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This bathhouse was sublime! Somehow each portion of this experience was a little longer than My sister and I were in town on a Tuesday, almost half way through out cross country drive.

This is an old-school, s style bathhouse. Nothing has changed since then. Other people actually scrub your naked body. This can turn out to be a horrifying experience for persons who are Big fat black ass shy.

With that said, it is truly a unique experience that can bring joy and lots of laughter. I brought a friend of mine who was miserable going through a divorce. The bath process certainly made her forget about that divorce, as you're funneled through the "bathing" process, and don't really have time to waller in misery - you're too concerned about making sure your body is covered in front of strangers.

The result was lots of laughs - which were very much needed. You pay for your multi-step bath. Then you sit in an old school tub for a while with a motor that bubbles up the water this is where your bather scrubs you- don't worry, they are NOT interested in looking at you. They then put you in a sitz bath, wrap you in hot towels, give you a degree shower, and finish with a massage. And you truly feel like you're going back in time.

I would give this 5 stars for a tourist who has no issue with nudity and wants to get the true Hot Springs experience. I would give this 1 star for a person who likes their hair and makeup perfect and really doesn't like the concept of nudity. I would highly suggest this to any person who is trying to cheer their buddy up from a nasty divorce. Writing this on behalf Desi aunty night dress bed room sex my wife and daughter, who had the whirlpool treatment there when my son and I satisfied our photographic thirst.

The ladies loved it! Warm lotion while massage. The spa has lock boxes for wallets, watches, etc and lockers for clothing Very helpful and friendly staff. We stopped by the Hot naked women in arkansas Bathhouse and Nikki sexx interracial gangbang was very educational.

We walked through the Bathhouse and read all the information on the walls as well as watched the videos. We really enjoyed this.

This was an awesome authentic experience. I wouldn't trade it for the world. We visited the Buckstaff and the Quapaw to experience the old and the new bathhouses. The Buckstaff was historic and I appreciated that about it. My cousin and I went on Thanksgiving weekend as a girls "get away". We did the Buckstaff first. We checked in downstairs and paid, and were escorted up the manually operated elevator to the 2nd floor.

We were met Hot naked women in arkansas an attendant, shown dressing rooms behind curtains, and removed our clothes and put our belongings into one of the 2 lockers that were in each dressing room. We strapped the key to Hot naked women in arkansas wrists, and when we were ready, our attendants opened the curtain and wrapped us toga-style in a sheet.

My attendant, LaToya, has worked in the bathhouses for 8 years, and was very professional and matter of fact, but still very friendly. She made me very comfortable, as I am normally very modest and was worried that I would be very self-conscious.

I never felt that way at all. LaToya Brandi lyons naked tease me to a stall with a curtain, and inside was a large old bath tub with a huge pipe for a faucet and a Hot naked women in arkansas machine standing in the corner of it like a stand mixer that was pumping air into the water to create a whirlpool bath.

She explained the procedure and removed my sheet and I stepped into the tub. She scrubbed my calves and back with the loofah cloth that had been given to be upon check-in, and left it and some liquid soap with me, along with two 3 oz cups of water, in case I wanted to wash more and drink. I did both. The water was not very warm at all, I'd guess 97 or 98 degrees. Diane said hers was very warm.

LaToya checked on me once, then announced her return 6 minutes later. There was a Black goth girls naked on the wall above my tub.

She then re-wrapped me, and moved me a few few away to the sitz bath. This was slightly awkward. It's like a big deep sink on the floor that you sit in, your butt goes Hot naked women in arkansas deep and your legs hang out the front.

She gave me a stool to put my feet on, and covered me with my sheet. Again, my water wasn't very warm, Diane's was hot, as it was supposed to be. I Nudes for tall men there about 10 minutes.

I should have taken the magazine she offered me. She came back and held up my sheet so Hot naked women in arkansas I could get out, then brought me to the steam cabinet a few steps away.

It is a stainless steel doored closet sized room with metal flaps that fold up so you can get in and sit on the bench as the hot waters run below and steam up on you. The flap is then closed until your head is only sticking out, then a towel closes any air gaps Hot naked women in arkansas your neck. The front is then closed on bottom and you steam for 10 or 15 minutes.

It feels very nice. I opened the neck piece a little so that my face could steam. After the steam, I was rewrapped and went to an adjacent room Hot naked women in arkansas of massage tables, and was instructed to sit on the table.

I was asked if I had any pains and told her about my neck and knee. She returned with very hot towels felt good and wrapped both legs and feet, placed one Big tits nice ass my back and around my neck, then put a cold wet towel wrapped around my face and head.

I cannot begin to tell you how relaxing this was. I tried to watch how she did the wrapping so that I could show my husband at home!

I actually fell asleep during the 20 minutes or so that I was in this room. There was one other woman on another table, but it did not seem to matter at all. After LaToya removed the wet towels, I went to the shower and it had 8 jets coming from the sides. It was pretty cool water, and I was only in there about one minute. I was then rewrapped and met by the massage therapist. I think her name was Jennifer.

We walked past a nicely decorated and cozy looking massage stall to a stark, plain and cold looking one, and Hot naked women in arkansas was ours. The massage was ok and lasted about 15 to 20 minutes. The lotion was as cold as the room. Diane said her massage was good and her lotion was warm. I noticed there was a lotion warmer in the room I was in, but obviously she didn't use it. This Hot naked women in arkansas nothing like any spa you have ever been to.

We were divided ladies to the right, gentlemen to the left, and greeted at the door by an attendent who took us through what was one of the orginal bath houses in Hot Springs, open since the 's. I was wrapped in a large bed sheet and invited to bath in the biggest bathtub with claw feet I've ever seen, hot thermal mineral water from the springs behind the bathhouse. A 20 minute soak with whirlpool. There followed a resting time on a massage table where I was wrapped Hot naked women in arkansas hot towels, with an icy cold towel on my face--wonderful!

A sitz bath--great for my back! This all was followed by a full body massage, one of the best I've ever Hot naked women in arkansas. And so relaxing it's Hot naked women in arkansas good thing I don't live there because I would want to go every week! Hot Springs. Profile JOIN. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Buckstaff Bathhouse. Review Highlights.

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