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That evening found Sakura relaxing on here Sakura and hinata tied up with a glass of wine in one hand and the other stroking Naruto's heed with the other. Naruto was also relaxing with is in Sakura's pink pubs as he breached in here sent.

He even peered as Sakura's hand moved down to stroke a whiskered cheek. Sakura took a large gulp of her wine before continuing the one sided conversation.

The stupid bitch dose have that crush on you but we both know you belong to me. They would execute it Sakura and hinata tied up. The Nerdy virgin girl porn day they in acted Sakura's simple plan. Fist Naruto invited the red faced Hyga to his and Sakura's home for "date.

When Hinata woke up she found herself tied naked to a cheer with ere Sakura and hinata tied up behind here and legs spread. Infrequent was Sakura wearing Black thigh high stiletto boots. Black lather elbow length gloves. She also Nude fat big belly lady sex photo on a pink and Black corset that pushed here boobs up. As Hinata's eye's roomed the other girls body it soon focused on the giant erect cock hanging between the girls legs.

Why am I tied up? Why is my face so sticky? The answer is I'm going to make you my slave like Naruto. Your tied up to make it easer. About a moth when I turned 18 and I cum on your face serval times wile you were asleep. Or rather in your pussy. You will now knead to be milked every day. They were decently hard even though it wasn't could and she was decently not aroused.

No way. Resoling in a sharp moon form the blue heard girl Sakura asked, "will you submit willingly or do I have to brake you first? Updated on Aug 14, by monkey17 Created on Aug 5, by monkey Disable your Ad Blocker!

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