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Meningococcal muh-nin-jo-kok-ul disease is a very serious bacterial infection that most often causes severe swelling of the protective lining around the brain and spinal cord meningitis or infection of the bloodstream meningococcal Meningococcal disease in adults. In its early stages, meningococcal Meningococcal disease in adults symptoms can include fever, headache, body aches, and a stiff neck.

These symptoms may be mild and easily mistaken for less severe illnesses, like a bad Meningococcal disease in adults. But symptoms can progress quickly, killing an otherwise healthy young person in less than 48 hours. Other symptoms that may occur are Meningococcal disease in adults, vomiting, confusion, sleepiness, sensitivity to light, and a rash usually dark purple spots on the arms, legs, or torso. One type protects against four meningococcal serogroups A, C, Meningococcal disease in adults, and Y while the other type protects against one serogroup B.

The vaccines that protect against the four serogroups quadrivalent have been available since and are recommended for routine use in adolescents and young adults through age 18 years. Serogroup B vaccines have been available in the US since late and are recommended for people age 10 years or older who are at increased risk for serogroup B meningococcal disease.

Serogroup B vaccination is also recommended for individuals with certain rare immune disorders or spleen problems, or those living where there is an active outbreak, for example Xxx on all actor a college campus.

Read more about serogroup B outbreaks on Meningococcal disease in adults campuses. Talk to a healthcare professional about which vaccines are right for you and your family. Meningococcal vaccines are safe. Vaccine reactions are usually mild. The most common reactions are pain and redness at the injection site. You cannot get meningococcal disease from the vaccines. The potential risks associated with meningococcal disease are much greater than the potential risks associated with the vaccines.

Many adults need to be vaccinated if they are at increased risk of meningococcal disease, including college students, military personnel, and some international travelers. Skip to main content. What is meningococcal disease? What are the symptoms of meningococcal disease? Vaccine safety Meningococcal vaccines are safe. Additional Resources.

Sample social media posts focused on meningococcal disease prevention. Serogroup B is the most common cause of meningococcal disease in US adolescents and young adults.

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