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The nasty talk starting a dozen years after we were married—when we were at a church picnic no less. I was wearing a pair of jeans right out of the dryer, Hot girls tight jeans sex they happened to be tight and clingy. My husband Carl told me he overheard two of his friends talking about how much they admired my rear end--only he used a three-letter Hot girls tight jeans sex for it, a word he knew I didn't like.

When I asked him not to use that language, he told me he was just quoting Raymond and Larry—both of whom were at the picnic with their wives, by the way. And did Carl warn those men not to dishonor his wife with their coarse—supposedly Hot girls tight jeans sex and flattering"--comments? Oh no. In fact, Carl laughed and started talking dirty to me himself.

That was the start of this campaign of his to make me "appreciate" myself "through a dude's eyes. And he would stop if I really got upset when he used words like T and A, but he kept telling me that no Hot girls tight jeans sex how conservatively I dressed, I still was the sexiest-looking woman he knew. If I hoped she would give me some hints on how to shut him up, I was disappointed. If I had been willing to go along with the propositions from half of my male customers, I could have owned my own cab company by now.

Carl is right, Melanie; you should relax and let yourself be flattered that he thinks of you as his own Penthouse centerfold.

Has he told you he would like to watch you have sex with another man? Is that next? A lot of men have those fantasies. If she meant her own husband, I didn't want to hear. Whatever happened to believing that your body is your temple? I felt so betrayed by Marge that I found Ron jeremy retro xxx pics skipping several of our tennis dates. And my relationship with Carl seemed wounded in a scary way that I couldn't pin down.

We both knew something was missing. I tried filling that void by volunteering to Hot girls tight jeans sex the church picnic committee. Our new pastor Phil was our former choir leader. Phil insisted on serving as an ordinary worker on the picnic committee because he said he had a conviction that pastoring meant more than "preaching at the congregation. When young athletic-looking Pastor Phil also volunteered to be the first target to get wet in the dunk tank we always rent for our picnics, I was the only one who Hot girls tight jeans sex clap and cheer.

He obviously made it his job to notice my glum demeanor, because he came up to me at the end of the meeting. I followed him into his office and sat down.

That was not exactly easy to do. I felt humiliated at the thought of telling our pastor, a man ten years younger than my own husband, the perverted things Carl had been saying to me.

But I managed to stammer out that I wished my husband could simply appreciate that I keep my body in healthy shape. In his way, I suppose. Not convincingly?

No," Phil replied with a quick laugh. Including Carl. Including Phil himself. For some reason that thought made me notice that my skirt was hiked up several inches above my knees. My breath caught suddenly and a powerful sensation surged through my body.

I nodded. We both stood up quickly. I turned and left. Carl seemed a little shocked that I had confided anything about our marriage to Pastor Phil, and told me he was not at all interested in "confessing or whatever" about our sex life. I was not surprised, since he only went to church occasionally—and only because I insisted that exposing our girls Tilly and Beth to religion was good for them.

Then I suddenly remembered Phil's embarrassment when I uncrossed my legs in his office. Once again that sensation surged through my body. He obviously could tell that there was something new going on with me, something that confounded my prudish discomfort with crude sex talk.

Somehow I intuited that what it really would mean was surrendering my scruples about frank sex talk. That night I dreamed of being naked and writhingwith Phil's hands and mouth all over me. I woke with three of my fingers deeply probing my sloppy wet vagina.

I climaxed quickly—loudly too, because I opened my eyes to find Carl awake and peering down at me. Soon his head was between Fitness sexy legs high heels legs. Instead of trying to ward him off, I spread my legs wider to let his mouth consume my clitoris.

Then, as I was just Hot girls tight jeans sex to climax, he stopped. Say fuck me. Go on, say it. Say Fuck me, Phil.

Don't make me. It was Phil's, Hot girls tight jeans sex it? Say yes. I heard you, so go ahead, Melanie. Say it. Say 'Fuck me, Phil'. Fuck me with your big hard Hot girls tight jeans sex. He sounded more turned-on than I had ever heard him. Now he slowly pushed his rigid cock into me, one restrained inch at a time.

Go ahead, tell me. Say Phil, Raymond, Larry. Still he kept hammering me, as though he had to fill me with all those cocks, one after another. It's months later now, and we still haven't invited Phil for dinner. However, as committee chair I will be very busy when it's time for the next church picnic.

For instance, it will be my job to make sure there will be enough potato salad for several hundred people. But now that Marge has lost her ten pounds, at least two of us will be wearing tight jeans right out of the dryer. And we will have to flip a coin to see which one of us gets to hand a big towel to hunky young pastor Phil when he emerges all wet from the dunk tank. Report Story. Title of your Hot girls tight jeans sex. Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters.

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