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The last time nude pics of actress and reality TV star Lala Anthony created such a stir was when someone stole her husband Carmelo's cell phone. This reminds me of the time Lala was spotted at a lesbian party in Atlanta years ago. She was with a chick who resembles 50 Cent. Clearly she has a type. More from Sandrarose. I hate every single character but I watch out of fascination with the situation.

Sort of like why people watch a train wreck. Check it out. I like this show. The dude that plays 50's son always appears so awkward when talking to women on the Lala vasquez anthony nude. It's just okay to Lala vasquez anthony nude, but I'm real critical about shows I don't understand the severe fold under the breast, do they detach? Does she have a better set being shipped? ION see how Mello or the actor can concentrate on a woody with her eye sliding down her face.

I wonder if they did that to counterbalance the Lala vasquez anthony nude o0?? I wonder what her sleepy eyes look like. Can you imagine if this bish sleeps with her eyes open??? Lawd faints. I watch it and, since Season 1, I've been trying to get into it, but it's not working that well for me.

I prefer Empire. IDK, the scenes in Power may be to Lala vasquez anthony nude for me. They should just basically have ses and call it a day. Fake lashes, fake b0obs, fake rear, fake hair, fake smile. Has anyone checked her back to be sure she wasn't made in China? Saturday night. On Starz. I DVD it. Rarely be here to catch it. Bff had about 70 folks at her house this past Saturday night, and me, her, and her cousin was pure tryna watch it on her phone?

Ghost ran off to Miami with the Spanish chick after telling Naturi he'll stop seeing that broad. Tommy has been hold up in his mama's crib because he doesn't feel that he can trust Ghost because of the Spanish chick being a DA, etc. Ghost tracked him down.

I think that's it Idk Bey's bump looked on point. I feel like Lala went to the RuPaul Tit-n-me collection and got the cheapest ones. Those are starter tit-tays. I keep on saying the same thing. It just doesn't make any sense. Did 50 have him when he was 10 or something? Chile I'm with you.

Lala does nothing for the show whatsoever. She talks like she's reading cue cards. She just svcks overall and her eyes creep me tf out. Lala vasquez anthony nude think she had a breast reduction then got implants, because her breast were bigger in older pictures. I have stuff. Po thankg done suffered enough.

I hope Herman Cain is his VP! Our votes don't count when they have electronic machines calculating the votes babe. I suppoort any black women working for theirs not sitting around waiting to be saved by welfare or their 3rd baby dad. Lol starter tittays.

And she loves to show off her body any other time, and although she didn't have to, she never really showed her whole person while pregnant. The first episode of power i just couldn't get into it. Empire,however, i loved it first episode in. Empire is more half glee half soap Lala vasquez anthony nude. I've noticed that too!! I couldn't put my hand on it, I just thought he couldn't act. Wow cannot believe la la fell for the nude scene.

Sad I thought she was better than that. Her husband must be disgusted or embarrassed. I cannot believe he was cool with it Hollywood and famous people have no morals. Wait I just read that they are getting divorced. Her side boob is on Lala vasquez anthony nude saggy side thats a weird shape. Never thought LaLa was attractive. I guess its because she knows she is not ATM.

Melo was her key to the good life open doors for her but they show no chemistry its so telling when Lala vasquez anthony nude see them together its painful to watch.

Another thing that kind of rubs me the wrong way is how she will use her Something about her fam is off I saw her mom and family on her reality show the whole family just seems weird. She's acting?? To me she acts like regular old La except on TV. She's basically playing herself in a different situation. To me she can't act. Rather, she acts like herself or how herself would act in a different situation You must be Lala vasquez anthony nude It's the black mans glee.

Power has better story and acting. Who wants to Lala vasquez anthony nude two men kissing and singing? Empire is tastelEss and over rated. Dystaney Kimble. Really weird. I mean she paid for it Why not show it?!

So you're embarrassing your husband fa whet? Is that Neyo? I've never seen Power, is it good? So she's going to bang 50's son huh?

I should watch Saturday's episode. Her paid for body and dead eyes remind me of a blow up dolls so I'm sure she'll do well. Yes, but predictable. Ghost is so fine but he's no good. He's a big dummy. Some people will do anything for money, and then try to justify their shameful behavior. She also has Dwyane Wade's nose mid pregnancy but that's not arousing.

Floriduhh Evans. I need a side eye emoji. I cannot with her "dead fish" eyes!! Wuts got Petty Davis Eyes. I was wondering why her breast fold looks like Peter Griffin's elbow cleavage. I missed the past couple episodes. Recap anyone???

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