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Hey everyone, back with another one. This one and the next three will all be requests. Keep 'em coming guys, love the reviews. Don't like, don't read, don't flame. Now on with the show! Kion first person P.

Zebras were running too close to the very edge of the cliff, below them, the hideous Outlands. Doing so caused rocks to fall into the came, witch The lion guard sex would cause an avalanche, crushing the lion hyena battle raging beneath. Surprisingly, it worked. All zebras stopped and faced me. Within the raging war, I saw glimpses of familiar faces. I fought many hyenas, clawing and biting and punching my way through.

I knocked around hyenas left and right, until a familiar voice let out a horrid scream. I turned and saw a hyena stab a sharp rock through her stomach. I carried her The lion guard sex the way back to the cave where the Guard hangs out. I layed her down on the flat rock she loved to lie on, and got to work, carefully removing the rock, and bandaging her back up.

I kissed her back, and wrapped my paws around her waist. She wrapped her paws around my neck, and we kissed for a full ten Pear drops to the bottom. She nodded, and I pushed her onto her back, and lined my penis up with her vagina.

I entered slowly, and she moaned loudly. Just then, Janja walked in, smirking like mad. Janja clapped his paws and a boulder shut the entrance, sealing us The lion guard sex. I set my feet to do my roar, The lion guard sex Fuli stopped me. I nodded, but every thought going through my mind disagreed. But then she winked, and we knew we were thinking the same thing. I pounded Janja's skull The lion guard sex the stone floor, knocking him out instantly.

Fuli held him down as I did so, and he screamed before completely falling unconscious. We then got back to where we were, and I pushed my penis back inside of her pussy. We both moaned. We were both already close to our orgasm, so I started to pound her vagina as hard as I could without doing her any harm. I exploded with my orgasm and Fuli yelled as she had her's too. We both groaned, and fell asleep. Sorry about the short sex scene guys, trying to hurry and get it done. Thanks for reviewing.

Love you guys. Peace out, Addison. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Lion Guard. Kion and the others The lion guard sex having blasts! Blasting cum! Kion X Fuli sex Hey everyone, back with another one. What do you want? I want a show.

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