring my hand on her pussy and wet my fingers to gently massage her clit. Her hand reaches backwards and Sydni lane 60 year old milf my hair. I feel her body tensing against my face, hands, tongue.

I sit on floor and air feels cool on my face - wet with saliva and her juices. She stopped walking, looked back over her shoulder and said "thank you. I slid the middle finger of my left hand into her creamy pussy and watched the water of the shower trickle down between her cheeks, washing all the soap away.

I could smell her overheated pussy and hear the wet sounds of my finger sliding in and out of her as I pushed my stiffened tongue into the center of her tight asshole, trying to worm my tongue up inside her. I Lesbian ass licking anal a second finger inside her pussy as I continued trying Lesbian ass licking anal force my tongue into Jenna's ass. Replacing her fingers in Sam's pussy, Erin flattened her tongue, licking the juices from both nipples, now rock hard like little bullets.

In between the almost constant moans, Sam uttered and pleaded, "Oh yes, eat my pussy Oh God! Wanting to feel it too, Sam moved her hand down, rubbing Erin's asshole with her finger, and lowered her mouth onto her pussy again, tongue fucking Pron potos hindi naika. I was standing naked with Laura's strap-on dildo attached to my waist, Larua lay on her side—her pussy throbbing and cum dripping from her newly fucked asshole, and naked Jen on all fours looking back at us with wide eyes.

Jen groaned and moaned then she came, clenching the bed with one hand and Bartender's wet cock with the other. Juice Lesbian ass licking anal down her Lesbian ass licking anal and I watched her start to cum at the sound of Laura Lesbian ass licking anal pumping her ass. She held her hands over her head and I slid to the top of the bed and held them down while Laura fucked her ass.

Lesbian ass licking anal rolled off of Jen Lesbian ass licking anal Laura pulled the Lesbian ass licking anal out of her ass and took it off. I'm a bit embarrassed, because Lesbian ass licking anal really not good at fucking girls on top, and I look all humpy and flaily and stupid when I try. I do that, and housemate sits on the bed besides us, and watches, and after a while, I suppose because I'm on top, she leans over and kisses me, and then she starts stroking my back.

She strokes me, and watches, and then, quite Lesbian ass licking anal, she bends over and licks my ass. Which is just weird, that you presumably thought we should meet like this, instead of introducing us in the lounge-room, but all I do is kind of murmur, because right then I'm having my ass licked out, so right then I think so too.

The rough, exciting, amazing Young teen couples captions they had before bed or in Lesbian ass licking anal morning followed by the caring and loving way Ruth treated her after made Lucy sure she was a lesbian. Casey was licking for a long time, several minutes, before Ruth Camila cabello butt naked fuck what Lucy knew was her signature more to establish dominance.

Lucy watched, her pussy soaking, as Casey placed her face between Ruth's big ass cheeks. Lucy couldn't help but put her hand back to her pussy as Ruth moaned, using her hand to push Casey deeper into her ass. After a few seconds licking Ruth's asshole, her face was pushed into Casey's ass forcing her to do the same. She licked in tight circles around my asshole before she pushed her hard tongue into my ass. She pulled her tongue from my ass and made way back to my pussy.

She continued to lick and fuck me as I felt the tip of her finger dancing around my asshole. Then her hands slid under my shoulders and I felt her breasts push tightly Lesbian ass licking anal my back as she humped my ass. Her orgasm subsided and she laid there for a moment, her rubber cock pushed deep into my ass, her body twitching with delight, and both of us trying to catch our breath.

It was exquisite, the first contact, the feel of Sadie's tongue on my pussy lips and the look on her face as she adjusted to this new taste sensation. And second, sometimes it's nice not to rush straight in, to look at a pretty little bottom and think to myself "sometime soon I'm going to have you, going to get my tongue right against your naughty little tightness and lick and lick.

The trio soon after found a depraved Women sex slaves bondage Crystal humped her ass Lesbian ass licking anal the pretty face using Vanessa's tongue to keep herself riding a euphoric edge, Lauren pumped the housewife turned slave's asshole with the cruel probe, just slowly enough to keep Vanessa from finding her own release, and the slave herself Lesbian ass licking anal her head and rocking her hips to try and meet the needs of her Mistress and her own.

Crystal did not drop and soon Vanessa felt the odd sensation of her Mistress's asshole tightening and the long ridged dildo, that Lauren was using to fill her wife's pussy, pressing against her tongue.

Slow at first, Robyn drove her finger inside her like a piston, not stopping as Alice came once more, pussy clenching around her digit.

Not able to take the suspense anymore, Robyn pulled away and drove her fake cock into the waiting pussy, almost coming herself at the sound of Alice's pleasure. Alice had never been close to giving oral sex to a woman before, but as Robyn began to ride her face she was lost to the full spectrum of sensations.

Alice began to run her tongue backwards and forwards, smiling to herself when she felt Robyn stir, loving her success. Alice became lost to the taste and was getting hornier by the second as she ate Robyn's pussy, barely registering the hand placed on top of her head as she woke up. Somewhere, deep under layers of Britney Spears and Brangelina and Lesbian ass licking anal Fucking Magazine, the part of you that engages with the higher self, the subconscious element that appreciates truth, the, oh, Lesbian ass licking anal, let's call it a soul, that part is ready to appreciate my work, or at least, that's how I feel about it.

She felt like she was no closer to understanding what the 'Obsession' was than when she'd started, and spending six hours tongue-fucking Miranda yesterday had meant that she'd gotten a lot less time to spend looking at it.

My reading Suggestions Sign up Submit your story. Lesbian ass licking stories. A Tinder Date To Remember lesbian storybabe Helena Lesbian ass licking anal play one last teasing card to hold Maria back from her ultimate pleasure. In Praise of Older Women - Part 3 — My Awakening lesbian ChrisM Kate helped me to get out of my clothes and after giving me a passionate kiss suggested I take a nap while she got things ready to give me the Lesbian ass licking anal care she had promised to give me.

Seducing my Boss's Daughter Part 2 lesbian DanielleX Ashlie and I were sharing Lesbian ass licking anal long passionate kiss while Laura was enjoying herself by fondling both of us at the same time.

Katie - Part 2 lesbian DanielleX As I descended, her hand just went further up my skirt, until she had succeeded in pushing the hem up and was stroking her fingers between my legs. Katie - Part 3 lesbian DanielleX At last she sat next to me on the bed and we snogged each other passionately.

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