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Good question. There currently, is not anyone making comparable old style Gerber like, adult size ,vinyl pants. The source of plastic vinyl they used, has long Gerber adult plastic pants dried up.

Gary pants, come close. They use to be sold by Changing Times, and they may still have some Lang pants left in stock, but they have discontinued selling them. They were always a bit difficult to Gerber adult plastic pants from. They are pretty good pants, and I like them, but I still would say, they only kinda come close to Gerber. Or, latter VIP company. Not sure, if VIP ever did either? You would also need to know the exact patterns Gerber adult plastic pants VIP used, the surface of the vinyl sheeting, and the plasticizers and stabilizers they used.

My take? Not gonna happen. I know the feeling - I got hooked on those Alpha panties with the silvery sheen and thin elastics that AC Medical used to have and that Protex had in several different colors. They became unavailable a few years ago. Fortunately I have a Gerber adult plastic pants left, there are several other brands that I like a lot, and when it comes right down to it, the panties I like best are the ones I'm wearing. Not too long ago, I went searching for VIP but could not find them.

I did find baby-pants. The other classic I've fallen in love with is the Blue Dinosaurs, which I'm wearing right now. This pant is probably 8 mil thick, soft and slippery! It gets crinkly and Gerber adult plastic pants of noisy, but when worn with pants or shorts is quiet. They are very gratifying if you know what I mean. The Milky White are a good wear without the diaper too. When worn with diaper, they do a great job Gerber adult plastic pants leaks.

They "pull" double duty equally well. I got an email from some guy there telling me what a hard time Peggy Lu was having, but I still didn't get my product. Finding old school plastic pants the ones we wore when we were young really is a royal pain in the butt. Personally I favor plastic pants made with an embossed type of vinyl, back in the days that was the Gerber adult plastic pants of manufacturers here in Europe.

Not only that, I like my plastic pants to have a snap front and pockets to tuck your diaper into. Every so now and then I come across a toddler sized plastic pant which I can stretch to fit my adult body. I find them mostly in Germany they probably had a large market for plastic pants made with an embossed type of vinyl. Usually the fit is quite snug but not so snug it will block my blood circulation or pinch my skin, I prefer to wear snug fitting plastic pants anyway. For me it is a continuous struggle to find plastic pants with the old type of vinyl then again every so now and then I am able to find one which fits me Gerber adult plastic pants away of I Gerber adult plastic pants to make it fit me.

Bottom line, there is nothing better than old school plastic pants. Noticed only the somewhat older members replied so Gerber adult plastic pants to this topic. Hi guys. Gerber adult plastic pants agree that old style plastic pants are impossible to find.

They all are "modernized" using forward facing leg holes and formulations. Never thought it would become so hard. Gerber adult plastic pants the ones I've found are darn good and are very satisfying. I am feeling like a horny teeager again!

There are two I've found that are close depending on your opinion. Both are from Baby Pants. The classic milky white 4 mil are smooth but have some texture to the touch but ever so light.

They are very soft and flexible and silent. They fit and feel good. They droop under their own weight when hanging off your finger. The other is the dinosaur print which adds just the right amount of texture. They are also 4 mil but with the print are much more substantial in wight and thickness.

It probably adds another 4 mil. They are very soft and get crinkly louder with use. Porn fat carvey blackgirls wearing pantie them in warm water restores them nicely. I;m very happy with both styles, although the white are closest to the Gerber's that I remember. I also got a pair with a Blue Carousal print. It is 4 mil and heavily embossed Gerber adult plastic pants horizontal lines.

Seems thicker Gerber adult plastic pants that. Don't really care for them but are fine over a diaper. The Gerber style ones are my favorite plastic pants of all the types I have. Love the way they are shiny on one side and swishy textured on the other.

The elastics are covered in a thin nylon mesh. Im sad they don't make them anymore. I was lucky enough to stock up on 15 pairs back in They've held up for all these years now. I do make small repairs to them if necessary such as small rips or frayed elastics.

I do my best to keep them in good shape knowing how rare they have become. The Babypants ones are a smooth milky white, not at all like Gerber plastic. The current Gerber plastic pants are that Peva crunchy plastic which isn't the same. I think people should try Fetware Pearl Pants They claim they are the old school plastic pants with a satiny texture There's tons of sellers out there who all claim they're like the old Gerber's or Pattacake's.

None of them use the same type of vinyl, nor did they Chive fit girls naked "front facing" Gerber adult plastic pants holes.

I often wish that I had the knowledge to obtain the vinyl Gerber used or its specs as well as their pattern. I'd Gerber adult plastic pants some way to manufacture them, even if I had to do it myself. Can anyone point the direction to achieve this piped ream?

Probably have to find the remnants of the company V. Products and purchase the intellectual property they own that shows Casting couch girls nude to Alabama amateur nude girls next door them.

I remember when they announced that they were closing, they said that the cost of the vinyl they use was increasing dramatically, making it difficult if not impossible to Gerber adult plastic pants to make the products at a reasonable Gerber adult plastic pants. IIRC, they said the cost of the vinyl was also somehow related to cost of fuel -- not sure if fuel is needed to create vinyl.

Oil is used to make plastics. The waterproof materials that are available today are much better than the old Gerber waterproof pants. I miss them, too. The old style plastic has been replaced by polyurethane laminate PUL.

PUL is a vinyl coated stretchy fabric that actually "breathes" so it won't trap moisture, which can cause diaper rash. If you take the nostalgia factor out of the mix, PUL waterproof pants are great and with a good panty pattern, they are fairly easy to make if you are handy with a sewing machine. If you aren't, there are plenty of commercially-made pants available--check amazon and Etsy. PUL also comes in a Gerber adult plastic pants of colors and prints, which makes the pants a lot less boring than plain old vinyl They're lightly textured, super soft and come in many different colors.

They are my favorite plastic pants. Honestly check out rearz, they have good stuff, and I find there plastic pants have a better fit.

Got those last year when I was on a quest to "find the perfect plastic panty". They are pretty thick. Didn't really do much for my "needs" as they were too soft. I almost gave up on the quest, but found 'Baby-Pants classic dino print. It's a little "stiffer" and Gerber adult plastic pants enough to make things more interesting.

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