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Fat guys are just nicer. They're usually funnier and they definitely Fat black football player better personalities than those male model types. I mean, how can you play a sport like soccer, which requires literally several miles of running per match, and still be fat?

He scores at every ground. Fun facts: Yardley and Albion Rovers parted ways inand Yardley thought it was a case of weight-discrimination. He said :. That's nonsense. I have not played a competitive game since last November so I am obviously not match-fit.

But I don't know where all this talk came from about my weight. Somehow, Yardley Fat black football player still in St. Mirren's Hall of Fame. Patricks Athletic. Fun facts: Keane really did get sacked for being too fat.

It happened in Fun facts: After being released by Watford, Meola lowered his body fat from 14 percent to 9 percent with the help of his wife. Meola's mom on why he became a goalie : "He was a fat kid.

Ah, not fat Fat black football player, well, a little butterball. Fat black football player on his hands : "Look at my hands. They're fat hands. On the national team, they call them the Meat Hooks. Fun facts: This was Bosnich in Bisexual blogs in ellsworth maine Fun facts: Southall was named Footballer of the Year by the writers in Ten years later, Fat black football player was awarded the MBE for services to football.

After a contentious cup match inan unclothed Foulke chased the referee around the ground for a while. Now that's an image. Fun facts: Goram represented the Scottish cricket team four times between and Fun fact: Boruc, a Roman Catholic, likes to bless himself before games. He did that— and allegedly made some other gestures —at Rangers fans a few years back. It nearly started a riot. Fun fact: He set a record by conceding just 20 goals in the match season with Gillingham. Fun fact s : Verhoeven has made three league appearances since joining Ajax in Fun fact s : Yep, he scored eight goals for Paraguay despite playing goalkeeper.

He often Fat black football player penalties. Fun fact s : Before joining West Brom inJensen had compiled four total league appearances at his previous three clubs. Fun facts: Unknown. His name just always pops up when you search for fat footballers. Fun fact: Miller was involved in a pub brawl in The fight started over the singing of sectarian songs.

Fun fact: When he played for Chelsea, this is what Shipperley looked like. Not-all-that-fun fact: Proudlock was named Scottish Division One player Fat black football player the month for August Johnstone, Luton Town. The match finished in a scoreless draw. Fun fact s : He once told a Spurs fan mag that he'd never play for Arsenal.

Fun fact s : He won back-to-back Golden Boot awards as top scorer Fat black football player the Championship in and Fun fact s : He retired at age 29 and now features on the World Series of Poker. Fun fact s : He's not even the fattest Andy Reid in sports. This is the fattest Andy Reid in sports. Fun fact s : Windass has retired as a professional, but at the age of 42, he still plays for Scarborough Athletic on a game-by-game basis. Fun fact s : Ruddock famously had weight clauses inserted into the contracts offered to him late in his career.

InCrystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan said: "Harry Redknapp told me to make sure I had a weight clause in his contract — 98 kilos, or whatever. That is the only way to ensure you get a fit and focused Ruddock.

Fun fact s : Valenciano played for Junior four separate times. He also had multiple spells at Deportes Quindio and Olmedo. Nice work, Benni, that wasn't a once-in-a-lifetime event or anything. Fat black football player fact s : Puskas used a fake name, Miklos Kovacs, to get around minimum-age rules. Fun fact s : His brother Roberto serves as his manager.

His sister Deisi is his press coordinator. Fun fact s : Ronaldo, who at his peak looked like thishas had long-term relationships with this womanthis Fat black football playerthis woman and this woman. After his fourth child, he had Fat black football player vasectomy.

And he was involved in a scandal with a transvestite. Fun fact s : His whole life.

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