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We were completely unaware of this topic when we started The Longhairs, or how important it would become. For us it started with Arthur, whose mother Mae wrote us a letter about how he would get picked on by kids and harassed by adults for his long hair. But it was only after he was diagnosed with the rare Kawasaki Disease, and fought from life-threatening fevers, that his mother allowed him to grow his hair freely, after which he stormed through physical therapy and grew Feminine teen boys with long hair a healthy, flourishing, talented boy with long, flowing locks.

For all the moms who have written in, we know there are many other parents facing the same ordeals, the helpless feeling of knowing their little guy is out there getting bullied for being different. This topic goes far deeper than bullying, from kids, adults and external expectations of parents, to forced cutting, gender norms, kids who grow their hair for donating to charity and much more.

Citing comments from moms who have written in, interviews, curated content from around the Feminine teen boys with long hair, outside research and our own experiences, we aim to shed light on this subject, open a discussion, and show all the boys out there they finally have a place to go.

As we all know and many have experienced, kids can be cruel. Our first example is from Feminine teen boys with long hair March video that went viral when a young boy, Bodi, describes how kids make fun of him for his long hair. Bodi concludes that being different is a good thing, it means you think different from other people, to which his dad warmly encourages him. Feminine teen boys with long hair out Bodi has a twin brother, Adin, both of whom are growing their hair to donate.

You can visit the original Facebook post with over comments here. Kids who are his age and younger are fairly easy going about it; they mistake him for a girl no matter what he is wearing, but when he corrects them they move on with their day.

Everyone plays, has a great time, and forgets about the hair. There have been times he has gotten upset, because kids will relentlessly argue with him about his gender I know, right? But I remind him that both girls and boys can have short or long hair, and to use it as a reminder to not judge others by their appearance, but to get to know them for who they are on the inside.

The most annoying part for my youngest is not when they mistake him for a girl, which they almost always do, but when they then profusely apologize for getting it wrong. In an interview for this piece, MeMarie explains what happened to her nephew:. My nephew wanted to be Captain Jack Sparrow [from Pirates of the Caribbean] when he was little, and he insisted his mother let him grow his hair. But when he got to grade school he did a complete because of the bullies, and came home ready to cut it.

No more long hair. Despite being bullied about his hair for 2. More on donations later in this piece. Here we recap cases of adults, strangers and even family giving kids grief about their long hair.

When adults heckle him, I step in immediately. No kid should be confronted by rude, antagonistic adults! I remember an event that happened in that still burns me up. An elderly man was complimenting Arthur on his good behavior in a very long grocery line. He mistook Arthur for a girl and I quietly and politely corrected him.

But this man…this man was so rude. She adds:. That jerk of a man was one of many, both men and women, who have taken it Feminine teen boys with long hair themselves to put their gender bias onto my Feminine teen boys with long hair, but thankfully most people keep it between me and them. And I have no problem pointing out the utter ridiculousness of their bias. There was an older gentleman in the grocery store who called him a little girl.

And ever since the beginning of his life, he had been mistaken for a girl every opportunity anyone had to address it. Including people that had been told previously that he was a boy.

Even grandparents and family. In a comment on our website, Brittany related to us:. My in-laws have made plenty of inappropriate comments. His own grandparents. The last time I called my grandson, I wanted to tell him about my day of being harassed at work about my hair, by a fool and how I handled it.

So my little guy will wait for another day to express himself the way he feels is right, if in fact he really still feels he is a longhair. Feminine teen boys with long hair looked at my boy, dressed in a blue Transformers T-shirt and jeans, smiled and moved on.

What we found interesting about these cases, is while we thought kids being bullied by kids would be the most pervasive problem, by far adults making comments to parents and their kids has been the most common scenario parents have told us about. Bullying is one thing, but there have been many instances of kids having their hair cut forcefully against their will. This is a horrifying video of a kid apparently named Dillon Grims, who is forced to cut his hair at a barber shop.

The kids filming the video and the barber repeatedly antagonize him throughout the ordeal, unmoved by his pleading cries. When I was a freshman in high school I was on the JV football team. A curious choice perhaps, but it was my hair and I was into it. I was a pretty small kid, lbs with rocks in my pockets, maybe the smallest on the team. One afternoon before a game, the Feminine teen boys with long hair guys on the team surrounded me in the locker room, several grabbed me and physically held me down.

As I fought and screamed in protest, one guy produced a pair of shears and ceremonially cut my tail off. Turns out it was just a publicity stunt, the men whose hair they cut were in on it. Nonetheless, at the time we believed Feminine teen boys with long hair to be true, and along with these instances there are surely others.

Boys should have short hair, play with trucks, GI Joes, wear Big booty ayana angel, hunt, fish and play sports. Girls should have long hair, play with dolls, tea sets, wear pink, cook, raise kids and take care of the household. Now besides the Feminine teen boys with long hair of having a little man being called a girl almost on the daily, I myself as an adult, mother, and member of society, have learned a lot about our culture in general.

My son has gone through many phases during his little life of things he Feminine teen boys with long hair into, such as Dora the Explorer, cooking, babies, and even a short lived My Little Pony phase. Now for some strange reason, those are a few of many things that are very much only manufactured for a specific gender, being female.

And it makes me wonder, who on earth decided which gender should enjoy what? Why is pink only meant to be enjoyed by girls?

And very obviously splashed all over everything that is meant to only be enjoyed by girls? Who decided that Natasha india porn star naked boys have to buzz their heads in order to be seen as masculine?

Or play with monster trucks? Why does my little boy have to defend his masculinity because he has a long braid down his back? Just questions I have asked myself and maybe we as a society should be asking. In January National Geographic published a special issue: Gender Revolutionan excellent collection of articles, studies, scientific research and interviews with children from around the world. Without diving deeper Feminine teen boys with long hair we need to here, there are a few notable articles in this special issue relevant to our topic.

Her findings showed that gender-targeted toys have ebbed and flowed since Her polarizing photographs depict boys and girls, including her own daughter, in their respective bedrooms amongst all their clothing and possessions. While neither of these articles speak directly to boys with long hair or girls with short hair, for that matterthe themes are easily linked, and this groundbreaking special issue in NatGeo thoroughly and fearlessly tackles these and a full spectrum of gender issues.

In other examples of parents questioning traditional pre-established gender norms, Michelle Horton writes:. She is a girl, right? He is happy, he is healthy, and he is loved. It only bothers me when they tell him or me to cut it. Is it because boys are allowed to be more comfortable than girls? And girls should sacrifice comfort for aesthetics? Would that be nice? I have no problem with people simply assuming wrongly that my boys are girls. It happens The question that keeps coming up.

Should kids be allowed to decide their own hair Feminine teen boys with long hair Or should the parents decide? On one side we have seen people questioning parents for letting their boys grow long hair.

There may be plenty of good reasons why. Every parent has their own upbringing, biases, experiences and beliefs. When it comes to healthy, safety, etc. I step in. But just stereotypical aesthetics?

I absolutely allow autonomy. The day he asks for his hair cut, his hair will be cut. They get really upset about it actually. And Michelle Horton writes:. I was quick to cut his baby hair, and then to buzz his toddler hair, but who am I to argue? He likes to twirl his hair before falling asleep, and he wanted to see how it would look.

And so we went for it. What do I do if my parents are the ones wanting me to cut it? Any advice on how to convince them to let me continue to grow out my hair? This put us in an interesting spot. Talk to your parents about it.

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