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However, as we moved deeper in our FLR I noticed from his journal and our open share sessions that Butler was not so much a physical masochist as he had deep desires to experience emotional pain from my hands.

It never bothered me to cause him physical pain, in fact in turned me on, but to hurt his feelings? That took some thought. How could I reject him but keep him in the circle of my love? Looking back, I never should have risked it. I gave him what Lisa simpson nude cartoons thought he wanted but it almost cost us everything. We both wanted to live on the edge. However, the edge can be very sharp indeed. Be careful.

However, I have Butler. I spent ten years slowly painstakingly teaching him how to take care of me. He has For the love of women tumblr of notes on how I like things done. Allow me to give you what I think is the best example of his education as my servant.

The man can pack for me. Just think about that for a minute. In his journal, he has several pages of detailed info on what to pack for me for a weekend trip. I let him try on his own then I whipped him for doing it wrong. Afterwards, I carefully trained him. I repeated the cycle until he was proficient.

It was For the love of women tumblr for both of us. I have done this with a legion of other small practical services. Do you think the queen of England packs her own bag? I doubt it. Instead, she has a servant who has made it her mission to know the queen intimately. My point is, I had no plans to go back to school for a Phd when For the love of women tumblr started this journey.

However, I was able to start school again because I knew he had my back. He is retired so he can give me his whole day. Lately, I have been using it. I think that the women here who dominate their men are the vanguard of a better world where women have more power. Dominating him was the best career choice I have ever made.

I almost missed an opportunity last night. My problem is that I am not naturally a demanding perfectionist bitch. After all, his list of things to do for me yesterday had been quite long. For the love of women tumblr, I admitted to myself that I felt a twinge of disappointment because I had wanted to wear the skirt that was still at the cleaners.

I made myself pause and really consider if dismissing his mistake was the right thing to do. When I first started I had a lot of trouble allowing myself such selfish feelings. After some thought, I decided to make it an issue. I sat for a minute and carefully blew on my small ember of irritation until it grew into a red hot bitchy rage. Oh, it felt wonderful. I put him on his hands and knees and whipped him through his jeans as I harped at him about seeing each of my requests as a sacred duty.

It was all so utterly over the For the love of women tumblr and wicked but he meekly accepted it as his due. Afterwards, I felt purged and revived from the frustrations of the week. He felt more submissive to me. I have been seriously pursuing this lifestyle for over a decade with him. Now, I think Butler is experiencing what psychologists call the Stockholm Syndrome.

This is when a captive begins to experience the world from the viewpoint of his captor. I hoped that this might happen one day. Lately, he has more readily accepted my criticisms concerning his service to me. He even suggests more severe disciplines and more daunting work schedules. He seems to be participating fully in his own destruction as an individual.

I think he is doing this to avoid psychic pain. I believe he never again wants to feel any confusion about wanting to be anything other than my slave. Consequently, he wants to stay directly under my thumb. For the love of women tumblr seems I have altered his instinctual drive toward freedom For the love of women tumblr instead move in the direction of complete surrender to me.

My domination of him has taken on a life of its own. I have had a lot of tools at my disposal to bring my sub to surrender but one of the most powerful is my phone. If I peg him, milk him, or whip him, in a particularly harsh manner then I often task my phone to capture the moment. I show him these videos to For the love of women tumblr frequently so he can see and hear what he has become.

I want to alter his self-image. I love him but I want to continue to purge him of any shred of macho pride and independence. This brings us even closer. I have made many mistakes with my sub but one of my successes was sending him to beauty school to learn how to do my nails. I love this service that he now provides. When I told him about beauty school, he argued that he wanted to learn from me but I suspected correctly that he felt embarrassment about being the only middle aged male at the school.

I was secretly amused but I pretended to be Big titty marge porn by his Urine twins porn videos and allowed myself to wind up into a tempest of a snit. I told him that he would attend and as punishment I would dress him for his first day! I have never been interested in feminizing Butler but the morning of his class I put him in black stretch skinny jeans and a lacy blouse I purchased especially for that moment.

He looked about For the love of women tumblr gay as a man can look. No one would suspect him of being heterosexual in this outfit. After he left, I felt completely empowered. I also had a good long laugh at his pride and promised myself that I would continue to be on the lookout for future opportunities to embarrass him. That afternoon, I informed him of my decision to dress him each day in a similar outfit until he had a certificate from the school that certified him as a nail technician.

He had to learn that his sense of manhood and even his outward orientation was something for me to decide. He was a very good student. I would never kick a man in the testicles who wanted me to kick him. Luckily for me, I know my sub hates and fears it. I admit this is why it turns me on so much.

I clearly remember the first time I did it to him. I stood behind him in my heels. I could see him watching me between his legs.

I told him what I was going to do. I could see him trembling. His response to what I told him I was going to do was tremendously exciting to me. He was afraid! I just gave him a swift vicious little flick of the foot. I will never forget his response. He immediately clutched his balls with both hands and collapsed to the floor moaning while rocking back and forth.

Oh, that was an enormously gratifying moment for me. I had reduced this big strapping man to a mewing puddle on the floor. I remember that I icily demand that he resume the position so I could do it again. It For the love of women tumblr fan-fucking-tastic. The first time was great but it is still great. I get a little giddy and light headed when I do it.

But when he seriously displeases me or I really want to assert my domination over him- kicking him in his testicles is my first choice to quickly bring him to an attitude of surrender. I get to kick him anytime I want!

Even after all of these years it still feels fresh and dangerous. I love being a dominatrix. Kneel down and worship the Goddess. Ich komme mal in einer Stunde wieder!

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