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Rico Leon is stunning with a great body Juan carlos leon nude a beautiful uncut cock! And, his buddy Juan Carlos is a little darker skinned with a great body and an amazing thick dick! You can see the bond both guys have after years of friendship and the interaction between them both is priceless!

Caruso has both guys strip down and get their cocks hard while he goes to get the female talent. Caruso comes back to deliver Juan carlos leon nude bad news that Juan carlos leon nude girl want be showing up today. After thinking about it for a while and considering the money, both guys shake on it and decide to give it a try! Why would an established Juan carlos leon nude company lie about that…?

Hahaha Latinos calientes suena chistoso, pero si estoy de acuerdo con vos. Y seguro que tu eres un latino caliente. Lol I usually suck at flirting, but very comfortable exploring that avenue with you. Lol I want to learn Portuguese and Italian. I would be happy to teach you Portuguese sometime. Fun Fact: Spanish is my first language. I learned Portuguese from a good friend of mine. It makes them look even cuter to me. My accent in general is strong AF. I sound like one of those old school Cuban gangsters.

I really do. This adorable redhead tried to flirt and was bad at it. He turned really red and got Juan carlos leon nude embarrassed. Some people have to have liquor in their system to do something like that. My voice is deep AF. Nope, not me. I dont drink. After my last breakup, i just decided to take it slow and have fun. I have, but failed everytime.

Just focus on you Juan carlos leon nude now, and the rest will fall into place. I believe there is somebody out there for everybody. The last time I had liquor in my system was when I Juan carlos leon nude 24 last yr, I had a blast, but that was it. You gotta live a little kid.

You gotta put yourself out there too. Although that would be nice. Naw, my entire family drinks and smokes, majority are alcoholics and with liquor in their system become very rambunctious. Lol I dont like to put myself out their too much, fear of rejection type of thing. OK, I can deal with some straight guys in gay porn when they are really hot but I disconnect when the center of the story is about straightness or their straightness. That being said, I find Juan carlos leon nude cute.

I pronounce Rico the find of the week. Because Rico and Nicky together? It is always a good possibility, sites like Sean Cody are becoming more and more diverse. Dude getting sucked is a cutie. His dick looks good but those dimples make him straight-up BF material. Can we have them come back for Leon fucks Rico? You know, I wonder the same thing!

What do I know?? Perk on that for a minute. Juan carlos leon nude think I figured her out!! Beatrice is his Mom!! I hope he comes along and does more, he is stupid cute. Those eyes just SLAY. I am an insomniac, especially if I am under the gun on my job. The man I answer to is based in Madrid, other teams pretty much all over the world so I am often sleep working lol.

Home base is split between San Diego and LA, currently just packing my gear, finished a long assignment in Detroit — headed to Boston to meet up with HB, then Hot fuck and love are headed where they replaced drinking water with tequila. YAY I pass myself coming and going some weeks. But OMG you are probably right lmmfao! I am guilty as sin, I power skim sometimes — especially if I am multi tasking.

THAT would make perfect Juan carlos leon nude. BTW — I will be on Waybig blackout for the next 11 days lol, you shall have to fill in as the resident Narcissistic, shallow, vapid, bottom hunting antagonist. Just claim every hot guy you see is a power bottom, they will never notice I am gone lol. Oh boy, 11 days without cumin here? You should take advantage of that gift. LOL oh hell no. Last time I arrainged 2 weeks in advance for cell service while I was there and it turned into a fucking disaster.

I need this recharge at a molecular level. I will admit I am a little worried given the shit that asshat Trump is stirring up with Mexico right now, the cops in Cancun are a trip on a good day, last time we were there a cop shook me down for So yeah fuck the car rental this time too, cabs suck, the drivers are crazy but there are a ton of them so at least you have Juan carlos leon nude level of anonymity.

I swear to GOD they paint some kind of phosphorus on the car somewhere. HB Juan carlos leon nude a car from a specialty place that just does exotics, there were no obvious markings anywhere on the car and I was sure as fuck not speeding.

Yeah — I am actually lol. We did all the kitschy turista shit last time. It was fun and scary. Sweetie, did you get my comment about the gift? It meant that we gays are lucky enough that we can both top and bottom so basically I WANT you to bottom as well. Have you ever? Are you afraid of liking it so much and to become a power bottom Juan carlos leon nude lose that wonderful reputation of yours? Since that time, nope. Despite the fact I almost live on them I hate planes.

Typical of us controls freaks, it all goes together. Wanting to drive, wanting to pilot the plane ourselves, wanting to top. You have to let go to enjoy Juan carlos leon nude, I truly enjoy both, variety is the spice of life.

Send HB my best regards :. I told him if he thinks I am entertaining him on the plane he is out his damn mind. We gotta catch a cab in a couple hours, and the adventure begins. Search Blog. XXX RubHim! Recent Posts. Recent Comments. OMG Blog!! January 26, at pm. Log in to Reply. Trepakprince says:. Cubankid says:. Colton, The Major Hussy says:. January 27, at am. February 21, at am. Louisbb says:.

Baka Guy says:. DeeGee says:. Jack says:. Devin says:.

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