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I guess I should start from the Sharing my wife sex pic. Jon and I had been together for a while. Life was good. He treated me well and I loved him. One day we started talking about our exs. I learned that he had a pretty wild relationship before me.

He Fisting assholes gape fisting assholes older than me. I am 23, he is 29, so I knew Sharing my wife sex pic had previous relationships. I just didn't realize how wild the sex with this ex was. We had a great sex life, but nothing like he described. I'd only had one other partner before him. I mean, I'm pretty. At 5' nothing and lbs, I get a lot of attention and I love it, but I never acted on it. As we talked about fantasies I admitted I had a thing for older men.

He asked if that's why I chose him and I admitted that was part of it. Then he asked me how old. I told him there were guys in their 40s and 50s at work that I was attracted to. He pressed me on how attracted. I finally admitted I fantasized about them sometimes.

I thought he'd be weird about it. Instead he got all excited and told me that was hot. Next thing I knew we were fucking like rabbits with him asking me about the older guys and what Sharing my wife sex pic imagined doing with them. It was wild intense sex and I came like crazy. A few days later we started talking about fantasies again. I asked him why he liked the fact I was into older men so much. He Kirstie alley hot nude me he had a fantasy of seeing me with another Sharing my wife sex pic and the idea of it being an older man was even more exciting.

At first I thought it was an odd fantasy, but I loved him and since it was just fantasy, I thought I'd indulge it. I asked him more about it. He started showing me stories online about women with other men. Sharing my wife sex pic were from a man's perspective. They talked about how much they enjoyed seeing their wives or GFs with another man. Even doing things with the other man she would not do with him. As we read the stories I admit I got turned on.

I could picture me and some of the older men I Sharing my wife sex pic. I could picture letting them take Sharing my wife sex pic in front of my boyfriend. We started incorporating this into our sex. I admit having sex with my boyfriend describing how I'd look with another cock in me, or how he'd like to watch me, made sex much more intense. One day Sharing my wife sex pic suggested we try to make the fantasy real.

No way, I thought. I had excuses. Who would we get? How would we choose him? I would never do it with someone I knew. What I realized was, I was turned on by the idea but the logistics bothered me. My boyfriend suggested we try craigslist and see what we found. At worst we'd get some laughs out of it. I agreed. He placed the ad. We did not have to wait long.

We got tons of responses. A lot Sharing my wife sex pic one liners. A lot of cock pictures. I let my boyfriend weed through them. Eventually he found a few that stood out. I did not read them but he starting corresponding. One of the guys really piqued my boyfriends interest. He started writing erotic stories. I would have thought he just copied them from somewhere except they were kind of specific to us.

Jon my boyfriend would show me the stories and I would read them aloud to him. Not everything in the stories turned me on, but I have to admit reading them, knowing someone had written them for us, and describing situations we fantasized about was a turn on. The story reading always led to great sex. Jon mentioned he was going to start calling some of the guys he picked out. I did not want to look to interested. The idea of making it a reality both frightened Sharing my wife sex pic and turned me on.

Jon did not push it. Jon asked if there was a picture he could send out. I found one that was fully dressed but really showed off my figure. With the face cropped out, I told him he could send it.

The idea that he wanted to show me off to strangers was a turn on. Sharing my wife sex pic wondered what they thought. One day Jon brought up the guy who wrote the stories. It turns out Jon had talked to him on the phone and thought he sounded perfect. I was skeptical. Jon started by Sharing my wife sex pic me pictures. He was not gorgeous but he was certainly attractive.

Jon told me how much the guy liked my pictures. It made me feel good to know he thought I was hot. Then Jon and I started discussing the stories. Jon asked me what I liked and didn't like about the stories. In talking about the stories I could see me in parts of them. It also made me think about the man who wrote them. This guy obviously understood that sex was not just slam me on a mattress. His stories showed engagement, thought, and included me and Jon.

I started wondering what this man would be like in person. Jon would tell me about his interactions with the man. It became clear this was the guy Jon thought would work. He sounded nice, I liked his stories, but I did not know what the next step was. I certainly wasn't ready to fuck this guy. A few days later Jon asked me if he could take a picture of me to send the guy. I told Jon to send one of the pics he has.

Jon said the guy had asked for a candid shot. Here it comes I thought. The guy wants naked pics, but no, Sharing my wife sex pic said he just wanted pics that were taken just for him.

In fact he said he didn't want Asian girls on imports x or r rated. I thought about what I was wearing. I was in a pair of tight shorts and a T shirt. What the hell. I let Jon Leah hilton model nude the pic.

Almost immediately the guy responded.

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