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Where are these glory holes? And are Gloryhole sex in the uk in London? There are a few on the m25 service stations that I've been to. But you'll find them in any male only sauna. My first experience was as a straight in a cubicle in a sex shop in Amsterdam. I didn't know about or notice the glory hole until this massive black cock at least 12"!!

I was shocked, amazed and very intrigued. I had seen loads of big boys in films but never one in the flesh! I would disagree I have had some awful bis off guys and the wife gives a wonderful oneyes she needed some training but she has been complemented by others as well.

Some guys are vey good as well. I have had loads of exsperinces at Gloryholes, think that what has made me the cum slut I am today, first gloryhiole was Norbury High St, I used to get mine sucked, never sucked back, Tesco at Thorton Heath. Still can get a bit off fun in Great Portland St toilet but no glory hole I am affraid. Gloryhole sex in the uk there any glory holes in Maidstone I could suck mystery cock all day. There is a point if you get Gloryhole sex in the uk bare one in the other cubicle - come on think!

I was sitting in the Jacuzzi chatting with a couple of guys when one of them asked if i wanted to go up stairs. Is this the newer services with a pub there? Might have tk have a look! For Gloryhole sex in the uk members who Cruise on ships and want to enjoy all the fun of a Glory Hole try the Sex shop in the main Gloryhole sex in the uk in Vigo Spain; go upstairs and use cabins on RHS. I'm very discreet and won't go blabbing the location around publicly.

Of course one could have a backpack with a cordless drill and hole saw in it, just in case. Put holes everywhere, enjoy them until they find out and cover them up. Gloryhole sex in the uk been to places in the past Gloryhole sex in the uk they pop up and disappear like rabbit holes.

My Private Gloryhole is available in town centre, most mornings, usually by appointment northwest Uk. New here? Login members 3 yesterdayprivate messages cottaging. I have had a few over the years and the best one was a toilet that had three cubicles and I sat in the middle one and a big cock came through one side. I had never done this before and was a little sceptical but touched it and it jerked upwards, I liked that so I started to wank it and then Gloryhole sex in the uk pulled back for a while and then it re-appeared with a condom on, it looked really inviting, so I sucked it for a while and suddenly it jerked and shot into the condom.

When I released it from my mouth, the condom was full of white spunk and instinctively I looked at the hole the other side and this bloke was looking through. As soon as the bloke I had sucked off pulled the chain and departed. The guy watching through the other hole put his cock through the hole, he must have been turned on by watching me suck the condom cock.

His cock was really stiff, with a nice mushroom shiny head, I was now enjoying this experience, so I held it in my hand and gave it a few jerks when suddenly it throbbed and he shot great jets of hot spunk everywhere. I was still holding it firmly and squeezed the rest of his spunk out of the head of his cock.

He pulled up his pants and looked through the hole and whispered "Thanks mate, I enjoyed watching you so much with the other guy, that I had to come quickly. I decided to stay a little longer and another guy entered the hole to my left and when I looked through, he had women's undies on, wow! I had never seen this before and it really turned me on to see a thick stiff cock sticking out of silky panties, I asked him to turn round and he had a lovely cheeky arse, with the bum cheeks peeking gout from his lovely pink panties.

He put his fingers through the hole and invited me to put my cock through,which I did and what a lovely Gloryhole sex in the uk as he put it in his mouth and sucked hard for what seemed ages and I could hold back no more and shot loads of spunk into his mouth. He said thanks for that afterwards and that was the best experience that I have ever had at a gloryhole so far!

So I had to touch it and when I stroked the head, I heard a groan from next door, so started to wank it. They gut said he had trouble coming, dunno if that was to Big ass model nice pussy to get me to suck it, but my newness to this meant I didn't.

As it was so long, IO managed to get my other hand through the hole and tickle his balls while I worked his head. After a few minutes he came and shot the most spunk I've ever seen, covering the mirror behind me! I licked the Gloryhole sex in the uk drops off his cock head at which point he almost collapsed.

And that was my introduction to men's bits. We're much better Curvy big ass fucked making men cum than women will ever be except whores, but then pro footballers are probably better than those unpaid.

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