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Mahan entertainedwith Jacnvile--Dr. Fons A. Harris, field representa- State Board of Socil Welfare ih or the purpose of organiz-evening, August 26, at eight o'clock. There is already a - had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Harris in- "This is the first tangible evi'to represent the Protestant Mr.

Donn said, "that Floruh women. Its purpose is "to good a senator as the late Senator erty, Bay, Holmes, Okaloosa, Tay- ida will 4 a ticipate ify the efforts of church women Fletcher. Realizing the difficulwhich all areas which Mr. JHarris this territory of Vtren-tTfwrkrno h o liitatio ituld can deal with suchjivould make no change in roceed- At e recent conference of direc- ofe al prisons wh e o n tor esions as world peace, white Dr. Edwin G. Williams ure involving applications by pro- tors 0 production ,credit associa- nh essy 00t b obably eligi traffic, narcotics and liquor, of Lexington, Ky.

Williams in the son of Dr. Williams of Beore hiar grown cunt pics city. Henrietta; third, Mrs. In it read- Macy Horne, Rev. Mayfield and Miss bilityis t hstheepi wit ste dico in Bowen. The theatre wishes to plication blank. GRirs thank all of the, participants in the the -staffs of the district boards, of Cthe effort-tospeedmuitheprogres iL. The essays were all excel- Social Welfare will make the reEdited by Ed. Clayton, and to render efficient service in J.

Lee, Vice Commander. M aris il be ga to give Frankib -and Wakulla counties. It a n tle M rbers a'ld m makes short-term loans to the dictionary. Buildi ad to repair buildings station of funds appropriated b recent issue of the "Unitea are carried out in actual practice.

Hol- services and the National Ren-erage perso n thinks of courage as Ober 15, to eligible citizens h c bH. Department of ploymient offices at the disposal of than as facing the difficulties that The starting of pay ,th Swinen is self explanatory veterans.

Veterans are eli- Chicago. Sp -The Thos. Connell died athrhp. Btt e org iioefc hat the County doiniission' f me0 t plan onVe during tile reported to the public-employment ing county 4-H livestock club nIem- homi near Wacissa, August H epeepots tO oiaie Sh wasauriedojunleltrswitthe i testchanel he pan ofstartngnpymeris7i' oeby h eeas Placeen pre- rvies to Porica veterans tentative attached to each State en.

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Important and technical t leader s office to allow or judging Dream. Forms r the use ments were in charge of Mr. She leaves seven boys and two Beore hiar grown cunt pics aln act is-an example of cour. In Chicago Nov. Connell; Mrs. Emma Connell- courage, yoI may ask? Well, what 2. Adequate appropriate nt. The explanation, of course, olidays the Employment Service Stock Exposition. Froim the fou en ad -Ke abou ts who are denying be made by t st e at sooe of the veterans who vtrip winei-three 'will le iosen besides several grandchildren.

We theslves s an litt t e te ctiu asal t1n o'r place 15, Vete asn re ke s a college paree particip Beyon the Shining Sw he o gricta 'on -jo in th 'perl 3 yeaar 20 and Shore. Jac Freeman were can be led aout an dobtd an The Faniearl Cicleo h topla shwntht sympathy- menrofice fii ties to employers.

Freemali'slparents, wocan hear th trut he- has W. S fteMtoitCuc teeent donotlat; tat tey 'Veterans' Placemnt. Shieldoni at'the spokns wse ykae htwl etTedy et ,i lc ,pitin rpeaed filues, discour tie also oversee the administra- SldeFrm audye afzr of i isn' recogied of onay tetth. Clye orneo Some o sfi ob htkn r. Horne's parents, Mr and Mrs. Dunca have aonyu. IlwratyuthtBtLnestaches p. L odadfmlpn msle- ay fte r unermae: with pri ate emnployr Will. Beore hiar grown cunt pics Mrs.

Steele,-of Jacksonville. Johuni Loeb, of nesaesfri. Wheelei pasq. Lei 't ts ar, a-i has on a god ves on this -score some 18 years ago. Grouver; Negro local county [week end guests of 'their sister Mrs. Spanish War Piils ussian. A V ashit o. Mrhen the price of No. I em ob with y1 w AlseclolE ho Tu e orpe dutprsion coi. Heas"re pnteto et hc h m aithem inan wiithss th poI e poic, Agwhich gives the ac- Roosevelt's trip through ite honor. PChedEeci'v was supptiew ith neghor,". Ih-ak 1 gmtey a ,90ascait li'n'os- DcaoJsf wthey chae pnsthate his whs c patl Lemk elatormt w otl Pideorypdz tonthe pgu he h blic dysaig acner-it BttogitatfwttheiTesrypoelap II.

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Philips P-c-- 1 John Caruthers 3. Est'iblished lic Instruction. Wilcox 3. PhiIM 82 66 WM. No cut othe Beore hiar grown cunt pics eaBadshaw thereon. The assessment of the with and not in conflict with such shall affect Section 20 of Article Lot in SW of SWof of cars are operated almost en ire- said property under the said certi- Rederal Law. Approved June 4, I Groon. Dated this 3rd, day of August, That the following Amendment to authorizing the establishing or abol- Lb Co. WaTker --af-ie Poster : produce gla, a potent cause o f No.

Said polish a Municipal corporation to be provide for Beore hiar grown cunt pics referendum. W of Beore hiar grown cunt pics. And Beore hiar grown cunt pics of them The assessment of the said pro erty trative, and shall prescribe the jur elections in the State of Florida.

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