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My Mother died of ovarian cancer Activity adult hospital idea patient a 2 year battle. She wanted to die at home in Central Lake Michigan.

I found out since then this is a lie. My family can't afford that and it troubled my mother so Having dealt with bi-polar disorder for years now, I know when it is time to go the Activity adult hospital idea patient for medication tune up. A yearly event I recently moved to a Activity adult hospital idea patient town and had my first experience with their mental health section, of the local hospital.

I voluntarily admitted myself, after my Does anyone know what Activity Drivers can be used for non-transactional based activities, such as preparation of Budgets, Annual Report, or other Accounting "common activities". The way system There is a boy in the neighborhood that I do not want my five year old daughter playing with. He is eight and is out of control. The kids in the neighborhood are great except this one boy.

He has walked right into my neighbor's house before. Now he has been coming over to my house and playing with My friends father is suffering with a terminal illness. And the pallative team have asked him to Activity adult hospital idea patient to a hospice for a Activity adult hospital idea patient weeks, now is this just for respite or is this patient close to dying.

My friend is really worried and is so scared. The doctor is not very communicative. Please help. Remember Me? Find questions to answer Find today's questions Find unanswered questions. Search Topics.

Login Not a member? Join our community. Mar 25,PM. I've been volunteering at a hospice since January. Typically, the people we spend time with have less than 6 months to live. The first lady I went to visit really didn't have a use for me I guess. To be quite honest, she appeared in good shape and seemed pretty independent for I honestly couldn't believe she was a hospice patient.

At the time we agreed to make Valentines. I got all the stuff, then she told me no and that she didn't want to make them. She also said she didn't want me to read to her. She is a really sweet lady, but didn't even talk much. I kind of felt useless in that situation. So the coordinator re-assigned me to another lady, who was weeks from her death bed.

Activity adult hospital idea patient truly felt like I was of use. She has since passed away, and now they are re-assigning me to the first lady again. I have no clue what kinds of things I should do with her! She seems uninterested.

Does Madhuri dixit hot kiss have any ideas of what we could do? I'm OK with conversation, but I suck at small talk. Any Activity adult hospital idea patient breaker ideas? She isn't really chatty.

I might go today after work, and I'm very nervous. Does she have pictures with her? An album perhaps. Maybe you could suggest the idea of making a scrapbook of her photos to be left as a keepsake for whoever is in this world after she is gone. Mar 26,AM. Originally Posted by firmbeliever. See if you can find out something she's interested in, and pick up a magazine about it. Then Activity adult hospital idea patient can read the magazine, read her the articles, show her the pictures, etc.

Say she's interested in celebrity gossip - you can pick up all kinds of magazines and let her in on all the juicy Activity adult hospital idea patient She might not want to do any projects because it might remind her that her life is ending. If she doesn't have family, valentines or a scrapbook might Activity adult hospital idea patient cause her to remember she's dying and no one is there for her.

She might also just be one of those people who wants to have someone Activity adult hospital idea patient the room with her to keep her company - not to entertain her.

HistorianChick Posts: 2, Reputation: Yo MA! Mom reads to her patients. Some like literature, some like the old stories, some like the Bible, some like magazines, some poetry, but most every one likes to be read to. You'd probably know a lot more about fitting a book to a person with your job than I would - who knows? One of your little old lady patients might seriously enjoy the vampire love stories! My mind is running Activity adult hospital idea patient with me I'm seeing your patient reading Nora Roberts Yo HC!

I thought this would be a tough job for me, but quite honestly, it isn't as emotionally hard as what I thought it would be. Yeah, I could definitely get some free books at work.

I'm wondering if she would dig a book about pregnant were-leopards. What does your mom do if they don't want read to? She sometimes just sits with them. Its uncomfortable for us to just sit and bear the awkward silence, but for them, just having someone there with them is comforting. Sometimes she'll bring music - music from the teen years of Activity adult hospital idea patient patients she's seeing that day.

For example, if your patient is in her 90's bring big band stuff and crooners Ask her if she went to dances and you'll find yourself lost in a delightful world of her memories. Music opens so many doors. Who knows? You could organize a community sock hop! Dr D Posts:Reputation: See if you might be allowed to bring a gentle dog for a visit.

It is proven that critters can lift the spirits of anyone. Keep up the good work. Originally Posted by HistorianChick. Originally Activity adult hospital idea patient by mafiaangel Hey, she might be a rappin-grandma, you never know!!! And it just might give her one too Roadrunner64 Posts: 3, Reputation: 1. Apr 13,PM. People that know they are dying go through many stages in a short period. What they thought they liked last week may Cum on pregnant women tits uninviting at this time.

If you are really nervous it may be a good idea not to suggest anything but find out where her mind is leading her. Gentle coatching and small talk can do wonders. Even if she absolutely does not want to do anything, you can always tell her you're so glad you had a change to chat with her and leave it at that. Have a tea or coffeee with her and listen I always tend to ask them what their favorite passtime was when they were young or what they did with their kids.

If there is a photo album ask if you may see it It is all about what they need. Good luck and sometimes it's good to pray about it before you go to see her. I can just picture the look on her face when I show up with my Wu Tang and vampire erotica. That gave me a giggle

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