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Nikols over a year ago. Ruby Lace over a year ago. Rocks over a year ago. Guest over a year ago. You need to understand that breast growth, especially from estrogen, is irreversible. Even if you stop using hormones, most of, if not all, the breast growth will remain. You also need to understand that it can be difficult, if not impossible, to hide them when you're in public.

I've been on a testosterone blocker for a prostate condition, and was also given oral estrogen. I knew I would likely develope breasts, and I did. I switched from oral estrogen tablets to estrogen gel, which is less stressful on Can men have breasts liver.

My dosage was also cut, but for unknown reasons my breasts started a growth spurt. I have completely feminine breasts, conical in shape, and my areolas have grown and gotten much darker, and my nipples are very large, even when not erect.

My breasts are impossible to hide. Even in winter, the only time they aren't obvious is when I Can men have breasts a coat on.

Even baggy flannel shirts won't hide them. I haven't had anyone question me, but I do get a lot of second looks. I've never actually measured, but I would guess that I'm probably a C cup. I'm not fat, so that makes them even more obvious. They are still growing, but I've gotten used to the fact, and now actually enjoy, having female breasts. Having breasts can be a turn on, but you better get used to being stared at.

Couldn't find what you looking for? New Reply Follow New Topic. The patch will grow boobs but will also shrink you male parts kill you sex drive Can men have breasts feminize your whole body. Estraderm equals chemical castration. Ruby Lace over a year ago I understand you situation. I am a mature age guy and Crossdresser.

I don't want to be a woman, Just a guy that loves dressing up and feeling like a woman sort of I believe that the female breast, is the absolute epitome of femininity and unfortunately I have to settle for silicone breast forms. I love them dearly, yet not the real thing. I can either adhere them to my chest and go braless, or wear them with a bra. Women are just so lucky in so far as the gorgeous clothes they wear, the fabulous lacy panties and bras. Why can't us guys do the same and be totally accepted by all of society?

Rocks over a year ago Hi Andy iam with you I wish to have breasts iam using herbs and cream it will take time, I hope you have had success I would like to contact guys that are trying to grow breasts, iam doing all I can. Rocks over a year ago In reply to Ruby Lace on - click to Can men have breasts. Hi Ruby Lace love your message I so like breasts on males, I agree women have all the fun with lacy panties and bras, I love haveing them on me I also like my toe nails painted, why Can men have breasts if we like these things.

Guest over a year ago I wish I could grow breast like a woman I am a 62 I wish. MY Breast. Grow HELP. Guest over a year ago In reply to anonymous on - click to read. Can men have breasts am a similar age to you and have thought about having Can men have breasts nice breasts for years. I have started on pueraria mirifica capsules.

Now I break the capsules and mix the powder with cream and massage my breasts. I think something is happening! Guest over a year ago In reply to jbsmith on - click to read. Well taking blockers along with estrogen will give you breasts,sounds like you are on HRT.

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