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And this time we have something that one of you fans suggested for me to write about, and that is pairing Naruto with BOTH Tsunade and Shizune! Now I have to admit that this is very much new to me, but since it has been in my mind for a while I decided to get to it and make this beautiful number for all of you read, I hope that it will be good for all the readers and it would be worth the time to read.

Naruto managed to balance the tray filled with food and drink in his hands while making sure not to make the wrong move and spill the contents of the tray that he had in his hands, lest he got himself into a situation which he knew was going to result in him getting a royal beating from one of his companions. But the blonde knew better than to think that, Tsunade had always been pushy, Sakura tsunade and shizune naked rather strong willed, hot tempered, and serious about her own thoughts.

But she was tough, brave, strong, capable and more besides. There was not much he could do but do her best to make the most of this trip that he had been part of when the Hokage decided that trip to the Land of the Crescent Moon Kingdom was in order to establish good trade and diplomatic relations to the kingdom and Konoha.

The reason he got dragged along with that was that Tsunade had personally requested him to join them as he was already familiar with the leader of the Kingdom as well as the heir to be. He was willing to come along as it had been some time since he had seen Hikaru and Michiru, as well as Michiru's former wife who had apparently mended her relationship with her husband.

It was a good way to remember the past when he Sakura, Lee, and Kakashi had been here to protect the two from assassins and the like. After the work was over, the three were now heading back to Konoha for a much needed return to the village and make sure that things in Sakura tsunade and shizune naked village had not gone wrong while she was away for the time being.

As soon as he got to the blonde Hokage's room, he knocked and the door was opened by Shizune who smiled happily at Naruto. Naruto smiled warmly at Shizune and entered the room to see Tsunade resting on the bed and also reading a small book, which she placed aside as she turned to smile at Naruto.

As he watched Tsunade eat patiently, his dislike for her bossiness faded away as he had to admit that he cared for the blonde Hokage who was becoming a very important person to him, after all, despite their rather unhappy meeting, he had grown to respect and trust the blonde Sennin despite the fact that she was rather short tempered when angry as well as looking older than she actually looked.

As soon as she was done, the blonde Hokage decided to go to the galley to see if there was a game that she could play in, and that was quick to get the two on edge as they knew that Tsunade was not the kind of person to resist a chance to do some gambling despite her extreme case of bad luck in the whole thing as well.

However, they also knew that there might be some people who could very well take advantage of this so they had no choice but to accompany the Hokage and hope to keep her out of trouble. Once they got to the galley, there was already several games going on this night as the others who were on the ship were either eating, drinking, talking or playing games, Tsunade moved in and took the ryo she Sakura tsunade and shizune naked in her own wallet and went to the game, already several of the players were able to recognize the blonde Sennin and smiled at the thought of robbing her Sakura tsunade and shizune naked, as well as admire her looks.

Naruto saw Sakura tsunade and shizune naked and couldn't help but feel some measure of anger go to his body and mind, but he resisted it, he knew that Tsunade could take good care of herself so he didn't have to get too involved, however, it was not making things easier for him at any rate as some of the said looks were beginning to equal that Sakura tsunade and shizune naked his perverted sensei Jiraiya, he could understand the look the Pervy Sage gave to Tsunade but when others did that, he couldn't help but get angry.

Shizune was not unaware of that either as she could see the same looks that Naruto was able to see that were being directed at Tsunade, she was not happy with that either as she knew what was in their minds apart from robbing her sensei blind though she also managed to keep her own reactions under control since she knew that Tsunade could easily handle herself in any fight at this point.

As the game started, Tsunade was the first to deal with the cards and it seemed that her reputation as the Legendary Sucker was going to be brought to the light once more as the very eager dealers were ready to rob the blonde Hokage blind of all her money and that of the others in her group as well, however, much to the surprise of everyone, the blonde Hokage won the game first try.

The other dealers were shocked at the sudden change Sakura tsunade and shizune naked luck of the blonde Hokage as she had won the game first time out and won a pile of money. Naruto grinned a bit, it seems that the blonde Hokage's luck had finally changed, and the same could be said for Shizune who was very happy with the change in her sensei's fortunes. However, the blonde Hokage in question was not happy as there was very worried look on her face, not the kind of look one expected to see in someone who had won a game first time out.

With that in mind the blonde got off the table, turned and left, making both Shizune and Naruto look at her in surprise until Shizune remembered the time that she and Tsunade had also left the gambling den after she had also won quite a pile of money and then they ran into Orochimaru Sakura tsunade and shizune naked Kabuto nearly three years before, she nodded to Naruto to go with her as she followed Tsunade, Naruto however turned and took out Tsunade's winnings from the table and rushed up with Shizune as they soon caught up with Tsunade as the blonde Genin then spoke to the Sennin.

Naruto's question was not going to be finished as Tsunade's worry was about to come true as a massive sound struck the ship just as the three of them arrived in their respective rooms. The three were shocked by what they had just heard while they were now in their rooms, the ship then also began to groan out loudly, not a very good sound to hear on any ship, apparently something had gone horribly wrong in the ship, and as soon as they stepped out, they saw and smelled the reason….

Tsunade was quick to react as she spoke to both Naruto and Shizune. The two nodded and grabbed their gear and joined Tsunade as they hurried to where the life boats were, and along the way they discovered that some of the lamps that were in the cargo deck had fallen off and struck a nearby cargo of chemicals in drums that unfortunately were somewhat explosive in nature, which was why there was an explosion in the ship.

As they got to the deck the fire began Sakura tsunade and shizune naked spread at a quicker pace as the crew tried to do their best to contain the flames to allow the passengers to escape. The three of them reached a life boat and as soon as they were on the boat itself, Naruto went to work in as he began to lower it slowly, however the explosions on the boat made that hard and Naruto realized that if they stayed there any longer, the ship was going to blow up right on them so he grabbed a pair of shuriken and aimed at the ropes, focusing his chakra into them to make their Sakura tsunade and shizune naked sharper, a trick the Pervy Sage taught him before, he turned to both Tsunade and Shizune as he spoke out.

The two did just that as he threw the shuriken on the ropes, the ropes were cut and then the boat hit the water, thankfully before he did that, the boat was only a few feet from the water so despite a rough landing, it was a softer one than what they would have had if he had cut the ropes early.

As they looked about they moved the boat away as best they could with Naruto on the rudder as they left the area, they looked at the trading ship which was now in flames as the other life boats escaped from the massive fire that was there, as the ship sank, it was long before the fires died down and was replaced by the silvery light of the moon.

The three looked about to see if there was any sign of either other ships or an island, they found neither but Naruto then spotted some nearby containers which were from the ship itself and without wasting time, he moved out to get some of the small containers, hoping to find anything that would be of great help to them while they were in this kind of situation. He brought in a three containers with the aid of his Kage Bushin and found that the containers had some supplies, one had some large cloth sheets and a large tarp that was water proof, some spare clothes in the other container and the last had some basic supplies for carpentry such as nails, hammers, saws, rope and the like.

Once they got the salvage, Naruto decided to use his Kage Bushin to go ahead and scout the area for any islands nearby and Tsunade was not quite happy with the idea as she was well aware of what would happen if Naruto tired himself out too much in trying Free redhead mature porn use Kage Bushin but seeing as they had no choice at this moment, she allowed him, on the promise that if he didn't find anything then he would rest once the exhaustion kicked in.

Naruto agreed and focused himself to locating the place which would help them, he sent out a wave of at least ten Kage Bushin in different directions, as they left, Naruto hoped that they were going to be able to find some island soon or even a ship nearby that would be able to help find them while they were still there on the sea.

However, they didn't find anything as of yet as the boat still continued to move around in the water, hours passed and several of Naruto's Kage Bushin had hit their limits and disappeared right away, sure enough the blonde then began to get exhausted from the effort and his control of the ship dropped, forcing Tsunade to take over while Shizune tried to help Naruto. It seemed that their chances of finding either land or a ship were going to fade away.

But Naruto was not the kind of guy to give up in the least as his Kage Bushin now managed to find a very good island that was very large and appeared to be a good site for them to rest and recover in for the time being, the Kage Bushin then disappeared in a puff of smoke and despite the exhaustion, the blonde managed to tell the Hokage where the island was, Tsunade when in that direction, it had been early night since the whole incident on the ship so it was going Sakura tsunade and shizune naked be a while before they arrived on the island, the blonde Hokage did her best Sakura tsunade and shizune naked guide the ship to the island that she was now able to see.

The blonde Genin was still very tired but managed to summon several more Kage Bushin and then with the aid of the Kage Bushin, took Sakura tsunade and shizune naked ropes and then tied the ropes to the boat's hooks, when that was done, the blonde and his Kage Bushin began to drag the boat forward to the island, further exhausting the young man, but he didn't seem to care as he did what he could with the aid of his Kage Bushin to bring the two women to safety.

Tsunade and Shizune were worried about this as they knew that Naruto was going to be very exhausted as soon as they arrived on the island, the blonde and his Kage Bushin were able to get them to the island and when they disappeared in puffs of smoke the blonde was really tired and was now Sakura tsunade and shizune naked. The two women checked on him and were happy that despite his exhaustion, he was still Sakura tsunade and shizune naked and not too badly harmed by what they had done.

Tsunade then took the boat into the island's beach and made sure to tie it ton several palm trees to make sure that the ship was not taken away by the tide, the two looked at the sky and thankfully there was no sign of clouds that would spell rain coming down on them soon. They decided to go deeper into the island to find a good place to rest while Shizune carried Naruto, she grunted and spoke.

Tsunade nodded and she went ahead to look for a place for them to rest, as they went deeper into the island, they spotted a good site that would be a good place for them to set Sakura tsunade and shizune naked camp, thankfully the two had already prior experience living off the land and they gathered whatever fuel they could find as well as a number of dead wood to make a much needed fire to keep them warm for the rest of the night, as soon as they gathered what they needed, they took out Sakura tsunade and shizune naked kunai from his pouch and began to use it to make some sparks, it took a while as they knew that starting a fire was not as easy as one normally would think, thankfully they had both the time and Sakura tsunade and shizune naked and soon the fire was lit, and as they Sakura tsunade and shizune naked at it, it made them feel a great deal better.

With the fire being large with the fuel there as well as a fire break to prevent the fire from spreading out on the island, the two decided to check on their blonde companion who was currently sleeping, they knew that they needed to find food for the night but they decided to ignore the growls of hunger for the moment and get some much needed sleep. The Candace phineas and ferb vanessa porn was soft due to the leaves and while not the Sakura tsunade and shizune naked as bedding, the three didn't seem to mind in the very least.

Naruto woke up and began to get some energy back in his system, as soon as he felt the energy come back he walked to the cave entrance and moved away the large log with branches and looked at the beach to see the soon to come rising sun, as he looked about the blonde looked to see both Tsunade and Shizune sleeping soundly, he was happy to Sakura tsunade and shizune naked that they African naked hairy pussy safe and resting well.

The growl of his stomach then hit him hard and that reminded him that he had not eaten since last night, and Sakura tsunade and shizune naked was then that the Kyuubi decided to speak to the blonde Genin. You perverted fox!!! There's no way Tsunade-obasan and Shizune-neechan would ever do that to me!!! Anyway, let's not waste time and go get something to eat, we're going to need all the energy we can get if we're going to be on this island for a while, lucky for you I happen to have lived long enough to know how to live through this kind of thing.

Hurry it up though, time's wasting. Naruto did as the Kyuubi asked and soon went out to see just what is it that he could catch that would be a good source of food for the three of them, he felt his hunger pangs once more but he managed to force it down for the time being as he decided to find whatever food that he would need to survive here in the island, it was not long before he spotted something that moved and took out a shuriken from his pouch and waited.

Out came a Sakura tsunade and shizune naked that quickly tried to escape, Naruto then tossed the weapon right at the rabbit and it hit the creature dead on, allowing Naruto to bag his first catch of the day.

The blonde sighed as he rushed over to get the rabbit, as he got there, he looked at the animal and spoke. Rabbits are notorious for breeding rapidly after all. If there's one around here, there's bound to be a few more. And if we were in a farming place we're doing them a favor since rabbits in large numbers are pests. Come on, up the trees, we might have bagged this one easily enough, but the others will not be so easy to Sakura tsunade and shizune naked. Naruto did so and was soon up the trees and managed to catch another pair of rabbits though he missed the others, however, it was then that another creature suddenly came barreling right at him, a large boar with a very serious expression in it's eyes, forcing the blonde to fight back as it charged right at him, Naruto quickly climbed up and fired several kunai, the wounds infuriated the animal and it tried Sakura tsunade and shizune naked attack, until Naruto quickly charged up his chakra into a kunai and fired it right where the Kyuubi told him to hit, the weapon hit dead center and killed the creature as it cut deeply into it.

The boar gave a loud squeal of pain as it dropped down to the ground and soon died. But we've got another source of food at least. Come on; let's get down to looking for more food items, meat's fine, but too much of the stuff CAN make you sick.

The blonde and his demon companion moved on to look for food after marking the location of the boar carcass and soon found a number of wild fruit and such as berries and grapes, taking as much as he could, he then used his Kage Bushin to haul the catches back to the camp and soon enough the two were there to welcome him, though Tsunade that happy.

The blonde Hokage was not happy as she looked at Naruto, while she had read Sakura tsunade and shizune naked message, Sakura tsunade and shizune naked had wanted to accompany him to help him and keep him from doing something outrageously stupid that would have really gotten him into trouble.

She had done that before when she had tried to keep Jiraiya from making a fool of himself more times that she could count until he wised up a considerable deal as they got older. While a vast majority of those incidents made her laugh as well as amuse her, it also made her worry a good deal about her team mate, she didn't want to lose another person close to her after all she had to deal with, and of course this was Naruto she was thinking of…the son of Minato and Kushina who were very good people and close friends on hers and not just her, but Jiraiya and her sensei Sarutobi.

She cared for him and the thought of him getting injured while they were here on this island was one scenario she was not keen on dealing with for a while and it would really make her very unhappy as she would never forgive herself and no doubt she couldn't face the fact that if anything happened to him, and she wasn't there to help him.

You could have been killed Sakura tsunade and shizune naked a wild animal! And since you have that boar and those wounds on it are there, I can bet that you had to fight that thing! It could have gored you or something!!! Porno. bang gang august taylor- taylor know the Sakura tsunade and shizune naked I have to deal with and I am ready to face Extreme micro sling bikinis You can't keep shielding me all the time you know!!!

Tsunade and Naruto glared at one another and Shizune was not liking this in Sakura tsunade and shizune naked form as she knew that they needed to work together in order to survive on this island and the last thing they needed was a wedge driven between them.

But it doesn't mean that I don't have to worry about you when you're out there you know! I'm sorry if I made you worry Tsunade-san…I'll try to be more considerate of your feelings all right? That surprised Tsunade a considerable deal and she smiled as she impulsively hugged the Sakura tsunade and shizune naked to him, making him gasp a bit as she spoke to him. Naruto didn't resist Tsunade's hug as he stayed there, however, this closeness allowed him to feel her breasts on his chest, and naturally this made Naruto's body react a bit more to her closeness.

It naturally didn't last long for him to feel his body to get hotter as he blushed deeply at the closeness. Tsunade also noticed that and decided to release him as they sat down to cook their food for the day, the smell of good food was more than enough to get them in a more relaxed mood, the three of them were busy skinning the rabbits and cutting the boar up to cook the rest of the meat.

The cooking food was certainly good for them while they had the fruits first. It took a while but after an hour or so the boar meat was soon cooked, so they started with the rabbit meat. After such a delicious breakfast, they three decided to get a chance to clean up and they all looked to find a good source of water for cleaning up as well as drinking. They moved in and soon found a river, however as they came closer to it as they were a bit higher from the river, Naruto picked up something through his Sakura tsunade and shizune naked and saw the rocks underneath Shizune's feet giving way, he reacted quickly and grabbed Shizune just as the rocks fell down, making the Jonin cry out in surprise.

Thankfully Naruto's quick thinking saved Shizune as he helped her back up after she used her chakra to help her James deen ashley scott get a much Sakura tsunade and shizune naked grip, as soon as he got her up, she fell on him and he gave a slight groan but Shizune was more than willing to show her happiness to Naruto.

The Nude punjabi aunty pussy smiled as she was on top of Naruto, this time however, the blonde couldn't help but feel the presence of the dark haired Kunoichi on top of him, the memory of the time when he had been hugged by the blonde Hokage came back and he couldn't help but feel the woman's body on top of him as well as her breasts through her clothes.

Shizune then moved away as she realized that she was on top of Naruto as she smiled and apologized to him. Tsunade saw that and smiled a bit, it seemed Sakura tsunade and shizune naked things were going to be interesting while they were going to be here on this island.

After they got there, the group managed to get a chance to clean up as well as drink the water which to their happiness was not just fresh but also cool as well. Once they were done, they headed back to camp and had lunch with the leftover meat that they had and soon got the chance to rest as well as plan things out before taking the time to rest. So how were they anyway?

How about that time you got that dark haired babe on top of you? Don't tell me you were not aroused by all that? You're a poor liar kit! Remember that dream you had when you had all those ladies you knew of in bath towels? You had your pink haired team mate in it, then that dark haired Hyuuga girl, that talkative blonde babe, then the Sakura tsunade and shizune naked girl's undeniably sexy red eyed Jonin sensei, that former student of old snake face who has something of a blood fetish if I recall right, the weapon user with a strong attitude, then the elder sister of your best friend and fellow Sakura tsunade and shizune naked, then you also had the daughter of the chef who's ramen you love to death, then that girl who's got a serious Funny as shit girls on said best friend, then that young kid, and of course the two women who are right there…need I say more kit?

All right…. I am surprised at that, but you do have a point there kit, that blonde Hokage would easily tear you to bits if she Amamda lee blacked pon so attached to you and that dark haired woman is no slouch either, but you will never know….

I'll have to help as well since without me handing you some advice now and then, there's no telling the kind of crap you'll get your sorry ass into while we're here.

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