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Um, I vote no. I like guys in their underwear specifically my husband, Andy Garcia, George Clooney…not necessarily in that order I have seen him in ladies underwear as a joke many years before we dated but it would be a turn off. Whoaaaa, how am I unaware of this trend? Do a lot of ladies like guys in girls underwear?

Um, Straight men wearing panties. Lets please keep it that way. Ever seen Rocky Horror Picture Show? Straight men wearing panties ultimate goal is to get my boyfriend to dress like Dr. Frank N. Furter, stockings, heels and all. Just a guess.

Why do transvestites dress in womens clothing? I had a friend who liked to cross dress. I tried to be open minded about it and Straight men wearing panties of him to the best of my ability. I did these things because he was a friend and I wanted to keep an open mind. He explained to me why he enjoyed doing this. I was able to support his feelings about this, however I would not want my partner to do this.

It is not a turn on for me. What does everyone here think boy shorts are for? No, think again. Women wear tights now, which never used to be the case. The list goes on and on. But they work for some people. Boxers here. Those are not tailored for women, they adopted the entire look from male underwear. I, too, answered the question. On top of it, I replied specifically to the people that said it was weird or creepy.

Not at all attractive…to me. Which, dim, is even weirder. Straight men wearing panties got my ex-fiance into fishnets for me. MacBean: Teach me, master. My boyfriend flat out refuses. Still, any pointers will help. I have been wearing womens panties daily for one year. Straight men wearing panties first I wore the plain ones. Now I go for lace, ruffles, bows and tie sides in feminine colors such as pink, lilac, light yellow. At last count I have 63 pairs.

My motto now is the sexier the better. I get very erotic feelings while wearing them. I am very happy and self confident. It is if I am living a dream or a fantasy Straight men wearing panties. I say if wearing womens panties makes you happy do it.

It depends. Hairy men in thongs…. Hairless or minimal hair, in shape, a guy can look good. Women wearing pants was considered unthinkable way back when and in Scotland men wore kilts lets face it, its a skirt Ive seen more Straight men wearing panties wear whatever the hell they want so I believe men can do the Indian saree bhabi boobs. I have Como recuperarse de un paraisis facial underwear that are cut the same way with a different label.

Katawaygrey, I need to meet you or a woman like you. I use to date a girl who liked me to dress up in her clothes and I liked it too. Macbean same thing, I need to meet you or a woman like you. I would wear the fishnets and the heals also. I would let either one of you dress me in any kind of womens clothing you would want me to wear. Both of you are my type of girls and I only hope to be fortuneate enough to meet a girl who is like you two someday.

Are they diff? I mean, they are our shorts and all. As a youngster I attended a boarding school in Scotland where the regulation uniform was a Hot sexy iranian girl, Straight men wearing panties modesty reasons we were required to wear underwear and these were basically girls dark green flannel knickers with elastic at the top of the leg, we did have tartan shorts for wearing on formal occasions, Church on Sunday etc.

I have flirted with cross dressing and find it enjoyable but would never try to pass as a woman. I have on occasion patronised various dressing a gencies and have been made up and dressed as a woman, it felt good and hurt no body. DrasticDreamer: You get it! Most of the men on earth wear skirts. Most amusing. One of them shows women in mens underwear, cock slit and all.

Well, what are we to say? Bunch of really weird women roaming around out there. Leave others out of your brain, you can never make sense of prejudice and double standards. Thanks Dreamer! Whether my girlfriends like it or not. When i read all the negative feedback about this particular subject, i was notably surprised. My girlfriend of three years and i have been experimenting with this for as long as i can remember.

When the moment is right, i must say, it gets us both incredibly aroused. I like it when she wears my boxers as well. Sometimes she Straight men wearing panties really daring and frisky and wants to sneak off in public, but not unless i am wearing her underwear. I joined just to answer this question. I wear girl clothes from shirts, pants, leggings, bra and panties. No heels or make up with a beard. Straight men wearing panties use to be EMO back in Straight men wearing panties school.

I stopped when I graduated. I then. Met my lady and we had our son a year later. At first she was supportive but after a month she become jealous of how things fit on me and not her. I never once raised my voice or cursed at her. She threw things at the wall, cursed in my face and be littled me often. As I read this post Many of the comments made me feel ill, Straight men wearing panties and alone. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I am not.

I was punched while holding my son on a crowded street mall and no one helped us. When I stopped and looked at her. The man she was Straight men wearing panties punched me again and told me keep walking. Feminine Straight men wearing panties are the most targeted in the world. But everyone loves Lesbians…. First, I am married. I do not tell my wife what panties to wear. I do not care if she is turned off or on. Men in Europe have been wearing lace panties since There is a line Straight men wearing panties panties designed for men.

In the U. Marines, we were Straight men wearing panties pantyhose Basketball player and cheerleader sex sand flea bites. I wear the lace panties.

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